“I’ll huff and I’ll Puff”, say Cheshire West and Chester Council…

Well, OK that’s not quite what they said but who are they but the props of the system of oppression. I think, though, that the headline matches the standards of accuracy portrayed in several local newspapers ‘quoting’ Prajna and me. Anyway, I digress. [See previous blog post ‘Hold the Front Page’ for more on that little aside…]

Right, so here’s what they really said in a document ‘they’ (what is a council anyway? Can a council be a ‘they’?) presented us with earlier today, following a ‘welfare’ visit from the local Gypsy Traveller Liaison ‘Officer': 😀

…Oh how warmed by her warmth and compassion we were (sorry I’m breaking out into shoddy journalism again but I claim poetic licence. I’m also ever so slightly stoned and keep drifting off into streams of consciousness. Bare with me, this may take some time and may take some diligence on your part to decipherer. Hehe)…

Right, so Malinda, or what ever her name is, trots along with the (ah shit, I can’t call him ‘lovely’ any more cos his mates are taking the piss. It’s all just one great big school playground don’t ya think?) very professional PC Dave, to inquire into our welfare (if you’re familiar with the Code of Practice for dealing with ‘unlawful encampments’ you’ll know they are required to do such things before they can start any ‘enforcement’ action). How nice. She asked some routine and entirely pointless questions, failed to note our complete, considered and candid responses (most of which went right over her head) and buggered off. ‘That was very nice of them to inquire as to our welfare’, ooze myself and Prajna, suitably tickled by the humour of the situation.

A little while later, as we were enjoying a visit with Danny’s mum, back trot Malinda, a none-too-happy looking PC Dave and the rather tired looking Autolift Director, ‘Poor’ Darryl Davies, accompanied by Shades as a witness.

Upon arrival they presented us with two documents stating:

From Cheshire West and Chester Council;
Our ref: KJA/DT

Date: Tuesday 4th September 2012

Name : Prajna, Kazz and Persons Unknown
A41 Backford Nr Chester

To Prajna, Kazz and and Persons Unknown


You are occupying a a trespasser land owned by this Council..

This land is unsuitable in any event because:-

1. Land immediately adjacent is highway. The incursion is a potential hazard in an accident black spot area.
2. The incursion is causing difficulties for businesses in the locality which is affecting their trade.

The council therefore proposes to take legal action to evict you unless you vacate the site by 3.00pm on Wednesday 5th September 2012.

If you wish to make representations as to why any extenuating circumstances should prevail over the councils intended cause of action, you should contact the [sic] Vanessa Whiting, Regulatory and Compliance, Legal and Democratic Services, HQ, 58 Nicholas Street, Chester, CH1 2NP: Tel 03001238123

You may care to take advice from a solicitor, Legal Advice Centre or the Citizens advice Bureau as soon as possible. [as if!!]

Yours faithfully,
P. Squiggle
Authorised signatory
Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council
4 Civic Way
Ellesmere Port
CH65 0EB”

This was followed ‘Poor’ Daryl serving us a document on behalf of Autolift Recovery Ltd which goes like this:

Tuesday 4th September 2012

FOA: Prajna Pranab, Kazz and all other occupiers at Autolift Recovery Ltd

We, the signatories below, Graeme Lewis, Heather Lewis and Daryl Davies own the land which you are occupying. We are also directors of Autolift Recovery Ltd and we rent this land for our 24 hour operational business. You are trespassing and we hereby give our authority for Darryl Davies to serve a notice on you to ask you to leave our land (as denoted by the attached plan) by 15.00 hours on Wednesday 5th September 2012.

Graeme Lewis Heather Lewis Darryl Davies

Notice served by
Darryl Davies


Both documents came with diagrams outlining, in very sketchy detail, the parts of our land they think they own.

It is possible that if we are on council maintained, publicly owned land (which ‘the council’ claim ownership of – that’s right folks, your servants claim to ‘own’ your land) we may be asked to move that part of our dwelling which takes up that public space. It was, after all, Autolift, rather than the people of Cheshire West and Chester, who gifted us a parcel of land.

Far doos; especially as we might(?) be a couple of inches over your (the peoples) boundary with with our land. Naturally, should proof of claim be brought that we are inhabiting land jointly owned by the people (you and us), and should the people (all of you) require us to move our van over by 2 inches, we will be more than happy to do so.

Vanessa Whiting – the woman in charge of regulating you and coercing your compliance with the demands of your servants who claim the ‘authority’ of ‘council’ – seems to hold an ‘office’ (how does one ‘hold’ an office anyway?) claiming the ‘legal’ (is ‘legal’ not a fiction? I’m beginning to see a pattern here! Lol) and ‘democratic’ (and here, another reference to something fictional, invented and illusory) ‘authority’ to coerce you and us into compliance with this entire corporate/legal fiction.

Anyway, another aspect is that the land in question may not be any business of the ‘council’ since it appears to be, instead, within the remit of the Highways Agency.

I could go on and on about the huffing and puffing of these robotised drones who go about ‘enforcing’ oppression on you and me – they are also the authors of their own suffering, by the way – and the utterly witless contents of their bits of paper, but I have more to tell you about:

So, after they’d delivered their bits of paper to us and assured themselves that the correct tick boxes had been ticked (are we literate?), off they buggered to attempt to place copies of their documents onto our door-frame (onto which Prajna is, as I type, hanging the most beautiful wood-framed patio doors which came to us courtesy of Mally today). We intervened to suggest they desecrate their lamppost rather than our door with their threats and spurious claims, so they went over, suitably chastened, to attach the aforementioned dodgy documents onto the specified lamppost.

Soon after that, just as Prajna and I were preparing to blog the latest to you, we were visited by Paul and James who’d come to see us all the way from Bolton. They’ve both been following events here and wanted to pop down, say ‘hiya’ and offer their support. They even came equipped with a chainsaw, which came in handy after Mally and his friend arrived with a shed-load of wood, including a pair of patio doors, a load of tongue and groove, posts, and so much more, not to mention the guttering he brought us, and the pipes and tubing and the kitchen sink!!! [yes, really! We even have a kitchen sink!] 😀

And so, once again, the universe has worked its magic! As soon as they attempt to flex their stationary at us, so our position here grows stronger simply by the love and support of others. On the radio the other night I said I’d never been made more welcome anywhere and that continues to be the case.

It’s after midnight now and I’m trying to remember all the other things that happened today: gifts of tools from Ben (naturally, exactly the right tools at exactly the right time to coincide with Mally’s gifts to us). I think that’s about it of any significance today except for a visit from our barrister friend (and, more and more, brother in arms) Jack, who is also being blackmailed by the council because he is helping the people of Flint to retain their cottage hospital in the face of opposition from the public servants of the people of Flint.

Other recent happenings include the radio show the other night, which I’m sure will be podcast soon and the, still utterly overwhelming, support and absolutely amazing gifts and visits from all and sundry. That reminds me: a huge big thank you to Dave and Bernie who took me off for a trip out to the car booties on Sunday morning, showering me (us) with far too much generosity! :)

We’re a little concerned for Pete, who we’ve not seen for a few days now, but don’t have his or Faiths number to contact them so we can be sure all is well with them; so if you’re reading this Faith and Pete, giz a shout so we know you’re OK. Xxx

Oh yes, and before I sign off and go back to help Prajna hang the doors I’ll suggest it might be a good idea to have a few witnesses around tomorrow afternoon, just in case your servants try anything which might end up costing you good people dearly, and in case they attempt anything which may cause harm, loss or injury to myself or Prajna. We’re not really expecting anything to happen, as they haven’t begun any kind of legal process yet, but always best to be safe.

Right now I’m thinking of all the people I want to thank for their kindness, thoughtfulness, support and generosity but the fact is this blog would start to read like an Oscar acceptance speech. The thing is, you all know who you are, including all the tooters who pass by (and we delight to have that support too!)

Sorry to all for the delay in updating the blog; I’ve been dying to get to blogging for days but just haven’t had a chance (I’ve got a working title for the blog post I want to write and everything! Maybe one day there’ll be time to write it!) In the meantime we’ll keep you updated on all that’s happening here as best we can.

With much love, gratitude and peace,
Kazz and Prajna. xxxx