Frackin’ Busses!

Ain’t it always the way… you’ve been waiting what seems like months for a new post and then they all come piling along, one after another.

The urgency of posting, this time, is simply that we have stumbled upon something that appears to be ‘news’ or current affairs, i.e. all this shooting shit. We thought it needed a little context.

Take the following article, for instance:

US Bullet Demand Hits ‘Unprecedented’ Levels

Did you see what they did there? By creating this very dodgy news event the Powers That Create Your Dismal Reality have precipitated a huge demand for weapons. Paradoxical, ain’t it? You’da thunk it would have put people off gunz’n’stuff but actually the opposite appears to have happened. Oooh, blowback? Nope, out and out, designed, ordained, cynically, nefariously-planned scamming of the gullible, X-Factor addicted Umerikan public.

Step 1: encourage them all to buy more gunz’n’ammo.
Step 2: outlaw the aforesaid gunz’n’ammo, thus fleecing your herd.
Step 3: Profit!

For some real context, take a little listen to Jello Biafra on the subject:

Love, peace, happiness & grace,
Prajna & Kali