Urgent shout to all suporters

Sorry for the brevity of this post friends, but the lawless corrupt state is engaging in yet more lawlessness and corruption!

The court has ordered us off here ‘FORTHWITH’! We’ve no idea when the bailiffs might show up but need peeps to collect any of their stuff that is here that they don’t want to loose/be damaged.

Prajna’s not a bit well today (down with the flue!) and we have no idea what to expect next. Could really use your help and support.

Thanks good people.

Peace, love and abundance,

Kazz and Prajna. xxxx

6 thoughts on “Urgent shout to all suporters

  1. To all camp autolift supporters if your phone rings tommorrow or this week “YOU ARE NEEDED ” this is a final shout to all , if you can be at camp in next few hours or at drop of a phonecall please be there , we need as many supporters as possible to video and document this eviction , heres a few tunes from me and camp autolift , namaste and listen to these words , the camp theme tune says it all love alan .

    temple cloud , one big fammily .

  2. StarFire Alternity
    Praajjust asked me to post this in a word for word exchange by text ,time 23:48
    The theme is this All Will Be Cool

    ME-to Praj

    Praj mate ,anything that may go down regarding eviction,please phone me up right away,and I’ll get to you as soon as I can,If they offer you another van take it mate, no one can could do more than you have allready proved. I hope your feeling better today Bud, Alan is panicking a bit on FB,I’ll be right away if I can be

    Night you guys((Love n Hugz))

    (don’t be offended Al its completely understandable ) addition for Al


    ALL will be cool I’m sure
    We would delight for people to be here to witness and record but Nothing Else required
    Please Pass That on

    Latest update as of 26.56 16th 9th 2012 for and on the record