Forever free festival…an invitation

Dear friends,

It’s been quite a rocky few months for us psychically, psychologically . We’ve moved into our new wee caravan; and a beautiful home it’s turned out to be, though the move itself was most distressing as it was precipitated by a full frontal psychological assault by someone very close to me. Happily love endures nonetheless. We’ve been to court several times and emerged victorious from accusations of criminality on our part; now we are in the rapidly moving process (rapid because we had almost all of our pieces in place, confident of our victory) of holding all those lawless and corrupt officials who have crossed our path in the last year to account for their corruption, where that corruption has infringed upon our peace and freedom. We have been informed that my father is dying from an entirely curable illness (cancer of the pancreas) whilst all around us friends discuss establishing cannabis oil clinics in Spain and bringing this known cure for cancer (and so many ailments!) to the people, free of cost or charge. Following two emergency dashes up to Cumbria my dad’s condition seems to have stabilised, at least for the moment. He’s slowly being convinced by his doctors that chemotherapy, which he initially rejected, may well be an option after all – they offer this so-called ‘treatment’ not to save his life, but mealy in the hope of extending it a little (Kerching!!!).

Initially Prajna and I decided that we would, as soon as we could (we had much to sort out first, including going to court) head up to Cumbria with our caravan and spend some time with my dad before he moves on to the next state of being. It was, at first, a decision fuelled by passion and love but since, increasingly tempered by reluctance to abandon our path of peace and freedom in order to wait for my father to die. It is not easy to turn away from this intention to be with my dad, but it is necessary.

There is so much to do now and NOW is the only time we have to do it!

The Bilderbergers are coming to town, or so we are led to believe, and all the usual suspects are stepping up to the mark to organised a short, fringe festival. Apparently the purpose of this ‘fringe’ is to bring some light and love to the heads of industry, State and media – the globalists who increasingly commit acts of ecocide and genocide for their own, personal gain. A noble intention indeed!

But we have a better idea.

It’s long been our desire to live free and peaceful, in harmony with the Earth and with all that dwells upon it. We know that we are not alone in this ever essential, increasingly urgent, calling. And we know that NOW, as it ever was, is the only time we have to act.

And so we will head – once we’ve visited my father and spent a little time instilling in him the will to live, we hope, along with much dietary advice and as much aluminium-free bicarbonate of soda as we can afford – down to The Grove Hotel. There we will pitch our home and endeavour to generate the biggest, free festival, celebration of humanity and peace the people desire. Everlasting freedom is our choice and our responsibility.
And should our ever-lasting freedom festival consist of only the two of us, so be it. Time will tell…

And so we call you all to join us, to shed the shackles of State control, which are psychological and which we have all be programmed to wear, and to create peace and harmony in our time, which is NOW.

We will personally contact and invite all those we know, and there are many(!) who have experience and expertise in the festival scene, the traveller scene, the freedom from oppression scene, the free energy scene, the permaculture and aquaponics scene, the low-impact building and living scene… and all those we know who have the capability and passion to create in love.

We will not be calling leaders, but guides for all who wish to gain freedom for themselves, but who may lack the know-how when it comes to the practicalities of free energy, food growth, safe and sustainable water usage and all closed loop (no-waste) systems…

We will contact poets and musicians, jugglers and story-tellers, visionaries and free-thinkers, celebrators of life and love.

And we will grow, nurtured by love, without destruction of the Earth, without destruction of our hearts, in freedom and mutual respect and compassion and understanding and overstanding and knowledge and healing.

We accept no jurisdiction but our own, will live by no laws, but by our true nature, beyond corruption and beyond injuries inflicted by dominance of one over another.

We are self-governing and self-policing. Self-empowered.

We are spiritual and we are sentient. We are pagan and we are free.

If you know the truth of yourself, join us. If you wish to discover the truth of yourself, join us. If you are called to freedom, join us.

Bring tools and materials, sentience and self-love. This is all we need to begin a new paradigm, away from the control of corrupt poisoners of planet and of heart.

Have you checked the time lately, all you clock-watchers out there? It is not 11:11 or 12:12, it is NOW.

We love you, we celebrate you, we welcome you. Come in peace or do not come.

Prajna and Kali – aka the orange auto-hippies.