winter is here

hello all , i know praj and kazz are struggling for power supply for phone and laptop so they dont get the oppertunity to come on here and blog as often as they would like at the moment .

this is a big shout to any supporters be it local or visiting , if you have any un treated un painted timber available praj and kazz would be greatfull as its getting extremly cold there  now winter is starting to bite .

spent a few hours on saturday at camp and its been a somewhat eventfull weekend , its fantastic news that a company who im not sure of name of has donated some materials to construct an experimental generator , ill leave praj to give details when he gets the opertunity to come on here , just a shame a LOCAL solar pannel supplier has not loaned a solar pannel to show all our followers what green energy is out there , also in the early hours of saturday morning some drunk decided they would like to offer  the hight of abuse and threaten violence toward praj and kazz and the police had to be called , one thing amongst many i have learned over past few weeks especialy off prajna is that alcohol lowers your state of awareness and inhabbitions , its such a shame that someone would think it a good idea to turn up around 2 am ish trash camp and threaten kazz and praj , it just doesent sit well with everything we are about ..

anyway it looks like camp will be there for the forseable future so we would be glad for any support offered even if its company and a chat , cant go into details here as dont want to jepordise anything , anyway just thought ide try keep you all up to date a bit and please accept my appologies for any spelling mistakes , its all the flouride in the water they  told my parents was good for my teeth , despite fact it causes multitude of issues including strokes scenility and many many other things , tc all and hope you have a good monday .

4 thoughts on “winter is here

  1. someone has kindly offered a van load of wood for the fire , the only issue is it is in liverpool close to seaforth dock terminal , is there anyone out there willing to pick it up , i can be contacted directly at , or come on the facebook page camp autolift and ill give you phone number to arrange , fb page

  2. The more untreated wood the better, it will not be wasted.
    Anything that you think will help Kazz & Prajna in this cold, wet period is welcomed.

    Just one concern recently is the odd, thankfully rare blip of abuse being directed at them by mindless people passing. Take a good look at yourselves. Your behaviour is a discgrace and will not be tolerated, everytime you pass the camp or call through the chances are you are on the companies cctv and the Police will be involved should you cause any harm or upset to our friends.

    The issue of alcohol too is a concern, those coming back from Chester seeing it as a drop of centre at stupid o clock needs to stop. Kazz & Prajna welcome all but of course like all of us need sleep.
    We neither appreciate nor encourage any drinking at the camp. People are asked not to bring anything here as you know it is on a main road and your/our safety is paramount as well as the road users. Let’s consider their situation so they need not worry about any unwanted and unnecessary behaviour.

    Adam & Jenny