Stand by, system resetting…

Well… it’s all falling apart for them.

All their evil schemes are crashing down and their corruption, lawlessness and inhumanity is being exposed to the world. The alternative media is bringing the truth errupting to the surface and long-planned, long-prepared schemes are unravelling.

First there was the plot to vaccinate the world with poisons and perhaps worse in 2009; foiled by brave and carefully-researched exposure by Jane Burgermeister. Then the plot to create a false-flag terrorist event at the London Olympics using G4S; exposed by Ben Fellows.

Ben also features today in an expose on UK Column Live about paedophilia in the BBC and entertainment industry generally. He outs Ken Clark from personal experience.

skip to the 45 minute mark for Ben’s interview.

There has been talk on the net for a while that we are in the ‘end game’. That was ment to mean the-powers-that-be are ramping things up towards apocolypse but it is looking more like it will be game over for TPTB instead.

Prajna and Kazz