Press day

Well, friends, a great deal has happened in the past couple of days and we are both tired, so this will be brief. I hope to post more soon.

Yesterday was mostly dealing with Authority: a number of police, who did their utmost to return the van to us but we were not prepared to receive it under their conditions. They insisted that I surrender my spirituality for criminality by filling in forms from the DVLA. Perhaps they never hear or understand a word I say.

We have again been terrorised with the threat that they will destroy our home; we have seven days to comply with their system or they will, without ANY court hearing, destroy our home.

We were also, on the one week aniversery of our encampment, visited by the local council Gypsy and Traveller Liason Officer. Did she come to offer us any benefit? Did she F&*%. She just came to ask questions, no doubt to assist in the preparations for an eviction notice and when we begged for her to do something, anything, for our benefit, like to find a portaloo, she asked whether we would pay for such a thing.

Apart from that we have had many very special visitors but more of them tomorrow; tiredness is winning tonight.

Oh, I updated the homepage for you all, with some links to videos etc.

Love, peace, happiness and grace, dear friends,
Prajna and Kazz