The beneviolence of Autolift

Hello friends,
At last we get to update the blog and, as ever, there so much to say I only hope I remember it all!

So yesterday Prajna was due in court over ‘driving’ without a valid MOT certificate. Trouble is, when they seized our home they said it was to satisfy themselves, via a VOSA inspection, that it was road worthy and added that it was being seized as evidence; in fact, as they were dragging me out of the van they told me it was no longer our home but was now an ‘exhibit’. They then went on to destroy the evidence; in itself an illegal act.

Prajna had no intention of attending their place of business. Rather, as you may have read, we held a curry workshop and invited all our friends to join us. Sure enough we had a great day enjoying the company of many friends here… again! 😀

Once again I want to give a huge big thank you to you all for your love, support and practical help. I was feeling particularly vulnerable yesterday and your love made all the difference! You make such a massive difference to our quality of life, unfailingly lifting our spirits and bringing light to our hearts. Thank you!

And on with the saga…

At around 1.30pm, the time Prajna had been invited to attend court (read administrative tribunal) the original arresting officer, Richard, turned up here at camp autolift to offer him a lift. Prajna explained that if they had managed to address and end all of the criminality and corruption of the state he’d be happy to go with them but otherwise he respectfully declined. Funnily enough they seem entirely unsurprised by Prajna’s response and only laughed with us before heading off to the magistrates, minus Prajna.
About half an hour later two of the guys from autolift started erecting a load of harris fencing around our camp, thereby providing us with extra shelter, structure and a very handy boarder should we decide to go down the route of ‘adverse possession’. You see by providing a boundary they are effectively saying that the land on our side of the fence is for our use. Most generous and helpful we reckon.

However, during the erection of this fence the autolift driver we call ‘two-fingers’ shoved one of the fencing panels into Dom, knocking him off his feet (it’s worth checking out Dom’s youtube channel if you haven’t come across him before – just search for ‘Commonly Known as Dom’. – I’d provide a link but am writing this on a word doc to be uploaded later when we get on the net.) They then went off to call the police because we refused to move a tent which they considered to be in their way. (I had already explained to two-fingers that anything they needed moving in order to get at a 30 foot HGV trailer stored behind our camp we’d be happy to move at any time.)

So sure enough along came the cops to settle the matter. After some discussion with autolift, who claimed the fence was as much for our health and safety as anything else, a well mannered police sergeant we’ve not met before came over to discuss the matter with us. We explained that autolift have been calling the police at the slightest thing, including a scrape on the ground and other nonsense complaints since we got here, that two-fingers had directly threatened to break Prajna’s fingers, and this was just another attempt on their part to harass and intimidate us. The sergeant then went off to talk to the autolift crew again.

When he returned Dom told him he wanted to make an official complaint regarding the assault, which we’d caught on film. So off Dom went to make his complaint in private, but when he refused to give a name, the cop refused to take his complaint. We’ve since double checked PACE and confirmed that the victim of a crime does NOT have to give their name when reporting a crime. – If only these agents of corruption could manage to follow, or even know, their own procedures they may have a leg to stand on. As it is, however, they really don’t.

For the rest of the day we were left in peace to enjoy the company of our guests and, a little later than planned, Prajna set to work on the curry… and a fine curry it was/is too. A perfect accompaniment to Dom’s chai!

We were visited by another cop later in the evening but his visit was simply a courtesy call to get to know us beyond what he’d been told about us during general briefings. Before he left we asked if he could find out the results of the court case but unfortunately, though he did try to find out, no information was available at that time. We’ve since been told by PC Dave, who, it has to be said, is being as helpful and friendly as possible, that the fictional, corporate NAME was found guilty in his absence and was fined £400 plus £150 costs …[prajna intejects: hmmm … Are they saying The Name was not present in court? If the name was not present then how did they refer to this nameless name? Does anything in their system make sense?] We’re now looking forward to entertaining the bailiffs should they ever decide to enforce the penalty on the living, breathing, sapient man commonly known as Prajna. [Dom asked the Daves (our ‘liason officer’ and the PS who accompanied him today), “Where are they going to send the bill?”, “Ah, good point. Oh, they know where you are, though, don’t they?”] 😉

I have to say, for my part, I’m very relieved that no bench warrant was issued! I love my Prajna to bits and would hate not to have him with me, especially here. I must add though, that should that situation ever arise I’m more than equipped in knowledge, experience and determination to hold our camp single handed; not that I ever would be single handed here given the strength of support we receive every day. But as it is, Prajna and myself are together and all is right with the world.


Today the autolift guys put up clamping notices around the parking lot. Oh dear, oh deary deary me! I seem to recall that a statute was introduced into their system last year prohibiting the clamping of cars on private land. Fortunately they have put these helpful signs up with a phone number on; it’s a mobile number, so 24 hours really, and maybe someone should call 07776 348230 and ask if wheel-clamping is still permitted on private land.

I’m sure there’s much more to say and tell you about, but things happen so fast around here it’s hard to keep track. – I’ll hand this over to Prajna shortly for him to proofread and add anything I may have forgotten. Dom too, come to that.

In the meantime I’m signing off for now and sending a great big heartful of love to you all!

In-Lakesh (it means ‘I am another yourself’ or ‘I am another you’)

Kazz, Prajna and Dom. xxxx

[note to self: add links to Dom’s youtube channel, natural news, free the planet, to the home page.]

Sorry, tried to post this last night but we had no internet.

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  1. Just want to say that I have been looking at Dom’s youtube channel and also follow him the link is here:

    There is especially one interesting video where he is assaulted by a policeman (a very rude one) who says he is going to search Dom based on Dom being near the scene of some sort of “trouble” some days before. This was a clear violation of rights and the cop in question should be removed of his badge if you asked me.