Hold the Front Page

So, we made the front page of the newspaper. Ok, it is only the Chester Leader and Chester Chronicle but they are the main local papers. The immediate result was a visit from two local couples, John and Wendy, and Pete and Faith, who had been following the saga in previous articles and who were prompted by this one to come and see us. They were most enthusiastic in their support; John and Wendy brought some provisions and Pete and Faith brought a boot-load of lovely Ash firewood (you should have seen my delight to have some ash, the champion of all firewood, to keep the dhuni fire going).

It is incredible to see the politics and plotting that is going on behind the scenes:

That seemingly-supportive article on the front page of the Leader, for example, is actually a finely-crafted strategy intended to support the local council scheme to evict us from the site. The headline itself (oddly, not repeated in the online version) said “WE’RE GOING TO STAY FOREVER”. Why would Robert Platt, the journalist who spoke to us, print such a thing if we didn’t say it (and I can assure you we didn’t)? It seems obvious to us that this is more scheming in the hope of causing us to leave; the intention was most likely to be that such a headline would stir up bigotry, in the hope that some local thugs would take on the job of discouraging us from staying.

Further down the article Robert has also stated, “The camp has grown to about six tents in addition to the caravan.” Hmmm… proof of claim? The camp has never had six tents in addition to the caravan and currently consists of the caravan, two tents, the shelter for the dhuni fire area and a half finished shower cubicle. So why does Robert publish that there are six tents? Innocent mistake? Lazy reporting? We suspect not: We have received word that the council will try to move us this week and we expect they will try to use Section 61 of the Criminal Justice Act, 1994, which says:

Two or more persons trespassing on land ( not including public highway land, eg verges & lay-bys) with the intention of living there may be directed to leave the land by the police if:
(a) there are 6 or more vehicles there; or
(b) if any damage has been caused to the land, eg crop damage ); or
(c) ‘threatening or abusive words or behaviour’ have been used against the occupier or their agents.

Knowing that, it seems obvious that this ‘mistake’ was no mistake at all but a coldly-calculated move to help the council and police to try to massage the facts so as to support the use of Section 61; caravan’s and tents are often ‘construed’ as vehicles when this power is relied on.

Nice try.

I have to say, the general standard of reporting in the Leader/Chronicle, with reference to our camp, has been lacking a great deal of diligence: Robert often misquotes us, paraphrasing our words to subtly change their meaning. I had assumed that when one quotes someone it is done verbatim. One expects words in quotation marks to be exactly what someone said rather than a reporter’s interpretation of them.

And as for the Leader/Chronicle’s photographer: Robert said he would come down and take some more photos of the camp and indeed he did, but he never spoke to us or visited the camp, preferring instead to take a long-shot, paparazzi-style, and run away.

When they say, “Don’t believe what you read in the newspaper.” they must have had disingenuous, lax and misleading reporting in mind; just as we are seeing from the Leader/Chronicle.

We will not be defeated or discouraged by lies, fictions and abuses of power. The Powers That (wanna) Be had better have all their ‘i’s dotted and ‘t’s crossed, be standing square in lawful precedent and demonstrate full respect for our human rights (including the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples) before they come down to our camp with the intention to persuade us or compel us to do anything.

Meanwhile, in the world of “Live the truth and then write about it”, things continue much as they have, with continuing support from local and not so local people; we have more regular visitors too, who seem grateful for our presence, are very supportive with practical things, and who say they welcome our knowledge and insights.

Love, peace, happiness and grace,
Prajna and Kazz


Namaste friends,

So sorry it’s taken so long for me to update you all about happenings here at Camp Autolift. There’s been so much going on elsewhere that’s needed my attention I just haven’t had the time or resources to write anything of any value.

But thing are more settled now and so here we go…

It seems the continued will of those local folks who stop by here that we stick around. We continue to be inundated with both practical and moral support it’s quite overwhelming, not to mention humbling.

For my part, and with Prajna’s full agreement, if we stick around (and it seems we are, at least for the foreseeable future) we need to be as self sufficient as possible. In practical terms, that means water catchment and filtration, composting waste, developing food gardens and generating our own power supply. It also means working with, and for the benefit of, the local community insofar as skill and resource sharing, which benefits all who partake. Aside from that we would also like to develop a community recycling centre though I’m not 100% sure how we might do that at this stage… Time and innovation will show the way. 🙂

Water catchment is both the easiest and most immediate thing to be done. We already have, thanks to friends Adam and Jen, a large water-butt, complete with tap. We also, thanks to Alan, have a large tarpaulin roof from which to catch the plentiful supply of rainwater which falls here. It’s only a question now of putting up some guttering and, from there, developing some kind of filtration system. The guttering is promised and should be here before too long. We have no doubt that once that is in place all else will follow… That’s the way it seems to work around here… as soon as one need is met (and invariably all needs are met just in the nick of time!) then the next need is met in turn.

It’ll take time to develop the kind of eco-village-type set up we desire, yet slowly but surely all of the pieces will fall into place. Of that we have no doubt. We would greatly appreciate your help and support in that; should you have any practical advice or support to offer we’d be most grateful. We’re big on ideas, strong on will and ambition, have some notions of how we might develop the systems we need, but we’re no experts… yet! 😉

In the meantime we’ve been given a load of very beautiful fabric by our good friend, Heather, and so I’m going to set to work using that making curtains/partitions for around our shelter and banners for our entrance.

Prajna and I decided last night to create a sheltered, partitioned area so we have somewhere a little quieter and more intimate to chat with friends away from the, often crowded, dhuni fire area. The new room will be raised off the ground and will include, we hope, a small oil-burner for warmth. (We’re sure there must be plenty of small local business around and about that have to pay to dispose of waste oil.)

All in all we’re delighted with the way things are developing here, delighted that folks are responding to our presence and our convictions so positively and delighted by the outpouring of support we’re receiving from right across the board. And we thank each and every one of you for it!

As far as Autolift Ltd is concerned, things have been pretty quiet since my ‘Don’t Mess with the Hippies’ blog post. Whether that’s due to the blog or simply because things are quiet we don’t know. We’re just happy to be left in peace to get on with creating a home and community centre here.

The Autolift guys have been out this morning extending the fence they put around us several weeks ago, one end of which was left open but is now closed, affording us (and them) a little more certainty as to where the boundary between our land and Autolift land actually lies.

Needless to say, Two-fingers and the one I’ve come to call ‘The Big Red Angry One’ were less than friendly when talking to Prajna in relation to erecting the fence, but by now we don’t really expect much better from either of them. As for the rest of the Autolift staff, I think most of them are basically decent folk who just want to get on with their jobs in peace. Mostly they ignore us though one or two occasionally smile and wave as they pass in and out of the yard.

In my last blog I extended an invitation to Autolift staff to visit any time, as long as they leave hostility at the door. That invitation is open and will remain open. We have an open house here, quite literally, and welcome any and all visitors whether they support us or not. – We may become frustrated at the ignorance of a few, but try to use that to inform them of where they might research matters of concern.

Finally, on a more personal note, communication with family and loved ones is difficult here. I’m doing my best to stay in contact via email and facebook. You all know I’m here for you as much as I possibly can be. I love and miss you so much and I only hope you find time to stay in touch with me.

Much love and many thanks to you all,

Kazz and Prajna. xxxx

The Banking Industry and the Law

Did you know?

… that when it comes to criminal and civil trials held within the United Kingdom there are certain categories of witness who may not be compelled to give evidence: The Monarch; Foreign diplomats; Spouses and family members (in special circumstances); Vulnerable people and children (dependant on circumstances and nature of trial); and… BANKERS.

So why are bankers not compellable as witnesses? Lets look to the act concerned to see what we might discover:

“Section 6 of the Bankers’ Books Evidence Act 1879 provides that a banker or officer of a bank shall not, in any legal proceedings to which the bank is not a party, be compellable to produce any banker’s book the contents of which can be proved under this Act, or to appear as a witness to prove matters, transactions and accounts therein recorded, unless by order of a judge made for a special purpose.” (ref – http://www.insitelawmagazine.com/evidencech6.htm )

So a banker may not be compelled to give evidence in a case to which the bank is not party (is not accused or interested) unless specifically ordered to do so by a judge. – No wonder white collar crime is so prevalent in this country when fraud can be so easily hidden within a banks books! However, we still don’t know WHY this is the case. Maybe a glance into the history of banking will give us a clue?

There’s a short (45min) and rather informative video available on youtube which sets out, in simple terms, the general history of central banking and which reveals the intricate and embedded relationship between banks and nation states. Whilst the bank of England is no longer privately owned (more on this later) the general principles set out in this documentary remain relevant. Money as Debt can be viewed here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqvKjsIxT_8 )

So we know that the Rothschild banking dynasty was behind the central banking industry from it’s inception. Evelyn Robert De Rothschild, amongst many other things, serves as financial advisor to the queen (ref – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evelyn_Robert_de_Rothschild ), the only person in the UK who, according to law, is above the law because she, via her ‘divine right’ actually makes the law. It is rumoured that Evelyn R. De Rothschild is not only the queens advisor, but her closest advisor. Very cosy.

I discovered yesterday, through our barrister friend, Jack, that whenever a bank is fined by a court in this land, that it is actually the British people who pick up the tab! – The bank itself pays the fine and is paid back by the nationally owned Bank of England, via the bank’s bond with the BoE. i.e. you foot the bill through your taxes.

How very interesting that if a bank funds terrorism, for example (Standard and Poors?), and is found guilty of such and subsequently fined, it is you, the British people, who foot the bill. Similarly, should a British bank be found guilty of scamming money from its domestic customers, ultimately it will be those same customers who pay the resulting fine.

This is all beginning to look remarkably dodgy! Can it be that those entrusted with making and enacting law in this country are working in the best interests of those parasitic entities which create and maintain the nation’s and individual, debt? Are our lawmakers being manipulated by those who own the nations debt?

The Bank of England is nationally owned. This has only been the case since 1946 when the formally privately owned bank was nationalised. The nationalisation (bringing into public ownership) of the bank is rather interesting (read obscure) all by itself.


Transfer of Bank stock to the Treasury

(1) On the appointed day –

(a) the whole of the existing capital stock of the Bank (hereinafter referred to as “Bank

stock”) shall, by virtue of this section, be transferred, free of all trusts, liabilities and

incumbrances, to such person as the Treasury may by order nominate,(3) to be held by

that person on behalf of the Treasury;

(b) the Treasury shall issue, to the person who immediately before the appointed day is

registered in the books of the Bank as the holder of any Bank stock, the equivalent

amount of stock created by the Treasury for the purpose (hereinafter referred to as the

“Government stock”).

2) The Government stock shall bear interest at the rate of three per cent. per annum; and

the equivalent amount of Government stock shall, in relation to any person, be taken to be

such that the sum payable annually by way of interest thereon is equal to the average annual

gross dividend declared during the period of twenty years immediately preceding the

thirty-first day of March, nineteen hundred and forty-five, upon the amount of Bank stock of

which that person was the registered holder immediately before the appointed day.


4) After the appointed day, no dividends on Bank stock shall be declared but in lieu of any

such dividends the Bank shall pay to the Treasury, on every fifth day of April and of October,

[a sum equal to 25 per cent of the Bank’s net profits for its previous financial year, or such

other sum as the Treasury and the Bank may agree.]

( ref –http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CCEQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.bankofengland.co.uk%2Fabout%2FDocuments%2Flegislation%2F1946act.pdf&ei=w9M0UICMOueS0QWz5oDgBg&usg=AFQjCNHAAxCwWLmfYkgMjHZp7bXzZHDatg&sig2=31WCw2jGOVByjucJppt7kw [PDF])

So, we see that the shareholders of the bank were paid an equivalent amount of interest baring ‘Government Stock’ for their shares in the bank. This is a subject I’ve researched several times over the years and as yet have been unable to ascertain just how much ‘Government Stock’ was created. Put another way, I’ve been unable to discover just how much of the British Government is owned by the former owners of the BoE.

I’m going to be returning to this subject in the future, possibly several times, but for now lets summarise what we have so far:

  • Bankers create and own all national and the vast majority of personal debt.
  • Bankers (formerly BoE shareholders) own specially issued ‘Government Stock’. i.e. they own interest baring shares in our government.
  • The current monarchs (read law makers) closest financial advisor is the head of the biggest banking dynasty in the world.
  • Bankers may not be compelled, except by a judge, to give evidence in criminal and civil cases, including cases involving fraud and other financial inaccuracies.
  • Should any bank registered in the UK be found guilty of financial irregularity and subsequently fined it is you who ultimately pays that fine.

The phrase ‘he who pays the piper calls the tune’ comes readily to mind.

More on this topic in coming weeks and months as I revisit some old Freedom of Information request I and others have made to the Bank of England.

Much love, peace and respect to you all. Thanks for reading.

Kazz and Prajna. xxxx

Don’t Mess With the Hippies!

An open letter to Autolift staff and directors

It’s clear to us now that you are reading our blog, given the threats we received from one of your number a couple of days ago.

It’s unfortunate that you read here that you may be facing redundancy, as your boss, Daryl, suggested to us last weekend. However, as they say, forewarned is forearmed. Advanced warning gives you all the opportunity to seek alternative employment elsewhere.

Sadly your comprehension skills appear somewhat lacking, as you fail to grasp Daryl’s stance that, though we are having NO IMPACT on your business whatsoever, he will willingly close down the business he’s wanted shut of for years and blame us for that. You (at least the guy who threatened us the other day) seem to interpret that as meaning it’s our fault that you may soon be out of work. (Maybe you should look up ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ and decide for yourselves whether the term fits or not.)

All of that said, I think we may well be in a position to at least postpone the closure of Autolift. I’m not 100% sure but I seem to remember that whilst a business is being audited it must remain intact. Looks like we just bought you several months of job security whilst activities at Autolift are fully investigated.

It’s all too clear to us, from all of the numerous tales of extortion regarding your organisation and business practices, that Daryl’s sob story regarding zero profit for last year, if not a fabrication, may well point to evidence of TAX DODGING by those entrusted by this criminal State to tax others, amongst other unlawful activities; no wonder you hate having us on your doorstep, witnessing your more overt activities and chatting with so many victims of your unscrupulous business practices.

Additionally, and on a more personal note, each and every one of you was placed in a position of trust over our home and possessions. You were properly notified of this and asked to ensure, upon your full commercial liability, that nothing happen to our home until the matter was resolved. And each and every one of you breached that Lawful Trust when you allowed our home to be taken away and destroyed.

We’ve been your neighbours here for over six weeks now and until Daryl’s visit, only one of your number has ever given us the time of day. More commonly we have had nothing but aggression, threats, harassment and attempts to intimidate from you, all of which are now a matter of both public and private record.

Prajna and myself are peaceful, loving and compassionate people, not to mention that we are also intelligent and incorruptible. We welcome any and all of you, should you wish to talk to us about what’s happening here and why we’re taking the stance we are taking. Just as with all of our guests and visitors here, we will offer you refreshments and open and honest communication. We welcome your viewpoints also, but will not tolerate threats or intimidation.

Yours sincerely,

Kazz and Prajna.

P.S. Now that I’ve got that out of my system I’ll be back later or tomorrow when normal service will be resumed and activities at the camp will be properly blogged for your delight and delectation.

For Freedom!

Well hello Friends!

It’s been a few days since our last update so apologies to those of you waiting to hear the latest. Once again we have lots to tell you about, from meeting with barristers to meetings with autolift directors.

Before we get on to that though I want to say hello to Samantha and Dan. I forgot to mention you in my last blog so this time you get a paragraph all to yourselves. 😉 – Much love to you both from both of us. You’re in our thoughts and we’re hoping all is well with you.

And now onto our news:

Our new friend Jack, who happens to be a barrister, has visited a couple of times now and is giving us his professional assistance free of charge – which is kinda lucky as there’s no way we’d be able to afford him otherwise!

The information he’s given us so far has already proved invaluable. It turns out that when autolift erected a fence around our camp what they were in fact doing, albeit inadvertently, was gifting us the land inside the boundary. Prajna and I knew that the fence was good for us but we had no idea it made us land-owners!

Jack has also taken a look at Prajna’s custody record (always, always, always ask for your custody record if ever you’re in the unfortunate position of being held in custody) and chatted with him about what did and did not happen whist in Blacon Detention Centre. Already the IPCC has been informed of several breaches of PACE (Police And Criminal Evidence Act) including failure to inform Prajna of his rights under PACE, and falsifying the custody record; when the police fail to follow PACE the custody becomes wrongful imprisonment regardless of the lawfulness or otherwise of the arrest!

Investigations by the IPCC for breaches of PACE, according to Jack, are heavy going for the constabulary concerned who will be investigated by a neighbouring force, all their records gone through with a fine tooth comb, subjected to unannounced inspections by lay visitors and all manner of inquiry into their practices there.

It also means quite a hefty sum in compensation for Prajna for wrongful imprisonment. And that’s before we even mention the wrongful use of handcuffs on us both and the breach of EVERY rule in the book when our motor-home was seized.

Jack also has a friend, a court bailiff, who he’s chatted to about us and who will be coming along to see us to offer what ever advice and assistance she can. Just on Jack’s description of her alone and how she goes about her job, we already recognise her as a fellow traveller… a kindred spirit. 🙂 Jack says she ‘is not very good at her job’, i.e that she gives too much good advice to those she is sent to ‘bailiff’ (if that can be used as a verb!)

I do keep saying that this place is magic. Well the magic continues and intensifies! This whole situation is nothing short of amazing. Time and time again I’m bowled over by acts of generosity and kindness and by the most stunning revelations regarding our position here. The universe truly is supporting us in this stand for humanity, for freedom from tyranny and legal fiction and for the right to choose our own path through life rather than be dictated to by a system which seeks to control the whole of everyone’s life from cradle to grave.

But I digress. Time to tell you about our meetings with one of the autolift directors, Daryl.

Daryl first came to see us on Friday and then again yesterday (Sunday). Hmmm… how to describe Daryl? He’s a nice enough guy on the surface… personable, working class roots, family man, etc. Yet the whole of our conversation yesterday was littered with thinly veiled threats and disingenuity.

Daryl tells us that for some years now he and his fellow directors (his sister and brother-in-law) have been struggling to keep the business afloat amid all the regulations and restrictions imposed by the DVLA, all of which has resulted in zero profit for last year; that his fellow directors, who are not as young as they used to be, really just wish to retire; that they tried selling the business last year but to no avail; that they have been considering simply shutting up shop and having done with the whole thing, as keeping going is a hassle for them which they’d rather live without. He told us that autolift employs fifteen staff and for their sake he’d been trying to figure out ways of keeping the business going; that he was about to make three members of staff redundant to facilitate that but that, given our presence here (even an autolift ‘spokesperson’ reported to the papers that we are having no impact on the business what-so-ever) he’d rather just close up and put any blame for that on us; this despite claiming to be an honest man who prides himself on always dealing with others honestly. He also wondered aloud how we might react to thugs coming along during the night to wreck our camp and possibly inflict injury on us, because they might feel that since they ‘have to pay tax’ we have to as well. We think it is ridiculous that anyone might take such unlawful action over someone not paying tax, but then the police/DVLA/autolift have destroyed our home over tax.

And littered throughout the conversation were tales of ill-health, deaths of friends and acquaintances, alcoholism, depression, single parents and so on, all designed to tug at the heart-strings. Anyone who knows me will realise the impact of these tales of woe was quite palpable. Seriously, I would hate to be in a position to cause harm to anyone or to add to the troubles already existent in peoples lives. However, as Daryl himself pointed out, and as has been stated in the local press several times (see previous blog entries) we are having “no impact on business” at all. None.

If Daryl and his family choose to close autolift that choice is due to the pressures of meeting with increased restriction and regulation imposed by that same body which saw to it that our home was destroyed. He should point the finger of blame squarely where it belongs, at the DVLA.

Making scapegoats of a couple of peaceful hippies simply refusing to accept the impositions of a thoroughly lawless and corrupt state would be dishonest. As we explained to him, he should see us as allies rather than enemies. We seem to be the littlest piglet. Perhaps you have seen what happens when a piglet bites another: the victim, rather than retaliate against the aggressor, finds a smaller piglet to vent his anger on.

We did briefly consider taking our camp down to the DVLA headquarters in Swansea but we are in such a good position here – rock-solid in fact – that it would be foolish to move.

I should add that Daryl did hint he could replace our home himself, out of his own pocket. Unfortunately for us to accept such an offer would be wrong. What Prajna and I want is the freedom to travel unhindered and untaxed by the State. We’re not after freebee’s or financial reward, we after freedom. Nothing less will do.

Peace, love and joy to you all!

Kazz and Prajna. Xxxx

P.S. Just to send a great big heartful of love to my beautiful niece Alisha who I hope will be here very soon! I love you so much baby. Thinking of you and keeping you in my heart. xxxxx

Home Sweet Home

So there I was sitting in the tent a few days ago feeling thoroughly depressed… I was premenstrual and so fed up with the constant noise and chaos of the place, not to mention the dirt and disorder. I really wasn’t sure how much longer I would last here.

So, as with everything that happens around here, in stepped the universe to lend a hand. This time in the form of an Irish traveller called Mick, who turned up one day after my depressed isolation in the tent, and told us he had a caravan he needed rid of and asked if we’d like it.

Next morning our friend Will turned up – just the man we needed to tow the van to our camp. And a few hours later, having called in the troops for assistance (thanks guys!!!) Prajna and I had a lovely warm, dry caravan to sleep in! 😀 – Just in time too as it absolutely chucked it down here yesterday and our bed in the tent was soaked by the time I transferred our bedding over; we would have endured a most miserable night if it weren’t for the caravan.

I’m exhausted now just because I’ve spent the whole day cleaning and organising things in the van. I can’t tell you how good it feels just to have somewhere to keep things away from the dirt and rain. And not only that but the van also has a shower! – I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. 🙂

And, on top of all that, we had a call earlier and have been told there are two chesterfield sofa’s and a couple of armchairs being brought here tonight! – I don’t know about you guys but I reckon the universe wants us here making this stand for freedom… Every single time we need something around here it manifests somehow. And I do mean every single time. The place is magic… and not just for Prajna and me either, but for many of the friends we’ve made here. Lives are literally being transformed before our eyes!

So, challenging as this whole experience is, I am utterly blessed and delighted to be here. Especially now that I have a lovely warm, dry, level, clean van to sleep in.

And, despite the recent efforts of the Ellesmere Port Pioneer to sway public opinion against us, we’re still enjoying massive support from locals, including a barrister who came along to see us today having been told about us by a mutual friend… and, my did he have some interesting things to say! Obviously I’m not going to go into detail here, suffice to say what we thought was a strong position for us turns out to be m-m-mighty.

I just want to say a huge big thank you to everyone for your continued support and mention some of the wonderful people we’ve met during our first 33 days here who’ve made this experience so m,uch easier and much more fun than it otherwise would have been. Adam, Jen and the kids, Danny, Val and Andy, Will, Mick, Niall, Maria, Nickie and Biff, Andy, Bobby and I’m sure others… (bound to have left someone out! Sorry!)

We did have a couple of disappointments last week, which resulted in my self-imposed isolation in the tent. Sad to say our little pot of change by the fire was stolen with around £25 in it.. worse it was stolen by people who’d just been chatting with Prajna for about half an hour (they snuck back after he’d come to bed and nabbed it before he could get out of the tent to stop them.

Also, we were told by PC Dave, who oversaw the destruction of our motor-home, that he’s never seen any document authorising the destruction of our home, he simply believes that written authorisation exists. I’d really hate for any of this to come back on Dave as we’ve both grown rather fond of him during our time here.

Oh, and while I think on, I want to say a huge thank you to John and Tina Hurst for all their time and effort on the legal/lawful side of things. Your support makes all of this so much easier for us. Thank you both very much.

And the same goes to all of our friends who give us so much love and support. We love you all!

Love, peace and gratitude,
Kazz and Prajna. xxxx

“Disgusting New Age Traveller protest …”

“Disgusting New Age Traveller protest in Backford condemned on Facebook,” SAYS Laurie Stocks-Moor; The shame of Ellesmere Port and Chester Pioneer

Well my friends, I’ve not blogged here yet but after reading a disgraceful article in the Ellesmere Port and Chester Pioneer (by Laurie Stocks-moor, strangely enough, since Laurie has previously written two excellent articles about Camp Autolift. What changed?).  I’ll link the report later but let’s examine some ‘facts’ from Laurie’s latest story: “… many drivers have tooted their horns to greet Prajna Pranab and ‘Kazz’ …” Yes they have, as I can verify, having spent plenty of time sitting at the dhuni fire. The report starts innocently enough but let’s look a little deeper into the rest of Laurie’s, so-called ‘facts’:

You quote Rachael Riverol as having said, “Why should they get away with paying tax & insurance![sic] We all have to pay it whether we live in a house or on the road! What would happen if they crashed into a vehicle and killed lives?[sic] This is why we have insurance to protect those that pay for it![sic] Them camping outside Autolift is disgusting! Especially with no amenities! Throw them off I say.”

Your Chester Pioneer page has a mere 33 members , one of whom proudly declares herself to be an “elected member for Cheshire West”

Eveleigh Moore Dutton

Laurie, are any of these people actually on your facebook page? Whilst our Camp Autolift page has some 18,000 followers, I note that the last comment on your facebook page was from october 2010.

What changed your tone, Laurie? Did Eveleigh put pressure on you to undermine support for the camp?

People of Chester and Ellesmere Port need to realise that their local paper is reporting what the local council want them to believe and they are prepared, in pursuit of that, to fabricate stories from whole cloth.

George Seldes, one of the greatest journalists that ever lived, said the following at his retirement party, which included many of the leading lights in the press: “Journalism’s job is not impartial ‘balanced’ reporting. Journalism’s job is to tell the people what is really going on.”

We’re hoping people can see for themselves that the camp is on the right track if even local papers are being used as a propaganda tool against it.


The Pioneer article we’re criticising
and Laurie’s previous reports:
Jul 11 2012
Jul 25 2012