Living in abundance

Well, it’s day eleven here at camp autolift and it’s about time you heard a little from me.

It’s been the most amazing few days I hardly know where to start! The outpouring of love, compassion, fellowship, generosity and kindness continues without pause. Every single day we’re overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers and friends old and new – young, old, rich, poor. That’s been the single best part of all of this for me. Seeing human nature as it truly is, beyond any cultural or social corruption.

Each and every day people stop to chat with us, to find out why we’re here doing what we’re doing and invariably leave as friends of ours. This is such a huge opportunity to enlighten and inspire people we’ve been blessed with here and the response of those we speak with is not only heart-warming, it also gives me great hope for the future of humanity. I love every single one of you and thank you for your presence at our little camp.

Prajna is working so hard, spending huge amounts of energy explaining, in his beautifully eloquent way, why it is we’re doing this, then going on to update the blog and respond to all our skype messages, etc, late into the night. His voice is now at least two octaves lower as a result of all the talking he’s doing! He’s not in the least put out by any of it though… truthfully, Prajna was born for this and only welcomes every opportunity to share with others.

This morning, for some unknown reason, I was feeling rather tearful and sad. Prajna simply poured his love out to me, told me it’s ok to be sad, to just go with it and see if it dissolved or if the reason for it became apparent. So that’s exactly what I did and very quickly my tears dried and sadness melted away just in time for Dave and Bernie (regular visitors here) who popped round with a bag full of provisions for us.

One reflection I realise that, as usual, my tears were for my girls (my three nieces now living in Australia who I miss pretty much all the time… just sometimes more than others) so if you’re reading this Ali and Lauren, know how much I love you and make sure your little sis knows too. :)

Dave and Bernie left just as ‘The Lord’ arrived. A local guy who, as soon as he departed, rang the prime minister’s office about the situation here, telling them it was Lord Foster calling from Chester. Their belated response being to ask if he was a ‘real lord’. He returned a little while later to tell us about this call and to give us the number of the local BBC news desk and a contact there, whom he had spoken to.

Not long after Dave and Bernie had left we had a visit from a traffic cop, Phil, who stopped by for a visit toward the end of his shift. We had, as is becoming very common, yet another excellent interaction with an intelligent and open-minded constable. Having been on leave for the past week, he wasn’t fully in the picture as to our presence on the forecourt of autolift, though he had been told we were here. By the time he left he knew our position and respects it.

Later a group of older teenagers who stopped by last night night to talk, returned with a friend who wanted to meet us. Their visit was followed by an hour long chat with a local CID officer, Rhys, who wanted to get a better appreciation of our position. It was really good to talk with him, not only because it’s a rare occurrence for a cop to take the time to to talk properly with us, but also because we really felt he understood where we’re coming from. Prajna says he felt more heard and understood by Rhys than any other serving police officer he’s spoken to.

Then the lovely Alan arrived bringing all his warmth and love which we appreciate so much!

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention that Starfire and his mum came over for a couple of hours too, bringing with them more food than me and Prajna usually eat in a week. It was great to see them both and we look forward to seeing them again next Thursday.

And this evening ‘commonly known as freeman’ came all the way from Chorley with his family. For my part it was really lovely to have a couple of young children enjoying the makeshift camp we’ve, with the help of all our friends, created here. And, naturally, it was great to meet yet more members of this ever growing family we find ourselves part of.

And now we sit, myself, Prajna and Alan,to enjoy the rare peace of the evening and the wafting smoke from the dhuni fire.

Till the next time my lovelies…

Love, peace, harmony,

Kazz and Prajna. xxxxx