More most excellent visitors

We have been overwhelmed by wonderful people today. Dearest friends, Rob Bryne, Marty, Reverend Phil, Big Mike have all been here, to rapturous hugs, and Allan is here now, giving me all his internet whilst tending the dhuni in the rain and tolerating my withdrawl to update you all.

Apart from those already know to us and loved by us we have had many passers-by who have stopped in. This morning a car pulled in and we introduced ourselves and our mission to Maria and her daughter, Charmain. They are gypsys who have been forced into bricks-and-mortor accommodation and were completely understanding of our plight. They returned with more of the family in the rain this evening to see if there was anything they could do for us. Fortunately we have no immediate and critical needs that they could supply but we are most grateful for their offers of help and look forward to offering them tea in fine weather.

We also received a local businessman, Tom, and his wife, Ann, who were interested to know what we are about. His business requires a number of large trucks on the roads and he also told us that he had been ripped off by Autolift; his car was stolen and stored at Autolift and they didn’t inform him for 6 days, then charged 6 days storage for it. I explained to him that the state is lawless and corrupt and that it would make me also to become criminal if I were to have dealings with such criminals. I pointed out that if you join the Boy Scouts then you have to keep all the rules of the Boy Scouts, but if you consequently discover that some of those rules offend you spiritually then you can simply resign from the Boy Scouts, rather than have to leave the country.

Tom and Anne were lovely and generous: they begged us to ask them for something and I mentioned that I had lit a sacred fire and would be pleased if he knew anyone who had some wood to keep it going. He said, ‘yes, of course, we have lots of wood, I’ll bring you some.’ He said he had spare-ribs maranading and I interrupted to say I was vegetarian. Tom enthusiastically offered to make some vegetable soup for us and assured as that he is a good cook.

Tom suggested that he bring a local reporter down here, saying that his notoriety would get their attention. (There has been no interest from local media so far, despite prodding from a number of our friends.)

Most of the day there has been a bike race or ralley going past. Hundreds of bikes and riders. At some point one of them shouted out “Kazz! Kazz!” and Gemma pulled out to say “Hi”, along with her friend and Luke. They are involved with Liverpool Critical Mass

So, all in all, it seems that today we have won over some more police, the local gypsy families and Liverpool Critical Mass, and… we are even getting under the skin of Autolift:

The staff at Autolift have been told not to talk to us (on pain of death?) but Jim, who works there, isn’t having anyone telling him who he can talk to and who he can’t. Jim always gives us a smile and a wave on his way in and out. Sometimes he stops off for a quick chat, listens and tries to make sense of our alien-sounding philosophy and way of life. We love him very much.

Up the Rebellion!

love, peace, harmony and grace,
Kazz n Prajna

Winning them over

Namaste dear friends, known and unknown. We have had the most fabulous day today, with many lovely visitors.

Before we even get to today, let me tell you what happened last night. Our dear friends Allan (who has given us the most tremendous support) and Barbera were with us and while they were here I started a dhuni (Indian sacred fire). Not long after they had left and Kazz n I had cuddled up to celebrate with gratitude how peachy life is, Ian, the PC who, with his collegue Owen, arrested Kazz and I for “theft” (of our own property from our own home; Ian explained, even while aiding and abetting us to retrieve our stuff from the van, that ‘technically’ it was not ours any longer), anyway, Ian arrived at our fire.

That would be PC Ian, in civies, accompanied with his wife. Ian expressed his delight to find us still here and his first question was, “What do you think will happen?”; this with a look of deep concern on his face. I explained that I never know what will happen next; that I used to think I knew something about the future and although it usually turned out differently to the way I expected, I stuck to that foolish belief for far too long. That belief was only a defense against recognising that I was afraid of the unknown. Once I recognised that I had never really known anyway then it became a simple thing to trust the unknown.

Ian and his wife are off on their hols for a couple of weeks and I hope they have the most excellent time; and it may be that we are still here when they return. I did councel Ian to get stoned rather than drunk, because while cannabis tends to raise consciousness a little, alcohol lowers it; as he must, no doubt, have seen on many occasions. He agreed that he had certainly seen that and would bear it in mind on his hols.

I am looking forward very much to seeing them again. I suggested that by then we may be more comfortably able to entertain visitors.

Notice to Autolift

Here is the notice Prajna and Kazz served on Autolift:

To the directors and employees of Autolift Recovery Ltd


Principles in Law:

1. The Bill of Rights (1688)1 promises protection from fines and forfeitures without conviction.
2. The European Declaration of Human Rights, adopted into UK law, affords protection to property and home.
3. Any action arising from a fraud is itself a fraud and void ab initio.

This notice is intended to bring to your attention a tort in law your organisation and employees have perpetrated against us; peaceful, honest and spiritual people.

You are required to treat it in all seriousness and should be aware that there are serious consequences if you fail to respond to it in an appropriate manner. We suggest you obtain competent legal advice if you are in any doubt as to its importance and consequences for you, your organisation and employees.

Our home, the Swift Kontiki motorhome bearing the registration mark D756YLC, was taken from us by force and coercion under false pretenses.

We were told by the Mersey-Side officer who stopped us that he stopped us because a vehicle check showed our motorhome had no M.O.T. And this was confirmed by the Cheshire officers who later attended the scene. We were not told our home was being taken so as to hold it as ransom in order to extort money from us; rather, we were told that the officers were concerned that it may not be roadworthy and that they were seizing it in order to carry out a VOSA inspection.

Your employees, however, claim that it is being held by your company in order to extort road tax from us.

We are unable to comply with the DVLA and tax system because we are spiritual people and it would be unconscionable for us to engage with a lawless and corrupt system.

We fail to see any difference, in practical terms, between your treatment of us and our home and the crime of demanding money with menaces: your staff have threatened us that they will destroy our home tomorrow if we do not pay road tax to the DVLA.

That threat disturbs us much as it would disturb you if someone were to threaten to destroy your home; undoubtedly more so since we own so little and have no resources with which to replace it.

We have found your staff’s attitude to be rude, dismissive, offensive and oppressive. They have utterly failed to be susceptible to reason; dismissing our complaints and stating that they are “not interested”, even being so bold as to claim that they are not interested in the law.

That is entirely unacceptable where you have a duty of care to us and our property. Lord Coke stated that reason is the very substance of the law.

In law, some aspects of law are considered to have precedence over other areas of law. We believe that Human Rights are paramount and that Constitutional law, by its very nature, is superior to any Act or statute.

Regardless of your own opinions of the merits of our arguments, we caution you to take a precautionary approach in this case: do not do anything that may not be undone at a later stage; do not damage, destroy or dispose of our home until this matter is settled.

We notify you that we are homeless on your doorstep as a result of your actions and the unlawful actions of the police. We have very limited resources here – hence this notice is hand-written rather than printed. Equally, we have very limited access to any legal resources, so we ask that we be given sufficient time, without threat of forfeiture, in which to prepare our case.

We are being made to suffer many hardships here, without any access to the many conveniences and necessities available to you and most of the remaining people in this country: We have no toilets or water; we have only tented accommodation on this busy dual-carriageway. We consider that we are harmed and injured because of this and by the lack of humanity shown to us by your staff, and also by the threats made with regard to our home.

We believe what you are doing to be unlawful and inhumane and because this is directly injurious to us we consider it to be a tort in law.

We require you, in the first instance, to preserve and protect our property.

We require you to show lawful cause for your actions.

We require that you do not trespass upon our home.

We require compensation for the torts you have already inflicted upon us and we suggest a meeting at which we can negotiate a remedy.

Signed in all seriousness and sincerity by the living, breathing, free man Prajna Pranab

Signed in all seriousness and sincerity by the living, breathing, free woman Kazz

This fifth day of July in the year 2012

Settling in…

Well, we are home now; at least until the authories give our home back.

We are starting to get some visits from locals, including a chap last night whose daughter saw us on facebook. He returned later with some chips and buttered bread for chip butties. :)

More later and love to you all,

Posting to

Here is the posting I made to

Namaste, dear friends,

This is a shout for anyone who will be free tomorrow (Wednesday) to attend the recovery of our motorhome from Autolift Recovery, Cheshire. You’ll find the place by entering 53.234721,-2.902731 into the search box on google maps and we intend to be there at 1pm. You’ll need to be there promptly because it is likely that Chesire police will attend promptly and I would be sad if all the fun is over before you get there.

For the back-story please read the following thread:

We intend to head over there tomorrow at 1pm and to put to them the human rights case that they are interfering with our right to home and privacy etc under Articles 1 and 8. If they fail to see reason then we intend to simply stay there on their forecort. We have a tent in the van and there is no lawful way they can prevent us from access to our home and possessions.

Whether you come just for the kick-off or you are free to join our settlement of autolift we would most welcome your company.

We are hoping to have support from some of the heros of the movement: Rusty, Dubbs, Sem, Marty, Holy Vehm, and co, so it should become a great freeman festival too.

Namaste, up the rebellion 😀

Here are the previous posts:

What ho, fellow rebels, here is what Kazz and I have been up to recently; the story continues over the next few days but here is the beginning…

Kazz and I set off round a few festivals, first Pendle Witch Camp and then we received a call to crew with Avalon Rising at Sunrise. The trip down to sunrise was rather eventful: we had a blowout on the motorway in my extremely overloaded motorhome; there was me and Kazz and Waterboost along with his complete coffee stall. A couple og black rats turned up while we were contemplating how we were going to get off the motorway and, having advised us that life expectancy on the motorway hard shoulder at night is about 11 minutes and none of my creative solutions would be acceptable to them, they inspected the tire and suggested that if I drove slowly enough, with them following, I could limp off at the next exit (about a mile ahead). So off we convoyed, off at the exit and then into a Mikey D’s carpark. Once I had parked I went over to the rats, thanked them profusely for their help and concern and bid them farewell. They couldn’t have been nicer and didn’t bother to do a vehicle check, look at my 2 year out-of-date tax disc, express horror at the overloaded state of the van or anything. Maybe they were near the end of their shift.

Then we had a most excellent festival, that couldn’t be beat (to paraphrase Arlo Guthrie), we got to meet Michael of Bernicea, Michael of Elmet, Litmus and a heap of other freeman heroes and all-round wonderful people. At the end of the festival we re-overloaded the van with an additional two people along with their fly-pitch shop and set off for the Wirral. We dropped Nevil and Jan in Wirral and headed off for Accrington to drop off Oliver and his stuff.

We had gone about 5 miles before suffering yet another blowout. Angus lept to our rescue (a problem on both occasions was that we didn’t have a 22mm wheel brace) and got us moving again. We had just got back on the motorway when a copper swung onto our tail, eventually overtook and tried to flash us off at the next exit. Fortunately there was a vehicle in front of him and that made it just ambiguous enough for us to assume he was flashing that guy, so we left him to drive helplessly off at the exit while we continued along the motorway.

A few exits later another cop car gets in behind us and flags us to give up the chase and sidle off at the next exit. Then the fun began. 😀

The original guy who stopped us was from Merseyside but by this point we had crossed the border into Cheshire so this guy called Cheshire cops and slid off (we need to check into this, since I understand if a cop flags you down then he has to do all the business). Eventually we had 4 or 5 cop cars, PCs, inspectors, VOSA inspectors, recovery trucks, etc. and Prajna was arrested. I was charged with driving with no MOT and only arrested because I have no fixed address, so they had no address for service for the summons; besides which, I assured them that I would ignore their summons in any case so they ‘had no choice’ but to arrest me. Kazz, meanwhile, was digging her heels in, in the van and they resorted to trying to drag her out of the van, head first into a pile of Oliver’s catering equipment, handcuffed her and arrested her (for assulting a police officer?). They took her to Blacon nick in Chester and then de-arrested her and let her go. I was kept overnight and faced magistrates via video link the following afternoon.

There is a heap more to say even about all that part of the adventure but suffice to say I was treated wonderfully well and with a great deal of respect by the busies in Blacon detention center, had a ball during the video session and Kazz n me retired back to Liverpool for the night.

Today we continued the movement, but that is for the next message…

and here’s that message:

So today Kazz n me set off to rescue some of our worldly goods from the van. We had listened, last night, to the following link:

[This You Tube clip is now listed as ‘Private’ and cannot be viewed. Heres a link to another source: – Mike: Thomas]

Highlights: Foreign troops drafted in; drug deals in training classroom; ineffective screening processes and detection technology; photographs of sensitive mock-up screening areas taken by un-screened trainees; 200k ‘casket linings’ delivered; uniforms being stolen; plan for an evacuation of London; drones on-line (incl. armed).

I suggest you do the same. After I recovered my dropped jaw at the end of that radio interview, I decided that really someone should report this terrorist plot to the police and, not always being one to delegate, determined that I would combine it with my visit to Chester today; so off we went.

We stopped in at Blacon nick first of all and I explained to the desk officer that I had come across information regarding a plot to carry out a major terrorist incident at the London Olympics and informed him that I had a recording on a USB key. He suggested that we “Sit over there and someone will come and talk to you.” So we did. And they didn’t. Eventually I decided we were going to miss getting into the van for our stuff because Autolift Recovery would close at 5pm. I went over to the desk dude and explained the situation. He said someone would call and off we went.

I got a call as we were walking the several miles to Autolift and the WPC suggested she dispatch someone to meet me at Autolift in order to ask me some questions about the terrorist stuff. We turn up at Autolift and hassle the woman there to let us into the van. While that is happening the busies from Blacon turn up, so we wander over and begin educating them about the NWO plot to destroy the entire british army, 100,000 foreign troops and another 100k G4S security wannabes at the London Olympics.

While we are doing that we receive the nod that we can get our stuff out of the van and the woman insists the cops accompany us. They were hesitant, since they didn’t really think it necessary. I suggest that, having a laptop in the van, they should come anyway and we can have a listen to the radio interview. So we all trapse off to the van. Once we are in I offer the busies a cup of tea and inform them that we intend to stay in the van; to live there in the pound (because the fuckers had stolen our home and we need it to live in.

That kinda put the cat in with the pidgeons, as it were, and they were a little stuck for what to do. They assumed that our terrorist report was just a hoax and were considering charging us with wasting police time but then decided it best to charge us with theft (of our own stuff from our own home!), arrested us, helped us retrieve all we needed immediately from the van (assisting the theft we were being charged with?) and then drove us back to Blacon DC.

This may all sound like we suffered some hassle in all this but the truth is that we had a ball and the cops loved us, especially the arresting officer, Ian, who confessed to having been watching David Icke videos, loved my anti-war poem, was interested in my website and will be sure to listen to the radio clip I copied for him. So having been arrested for theft, de-arrested, re-arrested for wasting police time (reporting a terrorist plot!) we were finally de-arrested again. My babe Kazz has the acheivement of being arrested and de-arrested 3 times in 2 days 😀

At last Ian and his mate packed all our stuff in their car and dropped us off at the railway station. Oh, and I received a smile and wave from one of the custody staff who had cleared out my cell the day before.

Back again tomorrow and the adventures continue. Anyone in the Chester area would like to join a peace-camp on the forecourt of Autolift Recovery on Liverpool road, Chester?

Much love
Prajna n Kazz

Camp Autolift

Hello friends,

sad to say that Prajna and Kazz are marooned on a grass verge outside Autolift Recovery Ltd, Chester.

We are here because we were stopped on the motorway not far from Chester because a vehicle check said we have no MOT. The officers who stopped us claimed they simply wanted to carry out a check to make sure our van (which is our home, since we are travelers) is roadworthy.

I explained to them that I don’t pay tax because Mohandas Gandhi said, “Civil Disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state is lawless and corrupt. Anyone bargaining with such a state shares in their lawlessness and corruption.” and later, “There is one sovereign remedy: non-violent non-cooperation.” (for more on this, please see Prajna’s homepage,)

So for 3 years I have been driving with no Road-Tax or MOT (which is not to say I haven’t had the van serviced and checked by a VOSA inspector, just that I refuse to comply with a criminal system; for our own safety and peace of mind we keep the motorhome in good condition, it’s our home).

The full story will be published here, along with wish-lists and war stories. Stay tuned and please have a little forebearance because we have very limited resources here.

Love, peace, happyness & grace,
Kazz n Prajna