Why Again

Well, well, Chris and Co have been busy posting snide remarks in the comments again. We are hoping that most reasonably intelligent folk can see through their foolishness. Let’s just take a couple of points and address those; just to show how little they have thought about them. I receive a war pension, sure. It may be seen as a ‘state benefit’ but is it really? While I was serving as an officer in the Corps of Royal Engineers (long before I discovered what a bunch of rat-bags we have been for our entire history of ‘ruling the world’) I received a head injury: a depressed skull fracture. Having been advised by the ever loving and caring army doctors, when I left the service, that I was not eligible for a war pension – and that even if I were it would be foolish to claim it because things could very well deteriorate and I would find myself stuck with a lower award, which would be impossible to revise if things did get worse – I met a RAF officer who insisted I should claim, that they always did their best to ensure that their airmen received every benefit they were entitled to, and that if my condition did deteriorate the pension would be adjusted accordingly. So I applied for the pension. At a later assessment it was determined that my condition had become worse and my disability was assessed at 40%, netting me the phenomenal sum of £2,500 per year since they last increased it. That works out at about £50 per week; somewhat less than most single men receive if they sign on.

Is it a benefit or is it my due, having (albeit ignorantly) served in our armed forces, serving the country (god, how sick it makes me to say that now that I have realised that the whole concept has been indoctrinated into us by criminal bankers and their political puppets) and suffering a severe head injury in the process, which left me 40% disabled even according to their own repeated assessments? What about all the mercury amalgam fillings in my teeth, the fluoride in the water, the aspartame, MSG, the vaccines containing thymerisol (ethyl mercury, considered toxic at 6 parts per billion in fish but found in vaccines at 250,000,000 parts per billion) and aluminium oxide (used in sewerage treatment as a coagulant and carrying out the same function when delivered by vaccine to the smallest capillaries in your brain, causing ischemic strokes), and they have taken control of the water, food, shelter, medicine – all my existential needs – and insist on selling them back to me; something that necessitates going into slavery even just to survive. A year or so ago I heard that the americans claim to ‘own space’! They never paid me for my bit of space and, because my bit of space, however small it is, goes all the way to the edge of the universe and that is an infinite distance; they will never be able to pay me the infinite sum required to do so. If they ever do it’s my shout; everything will be free to everyone from me. Those criminals, the bankers and the corporations and government, owe me big-time. They owe you all big-time. They certainly can’t complain about the paltry £2,500 I cost them a year; I’m damned cheap at the price.

And how much has this whole operation cost by the time you add up the man-hours spent by autolift, police, court service, DVLA and local council? If I paid road tax the rest of my life it wouldn’t begin to approach what they have wasted on all this. So it isn’t about the money, is it? It never was. It was always about control and about continuing the unimaginable scam they have going.

I have already told Chris I would be happy to get out and work on the roads the three days a year that would account for my share of the road tax; at least then nobody would be making a buck on my back and my tax wouldn’t be funding my own oppression and that of all my brothers and sisters across the globe. But even that is not necessary, in my view. I never tax anyone. If I see something I can do to help someone I ‘just do it’, as Nike would say. I don’t charge, I don’t even barter; if it is within my power I simply do it because it needs done and because it would help someone. I don’t need to work for anything for myself because my few needs are easily met and from time to time others help me as an act of love, just as I help others. My work is for the community. I guess that means that I am taxed close to 100%; though I regard it as being part of my nature to help others rather than see it as a tax.

Those who say, “You use the roads, so you have to pay for them.” really haven’t thought things through and those who think I am a drain on the system wouldn’t dream of spending the rest of their life working for charity on as little as £50 per week.

As soon as you monopolise the things people need in order to survive and then charge for those things you have forced those you are extorting from into slavery; something that we are told was banned internationally in the 1800s; something you should feel is abhorrent and barbaric. I am sure that it will not be too many years before we, as a race, look back on these times as the new dark-age of unenlightened, ignorant and bestial behaviour. Read a little about the dark-ages, notice how primitive and gullible the people seemed, and realise that society and psychology has developed only a little since then despite technology having evolved at an incredible pace.

And autolift: Are we really harming autolift? Their ‘spokesperson’ has told the Chester Leader, “Although the protesters have been here for a while now, it’s not something that’s directly affecting us. … We’re up here just getting on with our day-to-day jobs, and they’re down there.” and an autolift ‘spokeswoman’ told the County Times, “They are really not doing us any harm there.”

We have no beef with autolift except that they were placed in a position of trust with regard to our home and possessions – which trust they breached about as thoroughly as is possible – and the threats and criminal damage some of their staff have directed towards us and our encampment. We’d like to think that they are, as Rhys (a local CID officer) insisted to us, a nice, small family firm and, from our point of view, that they are no more corrupt and misguided than most of the businesses and public servants who play a part in the banker-sponsored system of slavery and oppression that has the vast majority of the world’s population in its thrall.

We’d like to think that. And, although we do not have any grievances against autolift ourselves (other than those already stated) we have been inundated since we arrived by people telling us of the outrageous and, frankly, criminal way they have been treated. So much so that we are tempted to put up a sign here saying ‘Autolift Complaints Centre’.

Autolift get much of their business from the police. Some of that work includes recovering stolen vehicles and then holding them while forensics are carried out. Several locals have told us that autolift routinely hold vehicles for forensics, fail to notify the owners for some weeks after forensics have been carried out and then charge them storage for the whole period. One man phoned them as soon as he was notified his stolen car had been found, to beg that they let him know immediately forensics had been completed because he was in urgent need of his car. Autolift phoned him 10 days later, even though forensics had been done within 20 minutes of the car arriving, and then charged him storage for those unnecessary 10 days. One poor girl, Samantha, was told by the police that she could not collect her recovered bike because it was being held for forensics. She spoke to autolift, who told her that no forensics were being done and that anyway they couldn’t be because it had been held out in the yard rather than under cover. They insisted she take the bike or pay further storage. The police said no, forensics must be done and that she wouldn’t have to pay because it was being held for forensics rather than stored. In the end the police decided that forensics had been done (even though they obviously hadn’t) and autolift insisted that Sam pay the storage, otherwise they would crush it. She paid rather than lose her bike.
Kevin had his car impounded by autolift. He had been taken down to the police station but his wife and 7 month old baby were left abandoned. Even worse, his wife, Kirsty, and baby were unable to go back to their house because the house keys were in the car. She had to wait with the baby for two hours outside autolift at 11pm on a freezing November night until autolift deigned to return the house keys. These are merely a few of the horror stories we have been told.

Is autolift any worse than any of the other parasites who feed on the misery imposed by our corrupt and lawless state/society/system? We are not sure that they are but we have been very saddened by the tragic stories we have been told. Really the whole system is sick; nay, I would more appropriately describe it as insane. When you have corruption at the top then you find it like a cancer throughout. Do you doubt David Cameron is a criminal? If you have any doubts then find out what he was doing in South Africa, along with Dr David Kelly and others, when he was 24 and still nobody but a ‘political advisor’ to the Tory Party. If you have difficulty to find what I am talking about then search for Armscor, nuclear weapons, and look for a £17.8 million ‘donation’ to the Tory party around that time (and check the bank records of a few Labour peers who will also not have to go looking for the information). Tony Blair? He committed what Chief Justice Jackson (american chief prosecutor to the Nuremberg war crimes trials) called ‘the supreme international crime’ of waging a war of aggression. How can a spiritual man have anything to do with such people or, indeed, any system that puts them in positions of power rather than brings them to justice?

So Chris and friends, go bother someone else with your facile, ill-considered, programmed inanities. We are busy investigating freedom: what is is, where it went, how to recover it and how to live once we do.

Love to all who are really paying attention,
Prajna and Kazz (Dom’s gone walkabouts again, but we’re sure he’ll be back.)