Namaste dear friends and family, I’m out! (this is Prajna posting on Kazz’s login).

A bit tired, as you can imagine but I left prison unscathed except for abuses against my health curtesy of the prison diet, which is certainly not satvic, and disrespect for my spiritual position. I still have wealts, grazing and bruising as a result of the torture that was inflicted on me during my arrest and during my detention by the magistrates court staff but am otherwise ok.

I will write up the full story of my experiences once I have had a little R&R and meanwhile I only have time and energy to send out the most heartfelt thanks to all those who took care of my darling Kazz while the heartless and corrupt bastards destroyed our home for the second time in three months.

Love, peace, happiness and grace,
Prajna & Kazz

The cowardly State in action..!

Namaste Dear Friends,

It’s hard to know where to begin describing the events that took place at camp autolift yesterday so I’ll begin at the beginning and let it flow.

We had a friend, Angus, visit first thing, to offer support and help with getting our most needed belongings off the site before the bailiffs arrived. And thank goodness he was there to witness the thuggery of the lawless and utterly corrupt State in action.

Prajna had gone off to the nearby woods to do it like the bears do it (i.e. to take a dump) when two car loads of cops turned up looking for him. They gave the very distinct impression they were there to arrest him, as evidenced by the abrupt manner of one of their number, who proceeded to question me as to Prajna’s whereabouts, even after I’d told them all where he was and that he’d be back shortly.

Anyway, I watched for Prajna’s return, met him half way to explain the situation and that I thought they were there to arrest him. And sure enough that’s exactly what they did. They had a warrant from the magistrates court for non-payment of fines (this will be the fine for ‘driving’ with no MOT that was issued in Prajna’s absence just two months ago). They were violent, abusive and completely without reason or humanity. At least three of the six policy enforcement officers jumped on Prajna to make the arrest. I didn’t get to see exactly what they were doing to him as my view of events was, unsurprisingly, blocked by one properly common-purposed officer.

Prajna was crying out in pain as they dragged him off in handcuffs that had be fastened far too tightly!

And so my Prajna was taken away leaving me alone to deal with the scheduled eviction. Doesn’t this just demonstrate the absolute corruption and criminality that any who stand in truth face when refusing to comply with a criminal state. They operate as cowards, colluding between agencies to ensure they meet as little resistance as possible. Obviously terrified of a couple of hippies who refuse to consent to their jurisdiction. What the individuals concerned don’t seem to realise is that in oppressing anyone at all, so they sponsor their own oppression. What will they do when all the cash dries up, when their jobs are taken and they can no longer pay their fraudulent mortgages. Will they leave their homes happily so that the banker who perpetrated the fraud upon them might take possession? Will they plead with the courts and bailiffs for their homes? What will they do when they discover they have no pension; that the criminal State they work to support has handed all the money to the criminal banksters?

Anyway, I could rant on all day along these lines. Rest assured there will be future blogs detailing just how folks support and sponsor their own oppression when they work to inflict the diktats of a criminal State on the rest of us!

So, anyway, 12.30 came and saw me surrounded by friends, all there to witness and film the events and, of course, to give me support. I have to say the bailiffs behaved with as much compassion as they could, given that they were there to remove me along with Prajna and my belongings from the site. I explained that I didn’t recognise them, didn’t recognise or accept their jurisdiction, granted them no authority over me, and that everything they were doing/did do was on their full personal liability, that they would each be held accountable for their actions. I refused to leave the site of my own volition but gave no resistance to the force they offered. I was, as gently as possible, escorted off the site where I found myself surrounded by loving friends (thank goodness for them!!). A very respectful cop, who’s name escaped me right now, contacted the magistrates for me and told me the case against the legal fiction (not Prajna the living man) hadn’t been heard yet.

I watched for a while as our camp was dismantled and our belongings packed away and then went off to the court.

I got there to discover that Prajna had been sent down for 7 days for non-payment of fines. I managed to get a message to him in the cells, letting him know that I was OK. I’ve since arranged a visit for Saturday morning and have been speaking to the prison chaplain in order to get messages to Prajna.

I’m informed by several different friends that he may well be out on Friday, but I don’t want to get my hopes up too high. Either way I’ll see him within the next two days. I’m quite sure he’s fine (a friend rang the prison yesterday evening and could hear Prajna vocalising his non-cooperation in the background. ;))

I want to say a HUGE thank you to all those who have given us so much support in all this, and especially to those who were there, physically and in spirit, yesterday. You made an exceptionally tough day that much easier. I couldn’t have got through it without you!

I know I have much more to say, but right now I’ve forgotten it all so I’ll be back soon with more.

Much love and many thanks,
Kazz (and my beautiful Prajna). xxxxx

Prajna arrested at 930 am

This morning the police arrived approximately 6 of and took him away against his will, with force and without consent clearly to disrupt the final process of phase 1.

Friends currently sat with Kazz consoling and helping supporting as best as they can considering these underhand circumstances.

Love Kazz xx


Namaste to all our friends and family.

It seems tomorrow is D-Day again. Today we were visited by a court bailiff who served more worthless, fraudulent and powerless pieces of paper on us again, this time they are headed “NOTICE OF EVICTION”. Worthless, fraudulent and powerless those pieces of paper may be but they cast spells over brainless idiots who are being forced to act unlawfully and against their nature under threat of the loss of their jobs and we realise that people will do anything (short of be true to their own nature) in order to get not only their existential needs but also the wants and greedy gratifications they have been programmed to think are their just compensation for suffering under such oppression.

So, what’s the plan?

As ever there is no plan because we do not know what it is we face. Will they send human beings here who are susceptible to reason or ugly, ignorant thugs? We really don’t know but all of our experience here suggests the latter and we should be prepared to face that.

Actually, our experience is not entirely defined by those utterly devoid of reason: PC Dave (who still receives a ribbing at work whenever we give him any credit for being human rather than officious and unreasonable) is the one official who has paid attention to our stated position here. He bade us farewell today, saying that whatever happens tomorrow that he will not take part because he does not agree with what is being proposed. Poor Dave has suffered the brunt of our passion about the way we have been treated and the hypocrisy and downright dishonesty that we are confronted with. We hope to meet Dave socially one of these days when all of this is over.

Meanwhile, on with the preparations:

We ask all our friends who have examined themselves deeply enough to recognise themselves as completely peaceful, compassionate people, if they have the time and means to get here (sharing lifts if necessary), to be here tomorrow as observers and documenters so that we can record the truth of those in authority – whether they will respond to rhyme and reason or whether they will resort to the only real authority they have: force.

The eviction notice, a diktat by any real definition, states we must be gone by 12:30 PM on the 26th of September 2012, which is tomorrow from where we are sitting.

The court bailiff refused to commit herself as to whether force would be used to move us. Instead she insisted that 12:30 would move us. Doesn’t that just show how much fluoride such people must consume: I pointed out to her that 12:30 is a time and such things have no muscles with which to act but still she would not admit to whether force would be employed. Again, if they were proud of, or even at ease with, what they are doing there would be no difficulty in them being honest about it. Nothing in what they have done or are doing is honest. Let’s see if they have a change of heart, or, indeed, any kind of heart or conscience, tomorrow.

If you are in any doubt whether you can trust yourself to remain cool, calm and collected then we will be happy to make do with your best wishes rather than your presence. Otherwise please come if you can and bring video cameras and any other means of recording; the more the merrier. For those who can’t make it, watch this space, we’ll blog more as soon as we can.

The rest of today will be spent moving the most critical things off site (though we find it galling to respond to their tyranny even to that extent). We hope to have the means to move the caravan tomorrow in the event they do not see reason, even though we anticipate the risk that they may be entirely thuggish and prevent us from doing so; that would just go even further to show the kind of despicable beings they are.

We would also be pleased if some who come tomorrow come a little earlier than the designated 12:30 PM in order to video the camp, as a record in case these idiots fail in their duty of care to anything they might seize.

Again, Namaste, peace, love, happiness and grace,

Prajna & Kazz

winter is here

hello all , i know praj and kazz are struggling for power supply for phone and laptop so they dont get the oppertunity to come on here and blog as often as they would like at the moment .

this is a big shout to any supporters be it local or visiting , if you have any un treated un painted timber available praj and kazz would be greatfull as its getting extremly cold there  now winter is starting to bite .

spent a few hours on saturday at camp and its been a somewhat eventfull weekend , its fantastic news that a company who im not sure of name of has donated some materials to construct an experimental generator , ill leave praj to give details when he gets the opertunity to come on here , just a shame a LOCAL solar pannel supplier has not loaned a solar pannel to show all our followers what green energy is out there , also in the early hours of saturday morning some drunk decided they would like to offer  the hight of abuse and threaten violence toward praj and kazz and the police had to be called , one thing amongst many i have learned over past few weeks especialy off prajna is that alcohol lowers your state of awareness and inhabbitions , its such a shame that someone would think it a good idea to turn up around 2 am ish trash camp and threaten kazz and praj , it just doesent sit well with everything we are about ..

anyway it looks like camp will be there for the forseable future so we would be glad for any support offered even if its company and a chat , cant go into details here as dont want to jepordise anything , anyway just thought ide try keep you all up to date a bit and please accept my appologies for any spelling mistakes , its all the flouride in the water they  told my parents was good for my teeth , despite fact it causes multitude of issues including strokes scenility and many many other things , tc all and hope you have a good monday .

Still Here!

Morning all,

This is just a short one, due to little battery time atm, to let you all know we’re still here. There’s been no sign of any enforcement action on the part of the council or autolift so far so we’ve decided to continue with construction as before. The winter is coming and we need to be properly sheltered before it hits.

We’ve had a very nice few days off – much needed as we’re both recovering from flu and general fatigue – but as soon as the rain lets up we’ll be getting on with building our shelter.

Much love and thanks to you all for your support. Keep it coming!!
Kazz and Prajna. xxxx

P.S. We’ll get back to blogging as much as we can as soon as we find a new means of charging our batteries. x

Urgent shout to all suporters

Sorry for the brevity of this post friends, but the lawless corrupt state is engaging in yet more lawlessness and corruption!

The court has ordered us off here ‘FORTHWITH’! We’ve no idea when the bailiffs might show up but need peeps to collect any of their stuff that is here that they don’t want to loose/be damaged.

Prajna’s not a bit well today (down with the flue!) and we have no idea what to expect next. Could really use your help and support.

Thanks good people.

Peace, love and abundance,

Kazz and Prajna. xxxx

911 was an outside job!

Hi family, friends and fans, here we are blogging again, for your edification and delight, practically within seconds of the previous post. The reason for this uncharacteristic flurry of verbiage is that yesterday was 11 Sept – otherwise egregiously celebrated as ‘911’, the american emergency phone number, and also commemorating the notorious neoconservative and zionist false-flag operation that killed 3,000 non-jewish New Yorkers and turned the cold war fiction into the terrorist war fiction, up-shifting the New World Order agenda – and coincidentally (?) coinciding with another escalation by Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council and Autolift 24hr Recovery Ltd’s battle against the harmless hippies who are peacefully and productively possessing the verge on Liverpool Road.

Yesterday we received a visit from Dave Walton, our laconic liaison officer, accompanied by a colleague (always a sign of trouble ahead), claiming he had just dropped in for a social visit, that he had received a call from Autolift and was on his way over to see what was irking them (it has got to be something to do with those damned hippies, don’t you think?) Anyway, it turns out (and you would have thought someone would have briefed him on this) that Autolift and the Council haven’t spent enough on defending this little patch of grass against the hideous hippies and are jointly and severally ‘starting proceedings’!

They – that is Kyler Ashcroft, the cuddly council Gypsy and Traveller Liaison Officer, and Heather Lewis, one of Autolift’s long-suffering directors (looking like she had a hard night on the pop) – turned up with Dear Dave and his colleague and Carl Harrison (an Autolift employee otherwise known here as ‘Shades’) to serve N5 claim forms and their accompanying documents; to begin the process of a claim for possession of property in the county court.

This despite our courteous caution against further escalation and harassment.

Perhaps our caution was too late because they have obviously been cooking this up for weeks or someone has very fraternal friends at court who can ensure prompt action. They have certainly been a little hurried on the paperwork, indicated by the careless errors and omissions contained therein, for instance: Apparently there is no issue of human rights involved in the claim; at least according to Simon Goacher, Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council’s Head of Legal and Democratic Services and (one assumes) a fully qualified solicitor, who should know better (and who is soooo important he even has a stamp for his signature).

There are two maps accompanying the council’s claim – Kyler’s, attached to her witness statement, and Area Highways Engineer, Ian McNiell’s, ‘exhibit ML.1’ – that both purport to ‘possess’ different strips of the verge (i.e. they are outlined and shaded in different places). Can you say ‘arbitrary’? I wonder if Kyler and Ian are on speaking terms. Maybe they were deprived of practise at colouring-in as children.

In the particulars of claim they have been very laconic with the details: “The occupants moved onto the land several weeks ago without licence or consent and despite requests have refused to move.” That rather omits to mention that our home was taken and destroyed, necessitating our establishment of another. Also, calling threats ‘requests’ is stretching it a bit, don’t you think?

Most offensively of all, Simon’s paperwork asserts we are ‘defendants’! Defendants defend in criminal cases and last time we checked the County Court entertains civil claims. Actually, that is not necessarily the most offensive thing: Kazz was disturbed to see herself identified as ‘Kazz Pranab’. Where do they get off with all their presumptions and assumptions?; ‘Up the Rebellion’, eh Rusty?

What are they after with all this?

(a) give the claimant possession of the land;

(b) pay the claimant’s costs of making this claim.

Haha, they’ll be lucky! How are they going to get any costs from us, given that we don’t do anything for money? Payment in kind? A pound of flesh (actually, I wouldn’t put it past these vampires), hard labour down at the mayor’s office?

For all those programmed peons who pay their council tax: this is what it is spent on. They know we have nothing and therefore would receive 100% non-repayable legal aid and no court would be able to issue fines against us because we have no means. So this is what your council tax really funds: lost causes. Well, actually, I tell a lie: at least 25% of your council tax goes on pensions for council staff. Reassuring, isn’t it, that even though the banks have been placing bets (and losing) with your pension funds, the council staff have a ready income stream to top theirs up.

There is a heap more to say about all this paperwork they kindly and enthusiastically (excuse the irony) delivered yesterday, their hopes and dreams that we might be scared of any of it, pack up and go somewhere else, etc. but Mally and Mike turned up earlier with some lovely double-glazed window units (including one with a gorgeous stained-glass, bevelled flower on it), half a shed and heaps of building materials, including more 1 by 1 hardwood sticks than you could shake a stick at, so to speak, and I’m itching to get doing some more building. Happy days!

Meanwhile, if anyone would be interested in haunting the public gallery of Chester County Court, Chester Civil (if only they were!) Justice (if only it was!) Centre, Trident House, Little St. John Street, Chester CH1 1SN at 10am on Friday the 14th, to witness and document ‘justice being done’ (if only!) we would be pleased of any reports. We would go ourselves, just for the sheer entertainment value, but we’re not the types to get caught up in fantasy and legal fictions; besides which, we’re likely to be busy building on Friday.

Hopefully Kazz will get the chance to blog some more later, so long as the batteries hold out or we get some fuel for the genny.

Love, peace, happiness and grace,
Prajna n Kazz

Notice This Notice

Hi friends, family and fans,

we’re sorry if you have all been on tenter-hooks since the eviction post. We didn’t realise how long it had been since that post until my brother Ken sent me a text this morning to check we are ok. Time sure swings by quickly here.

Certainly we are ok. In fact, more than ok. A very dear friend of ours has been spending some time down at the Land Registry in Birkenhead and has made some interesting discoveries about the land we are on. It turns out that – according to the Land Registry, which is supposed to be the definitive authority on such things – this is common land onto which Autolift have been encroaching and the council’s spurious claim to own 1.2 meters measured from the rear edge of the footpath (what surveyor ever measures from the back edge of a footpath? Surveyors choose a definite reference, like a kerb.) is not supported by the plans and deeds in the Land Registry.

So today we will present Autolift with the following notice:

Autolift 24 hr Recovery Ltd
A41 Liverpool Road

FAO: Graeme Lewis, Heather Lewis, Daryl Davies

A detailed search of the Land Registry has taken place with an accurate result of your boundary lines. This search has shown that you are not the owners of this piece of land that you are currently claiming. May we remind you that it is an offence to illegally claim land that you purport to be your own.

We are somewhat surprised that professional persons such as yourselves would try to claim a case for eviction on land that is clearly on public record at the Land Registry that is not yours. Furthermore, your boundary extends 0.23 Meters onto common land, which you do not own.

The Land Registration Act 2002 and Registration Rules 2003 clearly is legislation to which you now find yourselves in conflict with. We are to make your document of proposed eviction a noted public document for any constable or court office and possible court to which we may seek remedy, a note of evidence.

The Protection From Eviction Act 1977 clearly states offences under that Act, made stronger by the Housing Act 1988:

A person who is convicted by magistrates of an offence under the Act may have to pay a maximum fine of £5,000, or be sent to prison for six months, or both. If the case goes to Crown Court the punishment can be prison for up to two years, or a fine, or both.

Furthermore, the Public Order Act 4A Intentional Harassment, Alarm Or Distress: (1) A person is guilty of an offence if, with intent to cause harassment, alarm or distress, he – (a) uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or (b) displays any writing, sign or other visible representation which is threatening, abusive or insulting. Your letter of illegal eviction is clearly in breach of this Act by intentionally causing alarm and distress to us both.

We intend to use all the above Acts in a court if you persist in your ill-referenced action. It would be prudent in future to research your case correctly. More importantly, to correctly state what land is actually yours and this is shown at the Land Registry.

Your actions have escalated our case against your behaviour towards ourselves.

Prajna Kazz

So let’s see what they do with that. We have copies of the pertinent deeds and plans somewhere very safe, notarized for court, in case they are daft enough to do anything other than back off and leave us in peace.

Like we said in a previous post: they picked on the wrong hippies!

The day the council and a very sheepish looking Daryl came and served their begging letters (masquerading as eviction notices) we received a heap of lovely building materials from Mally and we now have a magnificent front door. (I’ll be going back through the posts on here and adding some photos just as soon as I have time and battery-power to do so and will do a decent job of the photo gallery too, so that you can all see how things are developing here rather than just read about it.)

When it rains in Chester it sure pours down. Last night we had a huge downpour but it seems our drainage engineering and water catchment is all working well enough. Being at the lowest corner of the yard means we are subject to the run-off from most of the huge yard here but a little digging, inspired by Victor Schauberger, has resulted in ‘Victor’s Rill’, a small channel that decorously diverts the flood that used to wash through the camp. We also have some guttering (thanks Danny and Mally) feeding our water butt (thanks Adam and Gen). Only one section has been rigged so far but even that is doing a great job.

The visits continue too. Apart from the regulars (family, we like to think) the newcomers continue to arrive. Jack looked in, had a chai and gave us lots of wonderful news regarding our position here; Mally dropped in because he had a job on locally; we hosted a group of teenagers from Ellesmere Port the night before last, thanks to Ben, who brought them along, and three of them, Liam, Nakita and Torrek, returned with Ben again last night; John and Wendy returned briefly, just to drop off two big boxes of wonderful fresh provisions on their way back from shopping; Aidee stayed for dinner on his way back from Blacon, telling us that the police said we were well studied in law, human rights and psychology; Norman was pushing his bike down the hill in the pouring rain, having suffered some punctures, and we called him in to the dry while Dave set about fixing his multiple punctures (they’ve just been cutting the hedges again and there are thorns all along the country lanes); Adam turned up on his way to work, had a cup of chai and gave Torrek a lift back to Ellesmere. All very typical of a day spent here at Camp Autolift.

I’m sure there is a ton of stuff I meant to include in this post but there is a danger of TLDR (too long, didn’t read), so I’ll leave you with what I’ve written so far, with some love and gratitude for all your support and with some sincere wishes that your life is as happy and lucky as ours.

Love, peace, happiness and grace,
Prajna and Kazz