For Freedom!

Well hello Friends!

It’s been a few days since our last update so apologies to those of you waiting to hear the latest. Once again we have lots to tell you about, from meeting with barristers to meetings with autolift directors.

Before we get on to that though I want to say hello to Samantha and Dan. I forgot to mention you in my last blog so this time you get a paragraph all to yourselves. 😉 – Much love to you both from both of us. You’re in our thoughts and we’re hoping all is well with you.

And now onto our news:

Our new friend Jack, who happens to be a barrister, has visited a couple of times now and is giving us his professional assistance free of charge – which is kinda lucky as there’s no way we’d be able to afford him otherwise!

The information he’s given us so far has already proved invaluable. It turns out that when autolift erected a fence around our camp what they were in fact doing, albeit inadvertently, was gifting us the land inside the boundary. Prajna and I knew that the fence was good for us but we had no idea it made us land-owners!

Jack has also taken a look at Prajna’s custody record (always, always, always ask for your custody record if ever you’re in the unfortunate position of being held in custody) and chatted with him about what did and did not happen whist in Blacon Detention Centre. Already the IPCC has been informed of several breaches of PACE (Police And Criminal Evidence Act) including failure to inform Prajna of his rights under PACE, and falsifying the custody record; when the police fail to follow PACE the custody becomes wrongful imprisonment regardless of the lawfulness or otherwise of the arrest!

Investigations by the IPCC for breaches of PACE, according to Jack, are heavy going for the constabulary concerned who will be investigated by a neighbouring force, all their records gone through with a fine tooth comb, subjected to unannounced inspections by lay visitors and all manner of inquiry into their practices there.

It also means quite a hefty sum in compensation for Prajna for wrongful imprisonment. And that’s before we even mention the wrongful use of handcuffs on us both and the breach of EVERY rule in the book when our motor-home was seized.

Jack also has a friend, a court bailiff, who he’s chatted to about us and who will be coming along to see us to offer what ever advice and assistance she can. Just on Jack’s description of her alone and how she goes about her job, we already recognise her as a fellow traveller… a kindred spirit. :) Jack says she ‘is not very good at her job’, i.e that she gives too much good advice to those she is sent to ‘bailiff’ (if that can be used as a verb!)

I do keep saying that this place is magic. Well the magic continues and intensifies! This whole situation is nothing short of amazing. Time and time again I’m bowled over by acts of generosity and kindness and by the most stunning revelations regarding our position here. The universe truly is supporting us in this stand for humanity, for freedom from tyranny and legal fiction and for the right to choose our own path through life rather than be dictated to by a system which seeks to control the whole of everyone’s life from cradle to grave.

But I digress. Time to tell you about our meetings with one of the autolift directors, Daryl.

Daryl first came to see us on Friday and then again yesterday (Sunday). Hmmm… how to describe Daryl? He’s a nice enough guy on the surface… personable, working class roots, family man, etc. Yet the whole of our conversation yesterday was littered with thinly veiled threats and disingenuity.

Daryl tells us that for some years now he and his fellow directors (his sister and brother-in-law) have been struggling to keep the business afloat amid all the regulations and restrictions imposed by the DVLA, all of which has resulted in zero profit for last year; that his fellow directors, who are not as young as they used to be, really just wish to retire; that they tried selling the business last year but to no avail; that they have been considering simply shutting up shop and having done with the whole thing, as keeping going is a hassle for them which they’d rather live without. He told us that autolift employs fifteen staff and for their sake he’d been trying to figure out ways of keeping the business going; that he was about to make three members of staff redundant to facilitate that but that, given our presence here (even an autolift ‘spokesperson’ reported to the papers that we are having no impact on the business what-so-ever) he’d rather just close up and put any blame for that on us; this despite claiming to be an honest man who prides himself on always dealing with others honestly. He also wondered aloud how we might react to thugs coming along during the night to wreck our camp and possibly inflict injury on us, because they might feel that since they ‘have to pay tax’ we have to as well. We think it is ridiculous that anyone might take such unlawful action over someone not paying tax, but then the police/DVLA/autolift have destroyed our home over tax.

And littered throughout the conversation were tales of ill-health, deaths of friends and acquaintances, alcoholism, depression, single parents and so on, all designed to tug at the heart-strings. Anyone who knows me will realise the impact of these tales of woe was quite palpable. Seriously, I would hate to be in a position to cause harm to anyone or to add to the troubles already existent in peoples lives. However, as Daryl himself pointed out, and as has been stated in the local press several times (see previous blog entries) we are having “no impact on business” at all. None.

If Daryl and his family choose to close autolift that choice is due to the pressures of meeting with increased restriction and regulation imposed by that same body which saw to it that our home was destroyed. He should point the finger of blame squarely where it belongs, at the DVLA.

Making scapegoats of a couple of peaceful hippies simply refusing to accept the impositions of a thoroughly lawless and corrupt state would be dishonest. As we explained to him, he should see us as allies rather than enemies. We seem to be the littlest piglet. Perhaps you have seen what happens when a piglet bites another: the victim, rather than retaliate against the aggressor, finds a smaller piglet to vent his anger on.

We did briefly consider taking our camp down to the DVLA headquarters in Swansea but we are in such a good position here – rock-solid in fact – that it would be foolish to move.

I should add that Daryl did hint he could replace our home himself, out of his own pocket. Unfortunately for us to accept such an offer would be wrong. What Prajna and I want is the freedom to travel unhindered and untaxed by the State. We’re not after freebee’s or financial reward, we after freedom. Nothing less will do.

Peace, love and joy to you all!

Kazz and Prajna. Xxxx

P.S. Just to send a great big heartful of love to my beautiful niece Alisha who I hope will be here very soon! I love you so much baby. Thinking of you and keeping you in my heart. xxxxx

6 thoughts on “For Freedom!

  1. many many moons ago i was blessed to be invited to a friends place to a private gathering of like minded individuals , here i am with few more grey hairs but again im feeling blessed to have met kazz that weekend at chugs place , i was not only blessed with pleasure of meeting kazz but for first time in my life i instantly felt at home with the new friends i had met that weekend .

    well here we are again years down the line and we all stayed in close contact and a few weeks ago 6 weeks wednesday actualy the universe intervined in my life again , i just happened to be talking to kazz on fb when she mentioned that herself and prajna where about to leave for the train station to go to autolift and try recover there mobile ” home ” , me being my usual self thought oh fuck this im off back to bed , no hang on a friend is in need of a lift and some assistance here stay up ya lazy tw@ you can make a difference here , anyways off i goes to liverpool to pick prajna and kazz up and meet up with some other close friends over in chester , boy oh boy i didnt realise at the time how life changing this experience would be .

    ive said from a few days into this that this will go all the way to european court of human rights and i stil belive it will , its all so easy to say pay ya taxes and ” if i pay tax you should” , well if we all pay our tx and bow down to corrupt state enforced legislation we are doomed to a life of servitude , here would society be without the likes of emily pankhurst ,martin luther king,mohandas gandhi to name a few .

    what is happening live infront of your faces people is civil dissobiedience lawfull rebellion and it is all for ” YOUR” human rights and to ensure our children have a future , forget what your parents and grandparents taught you ( chris) , i love my family with my last breath but i have a mind of my own , i can see that corruption in society goes so so deep it darkens the most sunny day with worry about what my children will be left with and what state society will be in if we do not stand up ” TODAY ! ” and make a difference .

    should we be living in servitude to a corrupt government, corrupt banks , even the vatican is corrupt , dont take my word for it dont belive a word i say as its all happening infront of your nose , we where born with certain rights , the right to live , the right to breath , the right to fend for ourselves to provide fod and a home for ourselves , ffs they will put a tax on air next , sorry sir you aint paid your poloution tax to air company we have no option but to cut off your air , which coffin would you like ? , im sure the fema camps have a few spare .

    to the people of the world watching this blog stand up and be counted let the man know he is wrong and we want our god given enalianable rights back and this planet we live on is not ours we are simply here to protect it for our children.

    to the people of chester and ellesmere port also surrounding areas im sure you now about the ” backford protest ” by now , its not a protest at all it is human beings sitting and saying we want back what god gave us , come along to the backford dip ch16pe and i have no doubt in my body that prajna and kazz will welcome you with open arms and a mug of chai or tea , i have been truley blessed to know these wonderfull human beings for some time now and i know they have touched many many lives in there current situation , everyone ive met so far at camp autolift has been a true blessing and those in any doubt soon realise whats going on in society when the signs are highlighted for them.

    so so many true souls to mention here ide need all night to think , anyway people stop by and say hello im sure we can change your way of life in many ways other than offering you love peace and respect , hope to see you soon love alan.

  2. Now thats strange as Autolift Recovery Ltd posted it’s accounts in March 2011 to companies house which state it Net worth is £166,322. Hardly a business doing badly…

  3. Hi there Kazz & Prajna
    Although we haven’t met yet; I wasn’t really bothered by the camp as I thought that because you didn’t pay your vehicle tax you chose to break the law. Hard luck! The roads need maintaining to enable us to get to our destinations and who pays for that maintenance? Some of us don’t want any hassle with the law as it is there to enable us to go about our daily lives.
    Now I have read your story I have changed my mind, I respect your bravery and tenacity to clash with the law. I don’t have any ideas for a solution but if Travellers have rights enshrined in the legal system then it should follow that you should have those same rights. We are all caretakers of the land and are only here for a short time, comparatively.
    I support your campaign & wish you a safe journey with your quest.
    God bless you both.

    • Hi Jo, we are delighted we have managed to change your mind. That is one of the main reasons we are doing this: to help people to understand that the system they are living under is not there for their benefit but rather for the benefit of some banking families. Your initial reaction to what we are doing is very normal because people have been taught to believe the system is there to help them. We hope you will drop by and have a cup of chai and a chat with us. Thank you for your comment.

      Love, Prajna & Kazz