Notice to Autolift

Here is the notice Prajna and Kazz served on Autolift:

To the directors and employees of Autolift Recovery Ltd


Principles in Law:

1. The Bill of Rights (1688)1 promises protection from fines and forfeitures without conviction.
2. The European Declaration of Human Rights, adopted into UK law, affords protection to property and home.
3. Any action arising from a fraud is itself a fraud and void ab initio.

This notice is intended to bring to your attention a tort in law your organisation and employees have perpetrated against us; peaceful, honest and spiritual people.

You are required to treat it in all seriousness and should be aware that there are serious consequences if you fail to respond to it in an appropriate manner. We suggest you obtain competent legal advice if you are in any doubt as to its importance and consequences for you, your organisation and employees.

Our home, the Swift Kontiki motorhome bearing the registration mark D756YLC, was taken from us by force and coercion under false pretenses.

We were told by the Mersey-Side officer who stopped us that he stopped us because a vehicle check showed our motorhome had no M.O.T. And this was confirmed by the Cheshire officers who later attended the scene. We were not told our home was being taken so as to hold it as ransom in order to extort money from us; rather, we were told that the officers were concerned that it may not be roadworthy and that they were seizing it in order to carry out a VOSA inspection.

Your employees, however, claim that it is being held by your company in order to extort road tax from us.

We are unable to comply with the DVLA and tax system because we are spiritual people and it would be unconscionable for us to engage with a lawless and corrupt system.

We fail to see any difference, in practical terms, between your treatment of us and our home and the crime of demanding money with menaces: your staff have threatened us that they will destroy our home tomorrow if we do not pay road tax to the DVLA.

That threat disturbs us much as it would disturb you if someone were to threaten to destroy your home; undoubtedly more so since we own so little and have no resources with which to replace it.

We have found your staff’s attitude to be rude, dismissive, offensive and oppressive. They have utterly failed to be susceptible to reason; dismissing our complaints and stating that they are “not interested”, even being so bold as to claim that they are not interested in the law.

That is entirely unacceptable where you have a duty of care to us and our property. Lord Coke stated that reason is the very substance of the law.

In law, some aspects of law are considered to have precedence over other areas of law. We believe that Human Rights are paramount and that Constitutional law, by its very nature, is superior to any Act or statute.

Regardless of your own opinions of the merits of our arguments, we caution you to take a precautionary approach in this case: do not do anything that may not be undone at a later stage; do not damage, destroy or dispose of our home until this matter is settled.

We notify you that we are homeless on your doorstep as a result of your actions and the unlawful actions of the police. We have very limited resources here – hence this notice is hand-written rather than printed. Equally, we have very limited access to any legal resources, so we ask that we be given sufficient time, without threat of forfeiture, in which to prepare our case.

We are being made to suffer many hardships here, without any access to the many conveniences and necessities available to you and most of the remaining people in this country: We have no toilets or water; we have only tented accommodation on this busy dual-carriageway. We consider that we are harmed and injured because of this and by the lack of humanity shown to us by your staff, and also by the threats made with regard to our home.

We believe what you are doing to be unlawful and inhumane and because this is directly injurious to us we consider it to be a tort in law.

We require you, in the first instance, to preserve and protect our property.

We require you to show lawful cause for your actions.

We require that you do not trespass upon our home.

We require compensation for the torts you have already inflicted upon us and we suggest a meeting at which we can negotiate a remedy.

Signed in all seriousness and sincerity by the living, breathing, free man Prajna Pranab

Signed in all seriousness and sincerity by the living, breathing, free woman Kazz

This fifth day of July in the year 2012