Jury of our peers

Namaste friends and family,

should we find ourselves, one day, in front of a jury we would hope to find that they really are our peers. Our peers are aware of the state of this planet and the evil scheme by a few banking families to carry out genocide on a worldaround scale. They know about the ‘charity’ Common Purpose. They are familiar with what is happening in Mali and Libya, on the internet, in their pockets, in vaccines, and in the sky.

They will pay attention to news channels like UK Column, have watched films like Thrive and will know that the only thing to fear is fear itself.

Our peers, when they hear something like – “It is a big idea, a New World Order, where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause…When we are successful, and we will be, we have a real chance at this New World Order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peace-keeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN’s founders.” – George H. W. Bush, UN speech Sept. 11, 1991 – will be the first to ask “Who are the founders of the UN and what is their promise and vision?”

We wonder why others don’t ask such questions.

This is just the beginning of how aware our peers must be.

By the way, we hold our critics to the same standard that we hold our peers.

…more news soon on phase 2…

Love, peace, happiness & grace,
Prajna and Kazz

The Gory Detail

Hello dear reader,

It’s been a while since I last wrote anything substantial for this blog, but having somewhat recovered from spending three months on the side of the A41 and from the events surrounding our eviction from Camp Autolift it’s time to get writing.


Following the county court’s arbitrary decision that we should vacate the site ‘forthwith’ and their apparent failure to take further action, we decided that the only prudent thing for us to do was to continue the construction and development of our camp (once we’d recovered from our bouts of flu) so that we might be better prepared for winter if necessary.

This we proceeded to do until, on the morning of 25th September, we were given notice by a court bailiff that the bailiffs would be out at 12.30 the following day to remove us from the site. Prajna quizzed her as to whether violence would be used to remove us and she vehemently denied it, saying “Oh no! We never use violence”. Prajna persisted and asked if they would use ‘reasonable force’. Her response was to ignore the question and to avoid eye contact. In typical disingenuous and cowardly fashion the female bailiff concerned stooped to accusing Prajna of raising his hand to strike her when he gestured that she needed to attach her notice to the nearby lamp-post rather than to our door frame. Thankfully PC Dave was there to witness her dishonesty and promptly ushered her away from our make-shift home.

We spent the rest of the day making preparations for the upcoming eviction, ensuring that our most needed items were moved from the camp in advance.

The following morning we were visited by our friend Angus, who’d come along to see if he could help with the removal of our things before 12.30. And thank goodness he was there! At 9.30 the police turned up to arrest Prajna on the spurious excuse of non-payment of fines, working in collusion with the magistrates court and the local council.

Prajna was violently arrested and taken away in cuffs fastened so tightly behind his back that he was crying out in pain. I also cried out when I saw just how tightly he’d been ‘restrained’. As is our habit when dealing with ‘officials’, particularly those who claim ‘authority’ over us, we recorded the whole event.

Prajna was taken directly to the magistrates court where, upon arrival, he asked to see a doctor. This request was repeated many times in response to the police and court staff going through their admittance procedures, during which they removed his hat and mala, even though he informed them that these form part of his religious beliefs and practices. I’m sure I don’t have to explain that in removing these items they breached their own codes of practice regarding respect for religious and philosophical beliefs.

Each time Prajna declined to respond to their questions an officer standing behind him twisted the handcuffs, imagining that inflicting pain would make him comply. All it served to do was to elicit more cries of pain and further insistence that a doctor attend.

Eventually Prajna was locked in a cell, still restrained by the horrifically tight cuffs – the cause of the pain for which he was insisting on seeing a doctor – and still without his hat.

He remained locked in that cell for several hours, unable to sit, which caused him even more pain, unable to ring the buzzer for attention, unable, even, to take a pee! Needless to say this treatment goes against all of their so called ‘laws’ and codes of practice regarding torture, restraint and the treatment of those in their custody.

Eventually Prajna was asked if he would like to see a solicitor. “I need to see a doctor!” responded Prajna.

After some time Prajna was put back in the cage in the back of a police van and taken to the A & E department of the Countess of Chester hospital, still in cuffs. At this point Prajna was in so much pain that, as the hospital staff asked their standard questions in their busy reception, he had his head on the reception desk as he explained that the cuffs were being used to torture him, that no agency in the UK has authority to torture anyone, and that he needed a doctor to examine his wrists to witness that the cuffs had been applied in such a manner as to inflict pain, suffering and compliance rather than for restraint (even restraint has to be justified in the circumstances; there are no circumstances that authorise the use of torture). Added to this was the offence and affront to his religious and spiritual practices due to being paraded in public without his hat.

The handcuffs were removed just a minute or two before the triage nurse came to examine him, so that she was not able to observe how they had been applied, only that they had caused injury, which she noted for the record.

Following the medical examination the escorting police chose not to reapply the handcuffs. If they were necessary up until that point what had changed at the hospital to mean they were no longer required? One of the escorting officers stopped in front of Prajna as they were leaving the hospital and said, “Listen, you are no longer a ‘freeman’, you are in the custody of the court service and you will do what you are told!” “I am a freeman, in the custody of a lawless and corrupt agency!” replied Prajna, “and I will only comply with you demands because you threaten me with more pain and suffering if I refuse.”

In the police car en route back to the court (they decided that it was not necessary to put Prajna in the cage in the back of the van) Prajna quizzed the officer in the seat next to him about his police oath. “Oh, that was years ago.” replied the officer, “I can’t remember it.” “If you can’t remember it then how can you be sure you are acting in accordance with it?” asked Prajna. “I can’t remember the boy scout promise either,” responded the officer, “but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear a woggle.” I hope that reply shocks you as deeply as it does us!

Prajna was returned to the magistrates court and to his cell. At some point in the afternoon a guard came to take him before the judge, at which point Prajna discovered that they could not force him to do so. So, given that he’d established that they were no longer going to inflict pain on him to gain his co-operation, he chose to remain in his cell.

Some time shortly after 5pm, Prajna’s cell was opened and prisoner escort officers arrived to remove him to the prison transport. He was not told the outcome of the case, what was happening or where he was being taken. It wasn’t until his arrival at Altcourse Prison that he discovered he’d been sentenced to 7 days for non-payment of fine. Our subsequent research leads us to understand that the imposition of a custodial sentence in these circumstances was itself unlawful!

Prajna spent just two nights in prison and was released on the Friday morning.

In the meantime…

I was placed in the position of dealing with the bailiffs and the eviction alone… Well, when I say alone what I actually mean is with the support and encouragement of many friends, all armed with video cameras.

After the collusion between the police, courts and council had resulted in Prajna being removed from the camp myself and Angus set to work calling friends to alert them to the mornings events and removing anything from the camp that might be construed by ‘them’ as unlawful or illegal.

I was, naturally, shaken-up and upset following Prajna’s arrest, but also prepared to deal with the bailiffs in a fitting manner.

By the time the bailiffs arrived (at approximately 12.40) I was sitting as calmly as possible next to the Dhuni fire, whilst most of our friends filmed events from the pavement next to the camp and across the road.

One friend, Andy, stayed in the camp and opened the doors to the bailiffs when they called. I have to say that the court bailiff who spoke to me was as sympathetic and understanding as he could have been. He introduced himself and explained why he was there and then asked if I was ‘Kazz’. I explained, and he listened, that I am the living woman commonly called by the utterance ‘Kazz’, that I did not recognise him, that I did not recognise or accept his jurisdiction and that I granted him no authority over me. I also explained, for the benefit of all the dozen or so ‘officials’ there at the time, that anything they did with regard to the eviction was on their full, personal, liability.

The bailiff then asked if I would leave of my own accord and, upon questioning from me, explained that he would ‘enforce’ the warrant of eviction no matter what. I told him that I would not leave of my own volition but that I would not resist any force he offered.

He then went and spoke with a female colleague and the two of them returned and led me, gently, from the camp onto the pavement.

My assembled friends and I then watched as bailiffs and council staff (including the so called ‘gypsy traveller liaison officer’ who claimed to work for the council, but who we’ve since discovered may well be misrepresenting herself, in breach of the Fraud Act 2006) began packing up our belongings and dismantling the camp.

Satisfied that they were not going in with bulldozers and were going about the operation in a reasonable manner, and keen to discover what had happened to Prajna, I then set off for the magistrates court. There I discovered that Prajna had been sent down for 7 days and that, though he was still in the cells in the basement, I could not see him.

I did manage to get a message to him, thanks to the lady security guard whom I’d sympathised with on the way in (she looked as if she was having as bad a day as I was at the time). Relieved that Prajna knew I was OK and he didn’t have to worry about me, but upset that he’d been given 7 days and generally exhausted and distressed, I went off to spend the night with friends Adam and Jen.

Once again, the support and love of friends flowed. Adam, Jen, mike, Danny, Niall and so many others, thank you!!

Our friend Niall phoned the prison while we were at Jen and Adams, and could hear Prajna’s voice in the background giving the prison staff a taste of what it is to live in truth. 😉

Currently Prajna and I are in Liverpool and are making plans to return to Cheshire, probably next week, where, at least in the short to medium term, we will set-up camp on a friends land. And from there we will begin the process of bring those agents responsible for the…

Seizure of our mobile home;
Destruction of our mobile home;
Destruction of our personal belongings;
Detention of Prajna following the seizure of our home;
Failure to comply with the PACE Codes of Practice;
Fraudulent actions of the council and other operatives (i.e. Misrepresentation)
Arrest of Prajna on the morning of eviction
Torture/inhuman treatment of Prajna
Imprisonment of Prajna
and very possibly, collusion between agencies in breach of the Data Protection Act and acts ultra vires (beyond their authority).

… to book for their actions.

Our research is going very well atm, and we’ll very soon be taking action on all of these counts and any others which are revealed as our research continues. This blog will continue for as long as it takes to do that.

Taking a look around at the state of the world, at the extent of corruption within the system and at the massive abuses being perpetrated on ordinary people from so many agencies of The State, and the extent to which anyone who challenges their authority is ignored and rail-roaded, we have come to the conclusion that we, and others from within this ‘freedom/truth movement’, need to go on the offensive. And that we will certainly do!

We have been peaceful in all that we have done; we have been insistent and consistent in claiming our rights and despite all of that we have been made to suffer many torts and injuries. But remedy comes after the fact and remedy we shall now seek.

Finally, we’d both like to say a massive thank you to all of those who visited and supported us at Camp Autolift and to all of those friends whose friendship, love and support continues to flow. We really have made some remarkable friends over the last three months or so, to add to those magnificent souls we already counted as friends.

Your support, intelligence and kindness has been a tower of strength to us (especially me! – Not sure I could have taken another week at the camp to be honest, but it was your help and kindness that got me through three months there). Thank you!

In peace and with much love,
Kazz and Prajna. xxxx

Why oh why?

Why do we think their system is lawless and corrupt and controlled by criminals?

On July 9, 2011 South Sudan became the world’s 193rd nation. Less than a week later violence has erupted in South Kordofan, an area on the new border between Sudan and South Sudan which is controlled by Sudan and rich in oil. Not content with the seizure of South Sudan’s oilfields, the Rothschild-led Eight Families banking cartel looks set to push the new border further north, grabbing yet more crude oil from the Sudanese people.

For decades Western intelligence agencies backed the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) in an attempt to lop off the southern half of Sudan for the Four Horsemen of Oil. The region contains 75% of Sudan’s oil reserves. What became Africa’s longest running civil war finally came to an end when Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir was pressured into ceding the southern part of his country to the IMF/World Bank vampires after the conflict they created left more than 2 million people dead.

Read more on Dean Henderson’s blog

A quote from Adyashanti

A quote from Adyashanti

We hope you, like us, are beginning to understand.

Love, peace, happiness and grace,
Prajna and Kazz

Not so smart…

In the hope of continuing your journey to enlightenment we present some information about EMR (electromagnetic radiation) and, in particular, smart meters, which are being pushed out by utility companies. The following video is a presentation by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt on the biological effects of EMR. We hope you will take note, take action, and become happy, healthy peaceful warriors.

We will update you in gory detail about eviction day soon.

Prajna & Kazz


Hi patient friends and family,

Kazz and I have been having a (we feel) well deserved break. Wonderful though it was to be so easily available to all our supporters and interested visitors it has been a great relief not to be living in a fish bowl 24 hours a day.

And now we begin the eagerly anticipated ‘phase 2′, which is to attempt to hold to account the police, autolift, the council, DVLA and court service, as well as to have a word with the prison ombudsman about discrimination towards prisoner’s religious practices.

We hope, in the next few days, to rescue our caravan and the remainder of our camp from Ellesmere Port Yard to somewhere not too far from Chester. We’ll let you know once we are settled there.

In the interum, Kazz and I have got proper married: on our one year anniversary (3rd October) we went out and got matching Tomboy-Pink tattoos. One day, perhaps on the winter solstice, we will have a party to which all our friends and family will be able to come and celebrate with us. Of course, our wedding was not official – what kind of idiot would involve the church and state in a love affair? – but it was undeniably real.

Meanwhile we’d like to remind you what our actions are all about.

Mohandas Gandhi said, “Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state is lawless and corrupt.” and we would like you to know some of the reasons it has become obvious to us that the state is certainly lawless and corrupt:

Tony Farrell was a Senior Intelligence Analyst for South Yorkshire Police. He was given an assignment to assess the current security threats to the UK and, having discovered that both the 9/11 and 7/7 terrorist incidents were orchestrated by state actors rather than muslim terrorists, he wrote the truth in his report and was sacked for it.

Here is what Tony has to say about the lawlessness and corruption of the state:

So, for all those who asked, “Will the blog continue now the camp has been evicted?” the answer is “certainly”; we’ve only just begun.

love, peace, harmony and grace,
Prajna and Kazz


Namaste dear friends and family, I’m out! (this is Prajna posting on Kazz’s login).

A bit tired, as you can imagine but I left prison unscathed except for abuses against my health curtesy of the prison diet, which is certainly not satvic, and disrespect for my spiritual position. I still have wealts, grazing and bruising as a result of the torture that was inflicted on me during my arrest and during my detention by the magistrates court staff but am otherwise ok.

I will write up the full story of my experiences once I have had a little R&R and meanwhile I only have time and energy to send out the most heartfelt thanks to all those who took care of my darling Kazz while the heartless and corrupt bastards destroyed our home for the second time in three months.

Love, peace, happiness and grace,
Prajna & Kazz

The cowardly State in action..!

Namaste Dear Friends,

It’s hard to know where to begin describing the events that took place at camp autolift yesterday so I’ll begin at the beginning and let it flow.

We had a friend, Angus, visit first thing, to offer support and help with getting our most needed belongings off the site before the bailiffs arrived. And thank goodness he was there to witness the thuggery of the lawless and utterly corrupt State in action.

Prajna had gone off to the nearby woods to do it like the bears do it (i.e. to take a dump) when two car loads of cops turned up looking for him. They gave the very distinct impression they were there to arrest him, as evidenced by the abrupt manner of one of their number, who proceeded to question me as to Prajna’s whereabouts, even after I’d told them all where he was and that he’d be back shortly.

Anyway, I watched for Prajna’s return, met him half way to explain the situation and that I thought they were there to arrest him. And sure enough that’s exactly what they did. They had a warrant from the magistrates court for non-payment of fines (this will be the fine for ‘driving’ with no MOT that was issued in Prajna’s absence just two months ago). They were violent, abusive and completely without reason or humanity. At least three of the six policy enforcement officers jumped on Prajna to make the arrest. I didn’t get to see exactly what they were doing to him as my view of events was, unsurprisingly, blocked by one properly common-purposed officer.

Prajna was crying out in pain as they dragged him off in handcuffs that had be fastened far too tightly!

And so my Prajna was taken away leaving me alone to deal with the scheduled eviction. Doesn’t this just demonstrate the absolute corruption and criminality that any who stand in truth face when refusing to comply with a criminal state. They operate as cowards, colluding between agencies to ensure they meet as little resistance as possible. Obviously terrified of a couple of hippies who refuse to consent to their jurisdiction. What the individuals concerned don’t seem to realise is that in oppressing anyone at all, so they sponsor their own oppression. What will they do when all the cash dries up, when their jobs are taken and they can no longer pay their fraudulent mortgages. Will they leave their homes happily so that the banker who perpetrated the fraud upon them might take possession? Will they plead with the courts and bailiffs for their homes? What will they do when they discover they have no pension; that the criminal State they work to support has handed all the money to the criminal banksters?

Anyway, I could rant on all day along these lines. Rest assured there will be future blogs detailing just how folks support and sponsor their own oppression when they work to inflict the diktats of a criminal State on the rest of us!

So, anyway, 12.30 came and saw me surrounded by friends, all there to witness and film the events and, of course, to give me support. I have to say the bailiffs behaved with as much compassion as they could, given that they were there to remove me along with Prajna and my belongings from the site. I explained that I didn’t recognise them, didn’t recognise or accept their jurisdiction, granted them no authority over me, and that everything they were doing/did do was on their full personal liability, that they would each be held accountable for their actions. I refused to leave the site of my own volition but gave no resistance to the force they offered. I was, as gently as possible, escorted off the site where I found myself surrounded by loving friends (thank goodness for them!!). A very respectful cop, who’s name escaped me right now, contacted the magistrates for me and told me the case against the legal fiction (not Prajna the living man) hadn’t been heard yet.

I watched for a while as our camp was dismantled and our belongings packed away and then went off to the court.

I got there to discover that Prajna had been sent down for 7 days for non-payment of fines. I managed to get a message to him in the cells, letting him know that I was OK. I’ve since arranged a visit for Saturday morning and have been speaking to the prison chaplain in order to get messages to Prajna.

I’m informed by several different friends that he may well be out on Friday, but I don’t want to get my hopes up too high. Either way I’ll see him within the next two days. I’m quite sure he’s fine (a friend rang the prison yesterday evening and could hear Prajna vocalising his non-cooperation in the background. ;))

I want to say a HUGE thank you to all those who have given us so much support in all this, and especially to those who were there, physically and in spirit, yesterday. You made an exceptionally tough day that much easier. I couldn’t have got through it without you!

I know I have much more to say, but right now I’ve forgotten it all so I’ll be back soon with more.

Much love and many thanks,
Kazz (and my beautiful Prajna). xxxxx

Prajna arrested at 930 am

This morning the police arrived approximately 6 of and took him away against his will, with force and without consent clearly to disrupt the final process of phase 1.

Friends currently sat with Kazz consoling and helping supporting as best as they can considering these underhand circumstances.

Love Kazz xx


Namaste to all our friends and family.

It seems tomorrow is D-Day again. Today we were visited by a court bailiff who served more worthless, fraudulent and powerless pieces of paper on us again, this time they are headed “NOTICE OF EVICTION”. Worthless, fraudulent and powerless those pieces of paper may be but they cast spells over brainless idiots who are being forced to act unlawfully and against their nature under threat of the loss of their jobs and we realise that people will do anything (short of be true to their own nature) in order to get not only their existential needs but also the wants and greedy gratifications they have been programmed to think are their just compensation for suffering under such oppression.

So, what’s the plan?

As ever there is no plan because we do not know what it is we face. Will they send human beings here who are susceptible to reason or ugly, ignorant thugs? We really don’t know but all of our experience here suggests the latter and we should be prepared to face that.

Actually, our experience is not entirely defined by those utterly devoid of reason: PC Dave (who still receives a ribbing at work whenever we give him any credit for being human rather than officious and unreasonable) is the one official who has paid attention to our stated position here. He bade us farewell today, saying that whatever happens tomorrow that he will not take part because he does not agree with what is being proposed. Poor Dave has suffered the brunt of our passion about the way we have been treated and the hypocrisy and downright dishonesty that we are confronted with. We hope to meet Dave socially one of these days when all of this is over.

Meanwhile, on with the preparations:

We ask all our friends who have examined themselves deeply enough to recognise themselves as completely peaceful, compassionate people, if they have the time and means to get here (sharing lifts if necessary), to be here tomorrow as observers and documenters so that we can record the truth of those in authority – whether they will respond to rhyme and reason or whether they will resort to the only real authority they have: force.

The eviction notice, a diktat by any real definition, states we must be gone by 12:30 PM on the 26th of September 2012, which is tomorrow from where we are sitting.

The court bailiff refused to commit herself as to whether force would be used to move us. Instead she insisted that 12:30 would move us. Doesn’t that just show how much fluoride such people must consume: I pointed out to her that 12:30 is a time and such things have no muscles with which to act but still she would not admit to whether force would be employed. Again, if they were proud of, or even at ease with, what they are doing there would be no difficulty in them being honest about it. Nothing in what they have done or are doing is honest. Let’s see if they have a change of heart, or, indeed, any kind of heart or conscience, tomorrow.

If you are in any doubt whether you can trust yourself to remain cool, calm and collected then we will be happy to make do with your best wishes rather than your presence. Otherwise please come if you can and bring video cameras and any other means of recording; the more the merrier. For those who can’t make it, watch this space, we’ll blog more as soon as we can.

The rest of today will be spent moving the most critical things off site (though we find it galling to respond to their tyranny even to that extent). We hope to have the means to move the caravan tomorrow in the event they do not see reason, even though we anticipate the risk that they may be entirely thuggish and prevent us from doing so; that would just go even further to show the kind of despicable beings they are.

We would also be pleased if some who come tomorrow come a little earlier than the designated 12:30 PM in order to video the camp, as a record in case these idiots fail in their duty of care to anything they might seize.

Again, Namaste, peace, love, happiness and grace,

Prajna & Kazz