Prajna at the Mayday protest in Trafalgar Square in, I seem to recall, 2004. This photo was printed in the Guardian newspaper and Adrian Dennis, AFP, the photographer who took it, graciously sent me a digital copy.

Early days at Camp Autolift

Kazz & Prajna survey the new camp.

Allan, Kazz & Prajna

The camp, shortly before the dhuni fire was established.

Prajna reading the poem ‘A Sadhaka’

I’m on a mystical mystery tour that’s coming to take me away.
The path is illumined, the load is enlightened,
Brighter each step of the way.

I have a guide who shines like a beacon,
Whose smile — what can I say?

I have a joy that is growing inside me,
A love that is flowering,
Living is service,
Service is teaching,
Sannyasa is loving,
Sadhana is calling,
Samadhi is waiting.

I am at peace with the path laid before me
And I am determined whenever it’s clear.
I’ve walked 30 feet over burning hot coals
And lived through my death and all I hold dear.
Now I walk forth in the way of Sadhaka,
I offer my blessing, my love and my prayer.

Prajna Pranab

In front of the new Dhuni fire.

Prajna rolling a fag. If you’re going to smoke, make sure you smoke additive-free tobacco – like Pueblo, American Spirit or similar.

Kazz, Prajna, Rusty The Man, Karen, Angus, Marty and Big Mike (Allan took the photo).

Andy and Val were on the way to a festival in their converted horsebox when the diff fell to pieces, so they came here and found our festival instead. Andy built me a power bus to connect the leisure batteries from the van and they donated us a pile of cushions from their previous camper, so that Kazz and Prajna could have a comfy bed insted of sleeping directly on hardcore. To top it off they also lent us this magnificent windmill, to which we attached our peace flag.

Prajna & Kazz re-educating a copper.

Commonly Known As Dom, Commonly Known As Freeman, Jody, Adam, Andy, Prajna, Kazz, Val.

Celebrating the new shelter, thanks to Indy for the work, Rob for the Tarp and a local skip driver for the wood.

A vid from Holy Vhem

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  1. I beep my horn and wave overtime I go past, .my kids too. I think you are an inspiration to travellers and I truly respect all your doing. Good on you both for standing your ground with the authority’s.

    Shelley xx