live radio show from camp autolift sunday 9pm

hello everybody , a good friend of ours is hosting a live radio show from camp autoift , the legenday pondman and fellow host mal will be broadcasting live from 9pm on , its going to be a most excelent show please join us if you can , thanks alan .

4 thoughts on “live radio show from camp autolift sunday 9pm

  1. Hi Prajna, it was good to meet you yesterday at the farm, I hope your clay has turned well.

    I talked about a video on YouTube you might be interested in:

    I feel showing you this might be preaching to the quire a little but it would be cool if we could start sharing a few links :)

    I also thought it was cool you’re into your 3D graphic and computer programming, I will pop into the camp for a chat sometime soon :)



    • Hi Simon. It was great to meet you yesterday and I look forward to seeing you down at the camp. I mixed up the adobe yesterday and am just about to start work on the chimney for the fire.

      Don’t worry about preaching to the choir: that link will be interesting for many of our visitors here who may not have considered how we treat animals.


  2. well folks just a quick reminder to tune into , tonight live from camp autolift , backford dip liverpool road chester , you can catch up with events on facebook page ” camp autolift ” or on , many many exciting guests on the show tonight , host dj legendary pondman , fellow show host our verry own mal , confirmed guests jack will be with us , we have john harby brother of legendary mick harby with us , also dan , ben prajna kazz and load of others , going to be a top night people , ps unconfirmed at this stage but i hear we might be broadcasting on tns radio so im buzzing see ya all there .