Day 26 and all’s well…

Hi folks,

Once again I’m here to offer thanks and love to all of you. This weekend has seen yet another outpouring of generosity and kindness. Not only do Pranja and I now have a bed (read cushions rescued from an old motor home) to sleep on, we now also have lovely clean fresh, and above all, warm, bedding to cosy up in.

We also now have a load of pallets with which to create floors so we can get off this uneven, stony ground, a solar shower, a bike, extra seating and cushions, blankets and a lovely big crate to use as a table or something even more ingenious!

I really can’t begin to thank you all enough. This overwhelming generosity touches and moves us deeply. Thank you!

Again we were treated to the company of good friends throughout the weekend and have enjoyed some surprisingly peaceful moments around the dhuni fire; I’ve said for a long time that peace is so much more than the absence of violence, it turns out it has little to do with noise levels either! The traffic on this road is constant, yet we manage to experience peace regardless.

We did have some bad news this weekend. A friend of ours was arrested on a bench warrant yesterday. This was for failure to appear in Hereford magistrates court having been found in possession of half a joint sometime before Christmas. Yes you did read that right… HALF of a splif. Our friend was arrested in Liverpool to be transported to Hereford where, we can only presume he will be left to make his own way home to Liverpool once this dastardly ‘crime’ of causing no loss, no injury and no harm to anyone at all has been suitably dealt with by those who, we are told, only have our best interest at heart when they prevent us from enjoying the benefits of that marvellously beneficial herb, cannabis.

And onto today (Monday) and the rude awakening we got courtesy of autolift this morning. Prajna had just got out of bed when he was confronted by the sight of one of our tents being pinned in place by an autolift truck and the ranting of one of their drivers. Prajna was a bit too bleary eyed to get hold of the gist of the rant except that, once again, threats were made against Dom for waving. Oddly enough Dom hasn’t actually waved at any of the autolift drivers. Ho-hum.,

The shouting from the autolift drone was enough to wake myself and Dom, and so the kettle went on early. We’ve taken photo’s of the damage done to the tent and of the rest of the parking area, including the parking of one trailer which blocked access to a truck-sized space at the back of the lot.

Should PC Dave pop round later we’ll – And with that, round pops PC Dave… Back in a minute. Hehe.

Well that was another lovely encounter with Dave, who’s doing his very best to keep the peace around here and is right now off to have a chat with the autolift guys about this mornings threats and damage to property.

And now I want to go on to talk on a personal note about this situation and how I have come to be here…

For several years I’ve been stuck in a monetary system which I’ve done my best to escape in many creative, yet ultimately fruitless ways. It was my ambition to set up a local food co-op in Liverpool, establish an urban farmers collective, a seed-bank/seed-sharing facility and, eventually, to create, with the co-operation of others, some kind of local currency such as LETS (Local Exchange Trading scheme). I got quite a long way toward realising all of these ambitions but when it came to the crunch there were simply not enough people on board with the time and energy to get it off the ground. And an even greater hindrance: the closer I got the more I struggled with having to raise funding and the contracts I (read the co-op) would have to engage in so as to obtain the kind of funding necessary if the co-op were to be ‘legit’, so to speak.

I then began to come at the idea from a different angle, wondering if I could get folks interested in starting the co-op outside of the systems of control laid out by the State and the money masters; of course that would depend on the receptivity of those supporting the co-op idea to such a seemingly outlandish notion. Especially as it would involve squatting one of the many, many empty shops on the nearby high street.

– Even now I’m wondering if it can be done here on the side of the A41! – It seems that giving whatever we have away for free may well be the beginnings of realising at least some of these ambitions. Time will tell… 😉

In the meantime, besides making efforts to create the co-op I also sought to free myself of the financial and familial obligations I was under. – Renting a house from a family member and obliged by love and loyalty to cover that mortgage left me in a difficult position. In January 2011 I asked for the house to be put on the market. Eventually, over 6 months later, that’s what happened. And over one year and just two viewers later I decided that tenancy of the house could be transferred over to a friend, reluctant as my family member was to that idea. But desperate times call for desperate measures!

Having decided well over 18 months ago that I needed to cut myself free from all those things that bound me, and having met and hit the road with Prajna during that time made it impossible for me to continue in the same frustrating vein.

The point of all this is to demonstrate just how difficult it can be to break free and live life on ones own terms, according to ones own conscience. – The main notion behind the establishment of the food co-op, urban farmers collective and seed-bank was to create food independence for the local community and, from there to spread the idea as far and wide as possible. That I found myself stuck in the position of trying to raise funding from the likes of the national lottery and all kinds of NGO’s, with all of the bureaucracy, red tape, limitations and restrictions involved almost killed the whole thing for me.

That I was financially obliged to stay put until such time as the powers that be (TPTB) saw fit to reverse engineer the financial collapse they’ve so cynically perpetrated against us all was too frustrating for words!

And now, having finally broken free of almost all of the holds (like it or not, there is one last dependency built in to the system which can only be broken by collective effort – of course I refer to the monetary system) TPTB had on me, I find myself living on the forecourt of the highway-robbers/racketeers who stole our home.

The only options available to myself and Prajna right now, besides staying put, involve capitulating, to a greater or lesser extent, with an entirely criminal State. This is something that neither of us are prepared to do. We will live free of State control, even as that freedom confines us here, at least for now, in this amazing and magical place.

In a democracy, government is always by consent. And yet there is no opportunity to remove or withhold consent offered within this so-called democracy. – Even not voting in the United Kingdom PLC is taken as tacit consent. The words ‘None of the above’ are prohibited from appearing on the ballot paper and everywhere one goes, one is accosted by agents of the State, uniformed or otherwise, overtly or covertly, all bent on pulling us into their world of rules and regulations, of Tavistock mind control and social engineering and, ultimately, of imposing unconscionable systems on us all.

We’re told that, human nature being what it is, there must be some kind of system in place to control people. We argue, however, that human nature is actually loving, peaceful, generous and compassionate and what’s become regarded as human nature by TPTB is actually the corruption of human nature; you see, where there is corruption at the top, there will always be corruption at the bottom; where there is corruption at the macro level, then there will always be corruption at the micro level. And where there is hierarchy there can never be peace.

There’s a documentary which can sometimes be found on google vids in its entirety, or on youtube split into 10 minute segments called The Power of Community – Cuba beyond peak-oil (I could be mistaken about the sub-title, but it’s something like that.) Anyway, that documentary follows the events in Cuba after it had been cut off from the rest of the world and had endured a massive financial collapse. It witnesses the coming together of the people of Cuba into inter-related communities. Food production in streets, on rooftops, at the side of the roads, and everywhere there was space to grow, became the focus of these communities. And even though, in the early days, there was trouble with theft, before long, even those thieves and would-be thieves joined in the efforts of the community and so that problem simply and easily solved itself. I put that down to human nature myself. 😉

I mention that particular documentary in the hope that readers of this blog will check it out and see for themselves that there are so many ways we can live without money, live in co-operation with each other, and enjoy our innate humanity unhindered by artificial systems of control.

I do hope you’ve managed to stick with this to the end, and have managed to piece my meandering thoughts together into something slightly coherent!

Much love, as ever,
Kazz, Prajna and Dom. xxxx

The beneviolence of Autolift

Hello friends,
At last we get to update the blog and, as ever, there so much to say I only hope I remember it all!

So yesterday Prajna was due in court over ‘driving’ without a valid MOT certificate. Trouble is, when they seized our home they said it was to satisfy themselves, via a VOSA inspection, that it was road worthy and added that it was being seized as evidence; in fact, as they were dragging me out of the van they told me it was no longer our home but was now an ‘exhibit’. They then went on to destroy the evidence; in itself an illegal act.

Prajna had no intention of attending their place of business. Rather, as you may have read, we held a curry workshop and invited all our friends to join us. Sure enough we had a great day enjoying the company of many friends here… again! 😀

Once again I want to give a huge big thank you to you all for your love, support and practical help. I was feeling particularly vulnerable yesterday and your love made all the difference! You make such a massive difference to our quality of life, unfailingly lifting our spirits and bringing light to our hearts. Thank you!

And on with the saga…

At around 1.30pm, the time Prajna had been invited to attend court (read administrative tribunal) the original arresting officer, Richard, turned up here at camp autolift to offer him a lift. Prajna explained that if they had managed to address and end all of the criminality and corruption of the state he’d be happy to go with them but otherwise he respectfully declined. Funnily enough they seem entirely unsurprised by Prajna’s response and only laughed with us before heading off to the magistrates, minus Prajna.
About half an hour later two of the guys from autolift started erecting a load of harris fencing around our camp, thereby providing us with extra shelter, structure and a very handy boarder should we decide to go down the route of ‘adverse possession’. You see by providing a boundary they are effectively saying that the land on our side of the fence is for our use. Most generous and helpful we reckon.

However, during the erection of this fence the autolift driver we call ‘two-fingers’ shoved one of the fencing panels into Dom, knocking him off his feet (it’s worth checking out Dom’s youtube channel if you haven’t come across him before – just search for ‘Commonly Known as Dom’. – I’d provide a link but am writing this on a word doc to be uploaded later when we get on the net.) They then went off to call the police because we refused to move a tent which they considered to be in their way. (I had already explained to two-fingers that anything they needed moving in order to get at a 30 foot HGV trailer stored behind our camp we’d be happy to move at any time.)

So sure enough along came the cops to settle the matter. After some discussion with autolift, who claimed the fence was as much for our health and safety as anything else, a well mannered police sergeant we’ve not met before came over to discuss the matter with us. We explained that autolift have been calling the police at the slightest thing, including a scrape on the ground and other nonsense complaints since we got here, that two-fingers had directly threatened to break Prajna’s fingers, and this was just another attempt on their part to harass and intimidate us. The sergeant then went off to talk to the autolift crew again.

When he returned Dom told him he wanted to make an official complaint regarding the assault, which we’d caught on film. So off Dom went to make his complaint in private, but when he refused to give a name, the cop refused to take his complaint. We’ve since double checked PACE and confirmed that the victim of a crime does NOT have to give their name when reporting a crime. – If only these agents of corruption could manage to follow, or even know, their own procedures they may have a leg to stand on. As it is, however, they really don’t.

For the rest of the day we were left in peace to enjoy the company of our guests and, a little later than planned, Prajna set to work on the curry… and a fine curry it was/is too. A perfect accompaniment to Dom’s chai!

We were visited by another cop later in the evening but his visit was simply a courtesy call to get to know us beyond what he’d been told about us during general briefings. Before he left we asked if he could find out the results of the court case but unfortunately, though he did try to find out, no information was available at that time. We’ve since been told by PC Dave, who, it has to be said, is being as helpful and friendly as possible, that the fictional, corporate NAME was found guilty in his absence and was fined £400 plus £150 costs …[prajna intejects: hmmm … Are they saying The Name was not present in court? If the name was not present then how did they refer to this nameless name? Does anything in their system make sense?] We’re now looking forward to entertaining the bailiffs should they ever decide to enforce the penalty on the living, breathing, sapient man commonly known as Prajna. [Dom asked the Daves (our ‘liason officer’ and the PS who accompanied him today), “Where are they going to send the bill?”, “Ah, good point. Oh, they know where you are, though, don’t they?”] 😉

I have to say, for my part, I’m very relieved that no bench warrant was issued! I love my Prajna to bits and would hate not to have him with me, especially here. I must add though, that should that situation ever arise I’m more than equipped in knowledge, experience and determination to hold our camp single handed; not that I ever would be single handed here given the strength of support we receive every day. But as it is, Prajna and myself are together and all is right with the world.


Today the autolift guys put up clamping notices around the parking lot. Oh dear, oh deary deary me! I seem to recall that a statute was introduced into their system last year prohibiting the clamping of cars on private land. Fortunately they have put these helpful signs up with a phone number on; it’s a mobile number, so 24 hours really, and maybe someone should call 07776 348230 and ask if wheel-clamping is still permitted on private land.

I’m sure there’s much more to say and tell you about, but things happen so fast around here it’s hard to keep track. – I’ll hand this over to Prajna shortly for him to proofread and add anything I may have forgotten. Dom too, come to that.

In the meantime I’m signing off for now and sending a great big heartful of love to you all!

In-Lakesh (it means ‘I am another yourself’ or ‘I am another you’)

Kazz, Prajna and Dom. xxxx

[note to self: add links to Dom’s youtube channel, natural news, free the planet, to the home page.]

Sorry, tried to post this last night but we had no internet.

Family day

Namaste dear friends,

Tomorrow is family day here at Camp Autolift. All friends and family are invited for curry cooking lessons, curry eating pleasure and possibly a family (our family of freedom loving and compassionate people) court. Why? Oh, because we love to cook proper ayurvedic vegetarian curries and to spread the knowledge of such, and secondly because ‘the system’ has summonsed me to appear at some court in Chester at 1:30pm.

Rather than attend their corrupt place-of-business I would prefer to be with my family and friends. Should any question of me having caused harm, loss or distress to anyone arise then we can convene our own court of record and the matter can be decided there in all honesty. Certainly I will not consent to dealing with a system that has already destroyed our home because they are unable to provide any convincing reason why we should pay tax. We’d love to see you, can assure you that there will be many interesting, loving, passionate and compassionate people.

This is only a short note to invite you. Sadly it is proving nearly impossible to keep up with the rest of the blogging we would like to do: thanking the many wonderful people who have contributed and continue to contribute, by way of food, water, firewood and many creature comforts; just a few days ago Jen and Adam turned up with a huge dish of pasta with cheese sauce, asparagus and mushrooms – Italian restaurant quality – along with plates and cutlery to even relieve us of the chore of washing up.

As I say, there is plenty more to write but we are struggling for power for the lappy and time to write in between all our wonderful visitors. Take a note of the invite and if you can make it, as early as you like for as much of the day as you can, we would be most delighted.

Love, peace, harmony and grace,
Prajna & Kazz

On Social Engineering, Robotised Drones and Trolls.

Hello peeps,

It’s day twenty here at Camp Autolift and the love and support of strangers, friends and fellow travellers continues to flow. I can’t thank you enough for all your support. There’s no denying that this is a difficult and precarious way to live; precarious because we basically live on an obstacle course and difficult for all kinds of practical reasons, not to mention, for me personally, living in a goldfish bowl 24/7 is a huge challenge. I’ve enjoyed and thrived on stillness and solitude for such a long time accessing that inner stillness amid this chaos, whilst not impossible, is certainly challenging. If it wasn’t for your friendship and support, which gives us both such a massive boost whenever we need it, I’m not sure I’d manage to cope here… Well, I guess my stubborn streak would kick in as well as my determination to highlight the out and out fascism which has it’s grip on ‘society’, but you know what I mean!


Actually what I mean is I love you and appreciate you.


Last night Chris, aka Michelle, aka Ian James, etc, came round to make himself known to us. Sadly his visit was a flying one; it would have been much better if he’d sat with us for a while but, to be honest, he lacks the intelligence to actually engage in any kind of discussion with either of us.

That might sound arrogant and unkind, but in the ten minutes he spent with us it was absolutely apparent that he’s never researched anything in his life… he’s been far too busy being ‘trained’ in marketing (read NLP) and ‘playing chris’ on the internet.


For chris, everything that he does on the internet is a game, or so he said, shortly after telling us he ‘plays’ chris’ and then running off to find some ID to prove he is actually called Chris. Poor Chris has been so thoroughly programmed he fails to question ANYTHING! He says the most precious thing in his life is his little girl yet he takes NO parental responsibility; not even taking a cursory interest in the contents of the vaccines she’s had, thinking it better, I guess, to rely on strangers in white coats to do his thinking for him. While he was here we talked about several political and social issues which he thoroughly failed to grasp on any level.


None of this is Chris’ fault! In fact it’s people like Chris who need us more that anyone else! They have been so completely robotised by the system they stand very little chance of ever escaping; of ever knowing themselves; of ever realising that love (especially parental love) is action, i.e. it translates into so much more than choochicoo’s and aspartame laden drinks.


As difficult and frustrating as it is to encounter such unthinking drones, they need us and, even more, their children need us to to wake them up before they too are completely enslaved by their own social engineering. I do feel very sorry for Chris. His diet of aspartame, MSG, social conditioning, NLP, etc, have left him incapable of thinking for himself.


In his favour he <i>did</i> actually show up here and, more importantly, he has promised to research vaccines for the sake of his daughter… I only hope his research is thorough. (Chris, as I suggested yesterday, visit a site called ‘Natural News’ for the real low-down on vaccines and much, much more. Make a point of including that site in your trawl for info.)


On a side note, and entirely unrelated(?) one of the guys at autolift, the one we’ve nick-named ‘two-fingers’ has just threatened to break Prajna’s fingers for waving at him. Another soul in need of love and compassion don’t ya think?


Much love, peace and respect to you all,

Kazz and Prajna. xxxx

In Paradise?

In Paradise?

And so to blogging again. It is not so easy to be here in all this happening and to even attempt to keep the blog up to date; certainly while events are unfolding so incredibly nearly all day, every day.

Incredible actually means ‘not believable’; which seems to fit so many things here, from the outpourings of love that flood us, the amazing connections we are making and confirming and developing, the behaviour of the police and authorities – both in the sense of ‘unbelievable that they can destroy our home’ and amazing to see the transformation of a police officer who came in all curt and official, challenging that we are an obstruction here, and that we were upsetting the businesses, particularly Autolift Recovery Ltd and their staff, one of whom, we have been informed, has taken time off with stress from the effect of the combined phone calls and emails.

On that note, we very much hope that anyone who phoned or emailed the company did so in a loving and concerned manner. I can understand that people would feel angry towards the staff there for their ignorant and seemingly stubborn involvement in this outrage. But do not be outraged and please do not vent any anger on anyone; that would undermine what we are setting out to do and would not represent the way we travel through life: in peaceful non compliance.

We are overwhelmed with the goodness we have received in all of this and we would be most sad if those who care for us and care about us did not show that same kindness and understanding to others as they show us. We do not wish any harm on Autolift or, indeed, anybody. All we request is that they learn the human cost of their actions, and we are here reflecting that. We accept any hardships we meet in this in the hope that it may save others from having to fight and struggle for their inalienable right to be free.

I am sorry to have left you all on tenter-hooks last night, particularly after such an eventful day. But I haven’t even told you about curry night, the night before yet!

So much has happened and so many visits things are bound to get left out and we are contemplating doing an audio blog, so as to be able to report more. Some of the conversations we have had with our guests have been simply wonderful. We have managed to record many of our conversations with officialdom. Perhaps we even have most of this morning’s conversation with PC John, but I regret that I think I missed recording his closing words, “Well you have certainly given me a great deal to think about.” We don’t have the equipment, in any case, to really capture the change in his general demeanour between when he arrived and when he left.

One thing that we missed from the blog, but that raised our spirits to bliss level, was the arrival of a postcard from our dear friend, Sarah Jane. It was addressed to Kazz and Prajna, “Occupy Autolift”, Liverpool Road, Backford, Chester, CH1 6PE. It was hand delivered by one of the Autolift drivers, with a big grin on his face. For anyone visiting by bus (novel idea, huh?) there is a bus stop almost directly opposite us. It is the Rake Lane stop on Liverpool Rd heading in to Chester and, for anyone in the Mersey Travel area, it is within the SaveAway All Zones travel card.

I should really hand over to Kazz to tell you about curry night; otherwise there is a danger I might crow about having torn strips off a traffic cop and sent him packing…

So over to me it is… (should have a different font so you can differentiate, but you;re just gonna have to work it out from the syntax.) :p

Right, so, curry night, PC Rimmer and the amazing green laser…

Prajna had made a lovely pot of curry while I went for a snooze in the afternoon. Guests started to arrive and the evening was going beautifully. Indie, an honorary Cree Indian, possitioned his Landy in such a way that we could strap a tarp over it and our wee gazibo, until yesterday, our only shelter outside of the tent. Then we fashioned a screen using a fluffy white towel and the back of Indie’s Landy, got Alans projector out and strarted ‘Gandhi’ rolling. Class! 🙂

All was going beautifully when a passing car was flagged into our spacious car park by a cop we’ve not seen on this beat before. We paused our movie and turned to watch ‘Rimmer’, as we named him, give the two girls in the car a good ticking off for driving 10mph over the limit before sending them on their way and proceeding to pull up opposite our camp to survail us.

That’s when Prajna decided to start playing with his laser in the smoke from the fire. Sure enough Rimmer lept into action and came over to warn Prajna, in no uncertain terms, that such a device can be potentially hazardous to both road and air traffic. Indignantly, Prajna demanded to know if he spoke to his father in such a manner, where upon Rimmer asked for Prajna’s name…

“Do you have any evidence I have such a thing to give you?” asked Prajna.

“I have the best kind of evidence there is” replied Rimmer, “I have video evidence.”

“How on earth is that a response to what I just asked?” demanded Prajna…

That question melted Rimmer’s brain. He just couldn’t get what he was being asked, even by the fourth or fifth attempt! Just then a car went past, horn tooting support for us. So Rimmer, once again leapt, panther like, into action to deal with the ‘illegal tooting’ incident (after all, it was after 11pm).

When he returned a short while later he was a little more amiable and cautious. He began to warn of the risks involved with using lasers around air and road traffic, risks that Prajna was already cognisant of; grannies and sucking eggs generally summarises the situation.

And so poor Rimmer got the telling off of his career.
“Was I using that laser, in any way, irresponsibly?” demanded Prajna.

Both men proceeded to talk over each other until Prajna exploded…

“You’re a public servant!” He said, “In fact you’ re MY fucking servant. When you’re ready to sit and have a proper conversation with me over a cup of tea that’s one thing but until then stay right out of my fucking life!”
And with that Rimmer jumped into his car and went off with his tail between his legs.

– It’s incredibly rare for my Prajna to raise his voice but when he does it’s usually pretty spectacular! 😉

And back to now…

Right at this moment (just after 1am) prajna has fallen asleep next to me in bed. We suspect that he broke his big toe today whilst saving himself from a trip so he’s been hobbling around injured for most of the day. – Oh no! Looks like I’m gonna be in top physical shape when this is all over.

Last night we were visited at 5.30am by three lads on their way home from a night out I guess. Hard as I tried I couldn’t rouse myself enough to get up and talk with them. Prajna did manage but is now also suffering from lack of sleep… that is, even more lack of sleep then he was before.

Is our motorhome in paradise, gone, deceased, a dead motorhome? The tale of the ‘disposal’ of our motor home…

So, following our film and curry night myself, Prajna and Indie, who’d stayed over, rose early (at least it felt early) and started planning a way to give us more shelter using one of the two tarps Rob ‘ gave us.

Next thing PC Dave Walton is pulling up alongside our camp and pointing to our home being taken away on the back of one of the autolift trucks. “Who has authorised this unlawful action?” I asked. Dave gave us the name of a chief inspector from Chester, which escapes me right now but which we have recorded and which we have passed on to John Hurst.
Within an hour of our van being taken away for ‘disposal’ we had ourselves, thanks to Indie and his vast experience in such constructions, a fine and spacious temporary shelter; much to the chagrin and dismay of the autolift staff, who watched from across the car park.

In the meantime Prajna had been on the phone to John who instantly set to work and got the name and contact details for the head of complaints for this area. – I’ll have to let Prajna fill you in on the details here because I’m not fully aware what followed regarding that.

As we were building our shelter Adam, a fellow traveller (as I refer to all those who share this path of truth and freedom) and local to this area, came along to offer support and help. So together the four of us got the shelter finished just in time for the arrival of Aidy, Carl and Aidy’s mum (‘Mum’ to all of us here, she is 80-something and insists Aidy brings her to our camp and we wrap her up well against the cold, then she sits, bright as a button, interjecting love and support). And from then our day continued in the same vein as all our days here: we were visited by old friends and new and, yet again, had the most amazing interactions.

And then(!) when we came to bed, relatively early, at about 11pm we heard the sound of someone pulling up outside and a man’s voice saying he was just leaving some things for us. Prajna pulled his clothes on and went out just in time to see the little green bus driving off; obviously the old ladies had put together another lovely, lovely (no really, we both nearly cried we were so touched by their kindness and generosity. I mean, we’re talking about people living on very little, yet sparing what little they can for two people they don’t even know, but only know of) parcel of packed lunches for us.

And back to now…

My eyes are closing and the words aren’t quite flowing as they should so I hope you don’t mind me signing off until tomorrow when I, or we, will tell you about today’s encounters with PC’s Dave and John, the pleasure of Rev Phils company and, yet again the overwhelming support of the local community.
Good night my little chickadee’s, sleep tight.
Kazz and Prajna. xxxx

How Do We Resolve This?

Namaste dear friends,

One of the intelligent and helpful questions Rhys (the young CID Officer who had a cup of tea and a chat with us) asked was, “How do you see this being resolved?” I answered that I couldn’t really see any way that would be palatable to TPTB (the powers that be) and, at the same time, compatible with our spiritual standpoint. At that time it appeared there were only two options, neither of which would be likely to be considered acceptable to TPTB:

One thing they could do is simply to return our motorhome, apologise profusely for the hardship and suffering their actions have caused us, and to promise to ‘turn a blind eye’ to the fact that we would not comply with their system; a way of admitting that the state is lawless and corrupt and that such a system cannot bind someone who is genuinely aspiring to lead a spiritual life. This would be difficult for TPTB because it would open the door to others who would take the same position we have: that the state is lawless and corrupt and therefore cannot bind anyone who chooses not to associate with it for ethical reasons.

Alternatively (and, by the way, positively the best outcome, in our opinion), TPTB could address the lawlessness and corruption, rounding up and disempowering the criminals who currently pervert and corrupt society. Once that is achieved we would hope to find this a society that we can take part in with a clear conscience. We are not such naïve optimists that we believe there is any realistic chance of this happening at this time.

After Rhys left, and following some contemplation on the subject, a solution that had filtered into my consciousness some time ago, near the beginning of this journey, resurfaced: if each person involved in the case simply declined to carry out their duties then, without setting any general precedent, no action would be taken to destroy our home. How could those involved at Autolift, in the police, council, DVLA justify such action (or, in this case, inaction)? It is easily justified by the fact that to destroy our home would be unlawful. Ever since the Nuremberg warcrimes trials “Only following orders” is no defence; many were hung for executing unlawful orders.

Isn’t it unlawful to drive on the roads without a valid vehicle excise licence? We have always been led to believe so but let’s examine what ‘lawful’ means: To be lawful a rule must apply to all equally. A rule that does not apply to everyone cannot bind anyone. We have been deceived into believing that the Acts and statutes imposed upon us are laws but they are not. Rather, they are legislative rules of society, given the force of law by the consent of the governed. To apply to you, you have to be a member of the society in which they are in effect and you have to consent to them. Some may argue that only the ‘society’ needs to consent as a whole and that when it does so, any such laws become binding upon all the members of that society.

Can a ‘society’ consent to anything? Is there, in fact, any such thing as a society? Society is a concept – in much the same way that a woodland appears to be an entity even though there is no such thing as a wood as such, ‘woodland’ is merely a collection of trees. If you doubt it, ask the following question: how many trees must there be growing together before they can collectively be referred to as a ‘wood’? One tree on its own will not warrant that description. Two trees together are unlikely to merit it. Three, four or five may justify the term ‘copse’, but for it to be a woodland, how many trees are necessary?

There are ‘laws’ we can recognise; gravity, for instance, is a law, since it applies equally to all, wherever you go in the universe. Not only that but it appears to be impossible to ‘break’ the law of gravity; we may be able to defy it to an extent by employing a stronger force in order to overcome its effects for a brief period but always the force of gravity is performing its role. Break any natural law and the reaction from nature is immediate; ‘instant karma’, you might say. For instance, if you are not paying attention some accident will result; knock over a cup and the just punishment is immediately imposed: you are presented with the necessity of cleaning up the mess.

What is promoted as ‘law’ in our society is in fact a body of conventions, agreements and codified rules; arbitrary at least to the extent that they vary from place to place, from society to society and even within individual society, depending upon artificial distinctions such as class or economic status. Anything that is arbitrary cannot be considered to be a law.

Some people insist that “If you don’t like our ‘laws’, why don’t you leave the country?” This was recited to Kazz by a policeman (who should know better) on the night our home was kidnapped. Pause for thought a little though: If you join the Boy Scouts then you become subject to all the rules that apply to boy scouts. If you find that those rules offend you ethically and spiritually then the remedy is simple: you resign from the scouts; you don’t have to leave the country. Indeed, if you did leave the country it would only be to discover that there are boy scouts in most other countries too. That is the situation here too: there must be a mechanism by which we can remain in the country but resign from the, currently lawless and corrupt, society. There was never informed consent for the so-called ‘social contract’ and any contact requires a meeting of minds; something that appears to be impossible when the party of the one part is leading a spiritual life and the party of the other part is lawless and corrupt.

There is a great deal of further explanation I could endeavour to convey here but this is in danger of becoming one of those tracts marked TLDR (too long, didn’t read). So I shall focus on the law and conventions that will provide justification for any agent of the DVLA to decline to follow orders with regard to our home:

1. Article 8 of the European Declaration of Human Rights affords us all protection of our home and privacy. You will be told that there are some weasel clauses in the declaration that have the affect of undermining the rights it professes to enshrine. This is very common with legislation that purports to protect your rights: it bestows rights upon you in the first clause and then whittles them away with the remaining ones; a disingenuous deception intended to leave you with the impression that the legislation is for your benefit when really it is entirely to your detriment.

If legislation is not for our benefit then what is it for and why should we be bound by it? If rules are created that merely recite a principle that is natural to you then what is the need of the rule? If a rule is applied that goes against your nature or, indeed, The Nature, then it cannot be in any way rational or just.

2. The Bill of Rights (1688) affords us free and unhindered travel on the highways and byways, and Wills J said, in Ex Parte Lewis, “The only ‘dedication’ in the legal sense that we are aware of is that of a public right of passage of which the legal description is ‘a right for all Her Majesty’s subjects at all seasons of the year freely and at their will to pass and re-pass without let or hindrance.’

Furthermore, Lord Irvine, in DPP v Jones and Anor said, “The law should not make unlawful what is commonplace and accepted.”

3. The Bill of Rights also offers protection from unreasonable fines and seizures, stating “We will not impose fines or forfeitures on any person without conviction.” and further, “We will not amerce (fine) anyone except in proportion to the offence.” and “We will not ammerce a merchant of his merchandise; nor will we amerce a workman of his tools.”

Plainly, to coerce a spiritual teacher into engaging with a criminal state forces him into hypocrisy, rendering his ability to provide any valuable spiritual insights null; the equivalent of amercing a merchant of his merchandise or an artisan of his tools.

4. Unquestionably, the seizure of our home without conviction is unlawful in the context of the Bill of Rights and, to quote Swift J in R v Donovan (1934), “If an act is unlawful in the sense of being in itself a criminal act, it is plain that it cannot be rendered lawful because the person to whose detriment it is done consents to it. No person can license another to commit a crime.”

To damage or dispose of our home, our motorhome, would be a most gross tort against us and damages under tort run to seven times the injury suffered. Limited liability does not protect someone from a Commercial Lien, since it is taken out personally on the individuals who cause the harm.

I’m sure there is more I could add but here we are making do in tents on the side of the busy A41, so researching and writing are difficult.

Currently we have Alan, Andy and his son Dean at the fire. Perhaps we will find time to post some more later but for now I beg patience so I can be with these friends.

Love peace, happiness and grace,
Prajna and Kazz

Albert Camus on Rebellion

The way forward is inward

Ello folks, me again.

It’s pouring down with rain outside so I’ve nipped into the tent for a warm and decided to update the blog while I’m here. Meanwhile Prajna is on waving duty outside. The lovely Niall has been round with a big pot of the most delicious curry for us today so we’ve lunched well and all of our cockles have warmed beautifully. Breakfast consisted of Prajna feeding me grapes. – I told Prajna when we first met ten months ago that I was born to be spoilt and he seems to agree with me on that, which is nice. (Insert big cheesy grin here!)

I forgot to mention yesterday that one of our new friends, George, popped round with a few bits for us on his way to visit a dying friend in the nearby hospital. Also a lovely guy who’s been following this blog and sharing the link with his friends came by with a donation to our camp fund. (Thanks you so much for that, it meant we could give Alan a little toward his fuel costs… He’s been here every day except one and is struggling to afford the go juice needed to get here.)

I think maybe it’s rime I told you a little about myself so you might get some idea what, besides my beautiful Prajna, brought me to this point in my life.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in discovering the way things work and the links between the esoteric, the spiritual, the political and the individual. Somehow I’ve managed to journey deeply into my own being even as I’ve explored the outer world. I think for anyone determined to discover the whys and wherefores of this existence the journey must always go in both directions – inward and outward.

I had many childhood traumas to face along the way, which inevitably lead me inward to face the truth of myself. At the same time I was always intensely aware of the inequalities and injustices being perpetrated around the world in the name of corporate or political gain for those few who stand to gain from such a system.

And, as it took me over twenty years to fully heal from those childhood traumas, to finally let the fear and pain go, to forgive and love those I needed to forgive and love, so it took me that same time span to fully realise the extent to which the corruption and inequities within the socio-political/economic systems are there by design, put in place deliberately to deprive all but the few of our birthright and our common heritage – not to mention the utter disregard for this abundant planet, the resources it provides us and all those weird and wonderful species we share this Earth with.

I have explored the Freeman on the Land concept, Lawful Rebellion and environmentalism in depth, I have studied politics and sociology at the University of Liverpool (and have a worthless piece of paper, a 2/2 BA honers degree, as a result). I’ve also explored Christianity, aspects of Buddhism, Taoism, the I Ching, meditation and many other practices and systems designed to further the journey inward, toward the heart and the source of my being.

And so I have found that it is only in truth and in love that we discover our individual power and can then reclaim (or claim) that power for ourselves rather than allowing it to be sucked from us by those vampires who’ve taken control of the world we share. ‘Know yourself’ is the message here, because it is only through knowing oneself that one discovers real joy in living.

And then I met my Prajna! Unstoppable, inseparable, in love.

Thank you all for your support, love and kindness, and for taking an interest in what we’re up to here on the forecourt of Autolift on this busy main road in Chester. I can’t tell you how much your friendship and generosity means to us and what a huge difference it makes to us here, especially when it’s raining… That said the rain has now stopped and I sense brightness on the horizon.

Namaste (it means the divine in me bows to the divine in you),

Kazz and Prajna.

Living in abundance

Well, it’s day eleven here at camp autolift and it’s about time you heard a little from me.

It’s been the most amazing few days I hardly know where to start! The outpouring of love, compassion, fellowship, generosity and kindness continues without pause. Every single day we’re overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers and friends old and new – young, old, rich, poor. That’s been the single best part of all of this for me. Seeing human nature as it truly is, beyond any cultural or social corruption.

Each and every day people stop to chat with us, to find out why we’re here doing what we’re doing and invariably leave as friends of ours. This is such a huge opportunity to enlighten and inspire people we’ve been blessed with here and the response of those we speak with is not only heart-warming, it also gives me great hope for the future of humanity. I love every single one of you and thank you for your presence at our little camp.

Prajna is working so hard, spending huge amounts of energy explaining, in his beautifully eloquent way, why it is we’re doing this, then going on to update the blog and respond to all our skype messages, etc, late into the night. His voice is now at least two octaves lower as a result of all the talking he’s doing! He’s not in the least put out by any of it though… truthfully, Prajna was born for this and only welcomes every opportunity to share with others.

This morning, for some unknown reason, I was feeling rather tearful and sad. Prajna simply poured his love out to me, told me it’s ok to be sad, to just go with it and see if it dissolved or if the reason for it became apparent. So that’s exactly what I did and very quickly my tears dried and sadness melted away just in time for Dave and Bernie (regular visitors here) who popped round with a bag full of provisions for us.

One reflection I realise that, as usual, my tears were for my girls (my three nieces now living in Australia who I miss pretty much all the time… just sometimes more than others) so if you’re reading this Ali and Lauren, know how much I love you and make sure your little sis knows too. 🙂

Dave and Bernie left just as ‘The Lord’ arrived. A local guy who, as soon as he departed, rang the prime minister’s office about the situation here, telling them it was Lord Foster calling from Chester. Their belated response being to ask if he was a ‘real lord’. He returned a little while later to tell us about this call and to give us the number of the local BBC news desk and a contact there, whom he had spoken to.

Not long after Dave and Bernie had left we had a visit from a traffic cop, Phil, who stopped by for a visit toward the end of his shift. We had, as is becoming very common, yet another excellent interaction with an intelligent and open-minded constable. Having been on leave for the past week, he wasn’t fully in the picture as to our presence on the forecourt of autolift, though he had been told we were here. By the time he left he knew our position and respects it.

Later a group of older teenagers who stopped by last night night to talk, returned with a friend who wanted to meet us. Their visit was followed by an hour long chat with a local CID officer, Rhys, who wanted to get a better appreciation of our position. It was really good to talk with him, not only because it’s a rare occurrence for a cop to take the time to to talk properly with us, but also because we really felt he understood where we’re coming from. Prajna says he felt more heard and understood by Rhys than any other serving police officer he’s spoken to.

Then the lovely Alan arrived bringing all his warmth and love which we appreciate so much!

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention that Starfire and his mum came over for a couple of hours too, bringing with them more food than me and Prajna usually eat in a week. It was great to see them both and we look forward to seeing them again next Thursday.

And this evening ‘commonly known as freeman’ came all the way from Chorley with his family. For my part it was really lovely to have a couple of young children enjoying the makeshift camp we’ve, with the help of all our friends, created here. And, naturally, it was great to meet yet more members of this ever growing family we find ourselves part of.

And now we sit, myself, Prajna and Alan,to enjoy the rare peace of the evening and the wafting smoke from the dhuni fire.

Till the next time my lovelies…

Love, peace, harmony,

Kazz and Prajna. xxxxx

Wet, wet, wet

Dear friends,

today has been largely quiet, due, in large part, to the rain. That has actually been a blessing for me because my voice has been fading after yesterday’s, seemingly non-stop, conversations (indeed, some may accuse that they were predominantly monologues).

We are still receiving wonderful support and have enjoyed a couple of the most blissful days, despite the intrusions of authority and the more welcome intrusions of the press. Blissful because of the wonderful encounters with old friends and many new friends.

We have been overwhelmed to have visits from Tilly, Greg and Emma, with their baby daughter, Maya, my newest niece. Marcel returned with his wife, Nell and tiny baby, Babette; Rusty The Man aka Rusty The Sheriff, Karen, Big Mike, John and Tina; Dom, wonderful Commonly Known As Dom, who stayed a couple of nights with us; Dearest Rob, who has loaned us his precious generator and two huge tarps, which we just need to find some rope and perhaps some scaffolding to rig; Nial, who lives locally and has paid us many visits, bringing the most excellent gifts that have helped so much with our comfort here; Allan, almost every day, to bring us news and love and making sure we are not suffering for lack of anything. Alan also has been on top of updating Facebook and various Freeman forums; Angus, who has been running errands, picking people up, turning up with the most incredibly useful things, like an inverter, grills for over the dunhi fire, a superb camping stove and cans of gas, …; Marty, who gets a lift from time to time and brings us goodies, makes sure Camp Autolift is seen in all the skype groups.

Then there are all the people who have dropped by to hear why we are here and the most generous people who have passed by, seen us, and returned with milk, cakes, bread, tea, fruit, sandwiches, … We are so grateful to all of them.

Is it any wonder we feel bliss?

Someone came to visit a few days ago, bringing her daughter who shyly put a 20p piece in a little pot by the fire. That’s a pot for anyone who needs to take a little in order to get something for our camp and for anyone who would like to help and can’t think of anything more direct to do. Her mum then mentioned a camping toilet and Kazzie’s eyes lit up. “Kazz would love you forever if you can find her a toilet.” I said. True to her word, she delivered a camping toilet the next morning. Kazz’s bliss was complete. Poor Kazz has had to bear so much in support of my crazy spiritual fanaticism (if you view it as such).

The tooting and waving we receive throughout the day lifts our spirits and delights our visitors. I even received a wave from a director of Autolift today, can you imagine? Perhaps it was a reflex, you know the kind of thing, where you find yourself returning a wave without thinking and then suddenly realise what you are doing. But the truth is I received two waves from him today and I doubt that kind of reflex happens twice in a row. Who knows, we may even be on speaking terms before long!

Wouldn’t that be something? Today, for instance, it was pissing with rain and the run-off from this end of the yard, several artic trailers, was flowing down to our camp and soaking the ashes of the dunhi fire. I scraped a small channel in the ground to divert the water, with some success. Before long PCs Dave and Matt turned up ‘to make sure we were ok’, oh, and someone at Autolift had called them to say we were digging culverts and carrying out major earthworks that threatened to undermine their entire establishment (or such appeared to be the sentiment of the complaint). Dave and Matt inspected my puny engineering feat and said, “I guess you can kick that flat before you leave, can’t you?”
I can’t believe that it was only a week or so ago that I was arrested for wasting police time (because I reported what appeared to be a genuine terrorist threat to the Olympics; I say ‘genuine terrorist threat’ when I should more accurately have said, ‘genuine false-flag genocide dressed up to look like a terrorist incident’.) and here is Autolift calling out two bobbies to investigate a scrape on the ground.

Anyway, I managed to have a very nice chat with Matt, in particular, about our situation; pointing out that everything I do for others I do for the community, not in order to get things for myself. If I give to the community without taxing those for whom I perform a service or give something that is needed then how can anyone tax me? Sure I use the roads, but they are community roads; in the same way I give to the community in the way I do best, others give to the community by building and maintaining roads. The only difference at present is that the one who builds roads is being paid to do it and HAS to be paid to do it because he has to work to live.

How insane is that? Work for whatever reason you like – because you love to do a particular thing, like carpentry, as our friend Rob does; or because there is something magnificent you would like to create or achieve; or, best of all, because you can do something or make something that will make someone happy – but why would anyone work to live?

You were born to live and whatever you need to live is yours by right: water, food, shelter, clothing, healing. Beyond that you also have a right to live with dignity. Whoever charges you anything for any of these existential needs is entering you into slavery because you will have to work for them. This is the ultimate in mistrust; mistrust of self, mistrust of others and mistrust in the universe itself. Somehow we have to learn to trust again.

Our trust has been destroyed by the same people who have taught us to fear everything. Our fear has allowed us to be controlled, our communities to be destroyed, families made dysfunctional and has robbed us of our playfulness, creativity and imagination.

And so I could go on; and you can be sure that I will if they insist on providing me with an even bigger forum, like, say, a Jury and press box. But enough for now.

Kazz’s mum came today. I greeted her with “See what I get your daughter into?” She brought lots of good things with her, including lots of girlie things for Kazz. Mums know about such things. Gladys has been very supportive of us and is contemplating joining a peace camp in Palestine to oversee the olive harvest there.

I’m sure there’s a ton I’ve left out and there are still people to thank but it is 2 am. Pray for some sun for us tomorrow.

Love, peace, happiness and grace,
Prajna and Kazz

Press day

Well, friends, a great deal has happened in the past couple of days and we are both tired, so this will be brief. I hope to post more soon.

Yesterday was mostly dealing with Authority: a number of police, who did their utmost to return the van to us but we were not prepared to receive it under their conditions. They insisted that I surrender my spirituality for criminality by filling in forms from the DVLA. Perhaps they never hear or understand a word I say.

We have again been terrorised with the threat that they will destroy our home; we have seven days to comply with their system or they will, without ANY court hearing, destroy our home.

We were also, on the one week aniversery of our encampment, visited by the local council Gypsy and Traveller Liason Officer. Did she come to offer us any benefit? Did she F&*%. She just came to ask questions, no doubt to assist in the preparations for an eviction notice and when we begged for her to do something, anything, for our benefit, like to find a portaloo, she asked whether we would pay for such a thing.

Apart from that we have had many very special visitors but more of them tomorrow; tiredness is winning tonight.

Oh, I updated the homepage for you all, with some links to videos etc.

Love, peace, happiness and grace, dear friends,
Prajna and Kazz