The cowardly State in action..!

Namaste Dear Friends,

It’s hard to know where to begin describing the events that took place at camp autolift yesterday so I’ll begin at the beginning and let it flow.

We had a friend, Angus, visit first thing, to offer support and help with getting our most needed belongings off the site before the bailiffs arrived. And thank goodness he was there to witness the thuggery of the lawless and utterly corrupt State in action.

Prajna had gone off to the nearby woods to do it like the bears do it (i.e. to take a dump) when two car loads of cops turned up looking for him. They gave the very distinct impression they were there to arrest him, as evidenced by the abrupt manner of one of their number, who proceeded to question me as to Prajna’s whereabouts, even after I’d told them all where he was and that he’d be back shortly.

Anyway, I watched for Prajna’s return, met him half way to explain the situation and that I thought they were there to arrest him. And sure enough that’s exactly what they did. They had a warrant from the magistrates court for non-payment of fines (this will be the fine for ‘driving’ with no MOT that was issued in Prajna’s absence just two months ago). They were violent, abusive and completely without reason or humanity. At least three of the six policy enforcement officers jumped on Prajna to make the arrest. I didn’t get to see exactly what they were doing to him as my view of events was, unsurprisingly, blocked by one properly common-purposed officer.

Prajna was crying out in pain as they dragged him off in handcuffs that had be fastened far too tightly!

And so my Prajna was taken away leaving me alone to deal with the scheduled eviction. Doesn’t this just demonstrate the absolute corruption and criminality that any who stand in truth face when refusing to comply with a criminal state. They operate as cowards, colluding between agencies to ensure they meet as little resistance as possible. Obviously terrified of a couple of hippies who refuse to consent to their jurisdiction. What the individuals concerned don’t seem to realise is that in oppressing anyone at all, so they sponsor their own oppression. What will they do when all the cash dries up, when their jobs are taken and they can no longer pay their fraudulent mortgages. Will they leave their homes happily so that the banker who perpetrated the fraud upon them might take possession? Will they plead with the courts and bailiffs for their homes? What will they do when they discover they have no pension; that the criminal State they work to support has handed all the money to the criminal banksters?

Anyway, I could rant on all day along these lines. Rest assured there will be future blogs detailing just how folks support and sponsor their own oppression when they work to inflict the diktats of a criminal State on the rest of us!

So, anyway, 12.30 came and saw me surrounded by friends, all there to witness and film the events and, of course, to give me support. I have to say the bailiffs behaved with as much compassion as they could, given that they were there to remove me along with Prajna and my belongings from the site. I explained that I didn’t recognise them, didn’t recognise or accept their jurisdiction, granted them no authority over me, and that everything they were doing/did do was on their full personal liability, that they would each be held accountable for their actions. I refused to leave the site of my own volition but gave no resistance to the force they offered. I was, as gently as possible, escorted off the site where I found myself surrounded by loving friends (thank goodness for them!!). A very respectful cop, who’s name escaped me right now, contacted the magistrates for me and told me the case against the legal fiction (not Prajna the living man) hadn’t been heard yet.

I watched for a while as our camp was dismantled and our belongings packed away and then went off to the court.

I got there to discover that Prajna had been sent down for 7 days for non-payment of fines. I managed to get a message to him in the cells, letting him know that I was OK. I’ve since arranged a visit for Saturday morning and have been speaking to the prison chaplain in order to get messages to Prajna.

I’m informed by several different friends that he may well be out on Friday, but I don’t want to get my hopes up too high. Either way I’ll see him within the next two days. I’m quite sure he’s fine (a friend rang the prison yesterday evening and could hear Prajna vocalising his non-cooperation in the background. ;))

I want to say a HUGE thank you to all those who have given us so much support in all this, and especially to those who were there, physically and in spirit, yesterday. You made an exceptionally tough day that much easier. I couldn’t have got through it without you!

I know I have much more to say, but right now I’ve forgotten it all so I’ll be back soon with more.

Much love and many thanks,
Kazz (and my beautiful Prajna). xxxxx

One thought on “The cowardly State in action..!

  1. Well done everyone who supported this Direct Action, At Autolift , I believe I have learned a lot , on the pages of Facebook and in here.

    I do NOT believe we should pay Highwaymen and Robbers , never have believed we should be robbed , and I will never EVER advocate Highway Robbery , and to robbed of a Home TWICE, is an act of Unreason , in an Age of Treason

    The ONE and The Good , will protect the ones being TRUE to it LAWS.

    THE ULTIMATE LAW , is there , its always been there, we find out comfort within that Ultimate Law, also we find our discomfort, in our own efforts we make to break it

    Do NOT break THE LAW and be TRUE TO IT, and all men and women doing that , will find Eternal Reward in the Law

    GOD is impartial ,That Force , we can and MUST live with and it’s over riding objective is that we LIVE and THRIVE as Humanity United

    All things due to us are WITHIN LAW, and as we travel along its path , we all slip off it from time to time, GOD can forgive ANYONE who transgresses Law, that’s how EXCELLENT , LAW is , it remains ……….THE ULTIMATE

    Well done everyone who upheld the Law , and the ones that did not , seek to re-align yourselves with THE LAW , because we are in FULL LIABILITY for our own actions
    Those breaking the law WILL be broken BY the Law

    Namaste , bright blessings to all , including the Police and those at Autolift . Learn from life, because that why you possess life 😉

    With Love to ALL ( All inclusive )

    StarFire Alternity