Happy Frackin’ Holiday Season

Namaste friends and family,

So here we are, ‘celebrating’ the first big lie (or maybe it was the second, the first being ‘You are xxxxx [insert name here]’).

The first (or maybe second) big lie is the father christmas bullshit and getting you to swallow that lie is critical to having you unconsciously accept that you will spend your life surrounded by lies dressed up as theories, beliefs, ‘white’ lies, politeness, diplomacy, etc. etc. etc…

One of our sacred human rights, apparently, is to have the full weight of international law protect our right to hold whatever unexamined, bullshit beliefs we choose and a great deal of effort is expended to ensure we have some such beliefs to protect.

But why do we need to believe at all? Why is belief protected and knowledge denied us? Don’t think it is so? Anything worth knowing is kept from us because it is Top Secret or Not In The Public Interest or Commercial In Confidence (the reason more and more is diverted from Public, FOI vulnerable information, to private companies and NGOs) and patented and copyrighted.

Once you know something there is no need to believe it. Even when you don’t know there is no need for belief; you simply recognize and acknowledge that you don’t know. Yet people are encouraged to form beliefs and opinions on things they haven’t even begun to investigate.

The problem is that when one does begin to investigate anything of import one tends to run into truths that can rock your world, truths that seem to invalidate all of the most strongly held beliefs (usually because they are the most strongly indoctrinated).

What do you do when you discover that a widely-held belief is bullshit? You can’t just confront people with the truth; they have been indoctrinated not only to believe something different but to find the truth utterly incredible.

So 21/12/2012 came and went and Quetzacotal didn’t turn up to save or destroy the planet so now it is time to wake up and do something. The first something you can do is to begin to drop beliefs and replace them with knowledge and uncertainty.

Uncertainty? Well sure: one of our failings is that we are far too certain of things we know nothing about. Kali and I were talking, a while ago, about someone who had done assertiveness training. My observation was, “But she is stupid! All assertiveness training will achieve is to allow her to be stupid with more confidence and conviction!” And that’s a danger for all of us.

So this post we’ll try to show you just how mistaken you have been programmed to be about one particular subject, who did it and how:

The mafia is Italian, right? Everyone knows that. There are books and films about it, articles in newspapers and magazines; in fact we are surrounded with evidence of the fact. Watch the following documentary and then see if you still believe the same:

For a little light relief and positive news after that bulletin we’d like to introduce you to some friends of ours – Theo and Shannon with their band Seize The Day – who have been campaigning for truth for many years. They won the Radio 3 World Music Listener’s Award but were denied it because Radio 3 didn’t want them to express their Anti-War views; Radio 3 claimed their support was political rather than musical. Humph!

We love them because they don’t just ‘write about it’, they, like us, live the truth and then write about it. Here’s a vid they made for their Faslane 365 action:

This year we hope you’ll stop worrying, wake up and do something positive to counter the lawless and corrupt system run by bankers and other criminals, and start to live the lives you want rather than live the lives (or die the deaths) these vampires are intent forcing you into.

Love, peace, happiness & grace,
Prajna & Kali