Dirty little (nuclear) arms dealer

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All through our ordeals we have referred to Gandhi’s statement “Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state is lawless and corrupt.”

We think it is about time people realised quite how lawless and corrupt ‘our’ state is.

Everyone knows that David Cameron is a dirtly little arms dealer but few are talking about the following:

In the summer of 1989 David Cameron was sent to South Africa, accompanied by Sir Kenneth Warren and Dr David Kelly, to purchase three 20Kt ready-for-use transportable battlefield nuclear weapons, because Maggie Thatcher intended to use them against Sadam Hussein if he were to use chemical or biological weapons against our troops.

In the event the weapons were not used and it appears they just disappeared. No great loss for the tory party, who received a £17.8million ‘cashback’ on the purchase.

Here are some leads for more info and to help you to reassure yourselves that we are not making this up:

Martin Summers speaking about it on youtube:

The main story:
David Cameron & the history leading up to him

David Kelly was later killed to stop him telling the story. That is something you can research for yourself.

Another event that appears to be connected was the death of Tory MP Christopher Shale and perhaps even that of Robin Cook MP:
Murder, Glastonbury and the Nuclear Nightmare
and this
Christopher Shale murder linked to that of Dr. David Kelly

A post by Tony Gosling on the 911forum.org forum sheds more light:
911forum thread

As does the following Palestine Telegraph article:
The US and UK lost three nuclear weapons each

These may not be main-stream media outlets but at least the Independent reported the bare fact of Cameron’s visit to SA:
Cameron’s freebie to apartheid South Africa

If you find out more please let us know. You could let the police know too, but when did they ever investigate anything of major significance? They seem to be very hesitent to address the paedophilia cases that have been put in front of them.

Addendum, Dec 2013: Here are some more links regarding this story:

(YouTube) David Cameron secret 1989 S. Africa nuclear arms deal

Wayne Maddison Report

Love, peace, harmony and grace,
Prajna & Kazz

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    No need to worry about his journey … they’ve got the watch

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    Not *all* armies and wars are bad I guess … What a crock of sh!t

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