Winning them over

Namaste dear friends, known and unknown. We have had the most fabulous day today, with many lovely visitors.

Before we even get to today, let me tell you what happened last night. Our dear friends Allan (who has given us the most tremendous support) and Barbera were with us and while they were here I started a dhuni (Indian sacred fire). Not long after they had left and Kazz n I had cuddled up to celebrate with gratitude how peachy life is, Ian, the PC who, with his collegue Owen, arrested Kazz and I for “theft” (of our own property from our own home; Ian explained, even while aiding and abetting us to retrieve our stuff from the van, that ‘technically’ it was not ours any longer), anyway, Ian arrived at our fire.

That would be PC Ian, in civies, accompanied with his wife. Ian expressed his delight to find us still here and his first question was, “What do you think will happen?”; this with a look of deep concern on his face. I explained that I never know what will happen next; that I used to think I knew something about the future and although it usually turned out differently to the way I expected, I stuck to that foolish belief for far too long. That belief was only a defense against recognising that I was afraid of the unknown. Once I recognised that I had never really known anyway then it became a simple thing to trust the unknown.

Ian and his wife are off on their hols for a couple of weeks and I hope they have the most excellent time; and it may be that we are still here when they return. I did councel Ian to get stoned rather than drunk, because while cannabis tends to raise consciousness a little, alcohol lowers it; as he must, no doubt, have seen on many occasions. He agreed that he had certainly seen that and would bear it in mind on his hols.

I am looking forward very much to seeing them again. I suggested that by then we may be more comfortably able to entertain visitors.