More most excellent visitors

We have been overwhelmed by wonderful people today. Dearest friends, Rob Bryne, Marty, Reverend Phil, Big Mike have all been here, to rapturous hugs, and Allan is here now, giving me all his internet whilst tending the dhuni in the rain and tolerating my withdrawl to update you all.

Apart from those already know to us and loved by us we have had many passers-by who have stopped in. This morning a car pulled in and we introduced ourselves and our mission to Maria and her daughter, Charmain. They are gypsys who have been forced into bricks-and-mortor accommodation and were completely understanding of our plight. They returned with more of the family in the rain this evening to see if there was anything they could do for us. Fortunately we have no immediate and critical needs that they could supply but we are most grateful for their offers of help and look forward to offering them tea in fine weather.

We also received a local businessman, Tom, and his wife, Ann, who were interested to know what we are about. His business requires a number of large trucks on the roads and he also told us that he had been ripped off by Autolift; his car was stolen and stored at Autolift and they didn’t inform him for 6 days, then charged 6 days storage for it. I explained to him that the state is lawless and corrupt and that it would make me also to become criminal if I were to have dealings with such criminals. I pointed out that if you join the Boy Scouts then you have to keep all the rules of the Boy Scouts, but if you consequently discover that some of those rules offend you spiritually then you can simply resign from the Boy Scouts, rather than have to leave the country.

Tom and Anne were lovely and generous: they begged us to ask them for something and I mentioned that I had lit a sacred fire and would be pleased if he knew anyone who had some wood to keep it going. He said, ‘yes, of course, we have lots of wood, I’ll bring you some.’ He said he had spare-ribs maranading and I interrupted to say I was vegetarian. Tom enthusiastically offered to make some vegetable soup for us and assured as that he is a good cook.

Tom suggested that he bring a local reporter down here, saying that his notoriety would get their attention. (There has been no interest from local media so far, despite prodding from a number of our friends.)

Most of the day there has been a bike race or ralley going past. Hundreds of bikes and riders. At some point one of them shouted out “Kazz! Kazz!” and Gemma pulled out to say “Hi”, along with her friend and Luke. They are involved with Liverpool Critical Mass

So, all in all, it seems that today we have won over some more police, the local gypsy families and Liverpool Critical Mass, and… we are even getting under the skin of Autolift:

The staff at Autolift have been told not to talk to us (on pain of death?) but Jim, who works there, isn’t having anyone telling him who he can talk to and who he can’t. Jim always gives us a smile and a wave on his way in and out. Sometimes he stops off for a quick chat, listens and tries to make sense of our alien-sounding philosophy and way of life. We love him very much.

Up the Rebellion!

love, peace, harmony and grace,
Kazz n Prajna

3 thoughts on “More most excellent visitors

  1. Kazz,

    The Chester Leader would love to have a chat with you and get your angle on the story, but can’t seem to find contact details.
    Do you have a mobile number so that we could have a chat?

    Kind regards,
    Robin Jones

    • hello ” robin jones ” , if you have not managed to get hold of kazz yet ill be there tomorrow from 3pm onwards ,if you go to this event on facebook its the occupy autolift page and inbox alan ill send you a number to contact kazz on tomorrow afternoon as its not practical to put number on here sorry , anyway heres the facebook page , tc alan .