Prajna in court

Hi folks. I find myself listed for court tomorrow charged with refuse/fail to give drugs test. You are required to give a sample for testing for crack, coke and heroin if you are arrested in certain police areas for certain ‘trigger’ offences. The key word here is ‘arrested’; I wasn’t. Police dropped the charges for the ‘trigger offence’ for lack of evidence but they continue to prosecute for refusing to undergo a drugs test. It should be a fun case because we have full CCTV showing the assault/alleged arrest that is completely consistent with our version of events and quite at variance with that of the officers involved.

So if you’re looking for entertainment tomorrow at about 1:45 and find yourself near the Community Justice Centre on Boundary St Liverpool then come along.

This is not with reference to Camp Autolift in particular, more cases to come regarding that, but should prove interesting.

Love, peace, happiness & grace.
Prajna & Kali