Home Sweet Home

So there I was sitting in the tent a few days ago feeling thoroughly depressed… I was premenstrual and so fed up with the constant noise and chaos of the place, not to mention the dirt and disorder. I really wasn’t sure how much longer I would last here.

So, as with everything that happens around here, in stepped the universe to lend a hand. This time in the form of an Irish traveller called Mick, who turned up one day after my depressed isolation in the tent, and told us he had a caravan he needed rid of and asked if we’d like it.

Next morning our friend Will turned up – just the man we needed to tow the van to our camp. And a few hours later, having called in the troops for assistance (thanks guys!!!) Prajna and I had a lovely warm, dry caravan to sleep in! 😀 – Just in time too as it absolutely chucked it down here yesterday and our bed in the tent was soaked by the time I transferred our bedding over; we would have endured a most miserable night if it weren’t for the caravan.

I’m exhausted now just because I’ve spent the whole day cleaning and organising things in the van. I can’t tell you how good it feels just to have somewhere to keep things away from the dirt and rain. And not only that but the van also has a shower! – I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. :)

And, on top of all that, we had a call earlier and have been told there are two chesterfield sofa’s and a couple of armchairs being brought here tonight! – I don’t know about you guys but I reckon the universe wants us here making this stand for freedom… Every single time we need something around here it manifests somehow. And I do mean every single time. The place is magic… and not just for Prajna and me either, but for many of the friends we’ve made here. Lives are literally being transformed before our eyes!

So, challenging as this whole experience is, I am utterly blessed and delighted to be here. Especially now that I have a lovely warm, dry, level, clean van to sleep in.

And, despite the recent efforts of the Ellesmere Port Pioneer to sway public opinion against us, we’re still enjoying massive support from locals, including a barrister who came along to see us today having been told about us by a mutual friend… and, my did he have some interesting things to say! Obviously I’m not going to go into detail here, suffice to say what we thought was a strong position for us turns out to be m-m-mighty.

I just want to say a huge big thank you to everyone for your continued support and mention some of the wonderful people we’ve met during our first 33 days here who’ve made this experience so m,uch easier and much more fun than it otherwise would have been. Adam, Jen and the kids, Danny, Val and Andy, Will, Mick, Niall, Maria, Nickie and Biff, Andy, Bobby and I’m sure others… (bound to have left someone out! Sorry!)

We did have a couple of disappointments last week, which resulted in my self-imposed isolation in the tent. Sad to say our little pot of change by the fire was stolen with around £25 in it.. worse it was stolen by people who’d just been chatting with Prajna for about half an hour (they snuck back after he’d come to bed and nabbed it before he could get out of the tent to stop them.

Also, we were told by PC Dave, who oversaw the destruction of our motor-home, that he’s never seen any document authorising the destruction of our home, he simply believes that written authorisation exists. I’d really hate for any of this to come back on Dave as we’ve both grown rather fond of him during our time here.

Oh, and while I think on, I want to say a huge thank you to John and Tina Hurst for all their time and effort on the legal/lawful side of things. Your support makes all of this so much easier for us. Thank you both very much.

And the same goes to all of our friends who give us so much love and support. We love you all!

Love, peace and gratitude,
Kazz and Prajna. xxxx

3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Aw guys, thanks for the heads up! I’ll tell Val…she’ll be made up :o). You guys are absolutely welcome of any small thing we can do to help…it’s been a pleasure getting to know you and your warmth and hospitality every time we come to visit makes me well up…I love you guys. GREAT news on the caravan…I’d heard on the grapevine that one had turned up…it’s amazing. Val and I know a bloody lovely local irish traveller guy called Mick…I wonder if it’s the same one..I DID think he was in Holland or Belgium making his fortune, but he could be back…whoever he is, he’s a generous guy!

    Exciting stuff about the barrister too…can’t wait to find out the goss.

    We’ll be up to see you soon…HOPEFULLY before we head off to Farmer Phil’s…and we’ll bring more wood, :o).

    Live free and in peace…

  2. That’s great that other people have provided you with your basic needs. Even better to know that you now have proper washing and sewage facilities without having to risk your health and others around you.
    Good that now kazz is past her PMS she has proper hygiene facilities available without having to rely on the Autoloft ladies.