The way forward is inward

Ello folks, me again.

It’s pouring down with rain outside so I’ve nipped into the tent for a warm and decided to update the blog while I’m here. Meanwhile Prajna is on waving duty outside. The lovely Niall has been round with a big pot of the most delicious curry for us today so we’ve lunched well and all of our cockles have warmed beautifully. Breakfast consisted of Prajna feeding me grapes. – I told Prajna when we first met ten months ago that I was born to be spoilt and he seems to agree with me on that, which is nice. (Insert big cheesy grin here!)

I forgot to mention yesterday that one of our new friends, George, popped round with a few bits for us on his way to visit a dying friend in the nearby hospital. Also a lovely guy who’s been following this blog and sharing the link with his friends came by with a donation to our camp fund. (Thanks you so much for that, it meant we could give Alan a little toward his fuel costs… He’s been here every day except one and is struggling to afford the go juice needed to get here.)

I think maybe it’s rime I told you a little about myself so you might get some idea what, besides my beautiful Prajna, brought me to this point in my life.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in discovering the way things work and the links between the esoteric, the spiritual, the political and the individual. Somehow I’ve managed to journey deeply into my own being even as I’ve explored the outer world. I think for anyone determined to discover the whys and wherefores of this existence the journey must always go in both directions – inward and outward.

I had many childhood traumas to face along the way, which inevitably lead me inward to face the truth of myself. At the same time I was always intensely aware of the inequalities and injustices being perpetrated around the world in the name of corporate or political gain for those few who stand to gain from such a system.

And, as it took me over twenty years to fully heal from those childhood traumas, to finally let the fear and pain go, to forgive and love those I needed to forgive and love, so it took me that same time span to fully realise the extent to which the corruption and inequities within the socio-political/economic systems are there by design, put in place deliberately to deprive all but the few of our birthright and our common heritage – not to mention the utter disregard for this abundant planet, the resources it provides us and all those weird and wonderful species we share this Earth with.

I have explored the Freeman on the Land concept, Lawful Rebellion and environmentalism in depth, I have studied politics and sociology at the University of Liverpool (and have a worthless piece of paper, a 2/2 BA honers degree, as a result). I’ve also explored Christianity, aspects of Buddhism, Taoism, the I Ching, meditation and many other practices and systems designed to further the journey inward, toward the heart and the source of my being.

And so I have found that it is only in truth and in love that we discover our individual power and can then reclaim (or claim) that power for ourselves rather than allowing it to be sucked from us by those vampires who’ve taken control of the world we share. ‘Know yourself’ is the message here, because it is only through knowing oneself that one discovers real joy in living.

And then I met my Prajna! Unstoppable, inseparable, in love.

Thank you all for your support, love and kindness, and for taking an interest in what we’re up to here on the forecourt of Autolift on this busy main road in Chester. I can’t tell you how much your friendship and generosity means to us and what a huge difference it makes to us here, especially when it’s raining… That said the rain has now stopped and I sense brightness on the horizon.

Namaste (it means the divine in me bows to the divine in you),

Kazz and Prajna.