Prajna in court

This Wednesday the 17th April Prajna is on trial for refusing to take a drug test, having been unlawfully arrested and detained for a ‘trigger offence’ (shoplifting, for which all charges were dropped as no evidence – unsurprising given that he’d not been shoplifting). Prajna and Kali were both violently kidnapped by an excessively violent police officer and will be presenting audio and video evidence that their ‘arrest’ was unlawful, and that this current prosecution is malicious and instigated only to justify an unlawful, excessively violent arrest.

Kali has been warned that to use the audio evidence may result in her being arrested for a ‘public order offence’ because she swears on the audio, even though the incident happened over 6 months ago and took place in private, and despite the fact that she was held for 23 hours before being released without charge
This threat is obviously intended to deter the couple from using evidence which categorically demonstrates the original arrest to have been unlawful – Kali can be heard in the audio questioning the police, (who at the time were beating and assaulting Prajna) regarding the necessity for arrest and asking at what point the arrest became necessary… questions which were met with dumb silence from the police officers.

Prajna and Kali feel that it would be wise to have as many witnesses as possible at the proceedings this Wednesday afternoon given the warnings/threats already made by their solicitor.

Regardless of the need for witnesses this should prove an interesting and informative day out for any who care to attend. 😉