On Social Engineering, Robotised Drones and Trolls.

Hello peeps,

It’s day twenty here at Camp Autolift and the love and support of strangers, friends and fellow travellers continues to flow. I can’t thank you enough for all your support. There’s no denying that this is a difficult and precarious way to live; precarious because we basically live on an obstacle course and difficult for all kinds of practical reasons, not to mention, for me personally, living in a goldfish bowl 24/7 is a huge challenge. I’ve enjoyed and thrived on stillness and solitude for such a long time accessing that inner stillness amid this chaos, whilst not impossible, is certainly challenging. If it wasn’t for your friendship and support, which gives us both such a massive boost whenever we need it, I’m not sure I’d manage to cope here… Well, I guess my stubborn streak would kick in as well as my determination to highlight the out and out fascism which has it’s grip on ‘society’, but you know what I mean!


Actually what I mean is I love you and appreciate you.


Last night Chris, aka Michelle, aka Ian James, etc, came round to make himself known to us. Sadly his visit was a flying one; it would have been much better if he’d sat with us for a while but, to be honest, he lacks the intelligence to actually engage in any kind of discussion with either of us.

That might sound arrogant and unkind, but in the ten minutes he spent with us it was absolutely apparent that he’s never researched anything in his life… he’s been far too busy being ‘trained’ in marketing (read NLP) and ‘playing chris’ on the internet.


For chris, everything that he does on the internet is a game, or so he said, shortly after telling us he ‘plays’ chris’ and then running off to find some ID to prove he is actually called Chris. Poor Chris has been so thoroughly programmed he fails to question ANYTHING! He says the most precious thing in his life is his little girl yet he takes NO parental responsibility; not even taking a cursory interest in the contents of the vaccines she’s had, thinking it better, I guess, to rely on strangers in white coats to do his thinking for him. While he was here we talked about several political and social issues which he thoroughly failed to grasp on any level.


None of this is Chris’ fault! In fact it’s people like Chris who need us more that anyone else! They have been so completely robotised by the system they stand very little chance of ever escaping; of ever knowing themselves; of ever realising that love (especially parental love) is action, i.e. it translates into so much more than choochicoo’s and aspartame laden drinks.


As difficult and frustrating as it is to encounter such unthinking drones, they need us and, even more, their children need us to to wake them up before they too are completely enslaved by their own social engineering. I do feel very sorry for Chris. His diet of aspartame, MSG, social conditioning, NLP, etc, have left him incapable of thinking for himself.


In his favour he <i>did</i> actually show up here and, more importantly, he has promised to research vaccines for the sake of his daughter… I only hope his research is thorough. (Chris, as I suggested yesterday, visit a site called ‘Natural News’ for the real low-down on vaccines and much, much more. Make a point of including that site in your trawl for info.)


On a side note, and entirely unrelated(?) one of the guys at autolift, the one we’ve nick-named ‘two-fingers’ has just threatened to break Prajna’s fingers for waving at him. Another soul in need of love and compassion don’t ya think?


Much love, peace and respect to you all,

Kazz and Prajna. xxxx

7 thoughts on “On Social Engineering, Robotised Drones and Trolls.

  1. would be nice to have external hardrive hooked up to laptop with a mic for ease of recording incidents of intimidation that are going on there , i have micro hd spy cameras here with hd audio and video ill drop in later today , atleast its sunny today and the major culverts aint full of water 😉 , tc praj and kazz , love and peace alan .

  2. Well I’m glad to have clarified that I am me an not these other people. I also do feel it’s important for you not to be too hard on your critics, because for one thing it won’t gain you any more support by calling them names. I do hear and can understand your frustration at them being faceless and shifty. Now I would like to apologize for my offending comment about karma and your home being a motor vehicle. It was not well thought out, and who am I to say what your relationship to it is? So I want to retract what I said and also to say that I do not believe that you are taking the easy road as others have said. What you are doing, it seems to me, is more challenging and takes more strength an courage than how most people live. It is very easy to follow the rules and do exactly what we are told to do, and there are many so called authority figures who will try to get us on the path which fits them best. It is exactly therefore that we need to question what we are told and change what we see is wrong with the world, starting with ourselves.

    • And regarding vaccines, I am with you on that one! We have four young children, and none of them have been vaccinated. It was easier for us to say no because we had some support in the form of Waldorf school an many other faculty an parents there who are also aware of the dangers of vaccine. I am also aware of how hard many people have to fight against doctors, school admin, friends and family to keep their kids off of that poisonous stuff (also antibiotics which we’ve managed to avoid ). It’s really a mine field for parents these days to keep their kids natural and healthy. Kind regards,


  3. Its Chris, only chris and always chris. I think your extremely paranoid thinking I’m the only one that disagrees with you and as such must be speaking with multiple accounts.

    “he lacks the intelligence to actually engage in any kind of discussion with either of us” you have have no idea as to the level of my intelligence and a discussion is out of the questions as both of you speak over each other and never pause for breath.

    “running off to find some ID to prove he is actually called Chris” i did this as i gets tiresome being asked ‘what’s your real name’ over and over again.

    “he’s been far too busy being ‘trained’ in marketing” the majority of the training i participate in is engineering based.

    “he takes NO parental responsibility” Don’t ever speak about speak about somebody’s family when you know nothing about them. I made a point of not going into your nieces when you mentioned them as children are out of bounds in these discussions.

    I dont mind having a discussion with you but do not presume to know or understand me. As for the rest of your review its very one sided and i have had to re-register to defend myself after being blocked yesterday.

    If you truly want a discussion fine, but be prepared to listen to an opposing opinion rather than shouting down anything other than “your right”.

    I will leave you to your evening but in future talk to me directly if you wish to speak.

  4. I have just read James’s response to your earlier email. I am glad you have now accepted the truth that i am one man with one log on.

    He would probably make a decent mediator for this discussion and maybe even stop the almost inevitable ‘your wrong’ slanging match we seem to fall into.

  5. Chris, we told you what to do if you wish to engage with us: for the sake of your daughter become an expert on vaccines. Having studied all sides of the vaccines issue we are confident you will discover that the very criminals you defend, collectively called ‘the system’, are out to disable and eventually kill you and your ‘precious’ daughter. Of course discussing her is ‘off limits'; you might discover, if we were free to discuss everything that your love for her is only skin deep, an idea, a belief, and has no substance to it. If she really is that precious and someone informed you that your precious system has actually caused her a great deal of harm, including but not limited to ischemic strokes (due to the aluminium oxide in the vaccines), then you would change your thinking with regard to their benevolence.

    You don’t have to create a new login to defend yourself. Your ‘self’ is not being attacked, only your ignorance and stupidity.

    Tell you what, for the next day or so we have Commonly Known As Dom visiting and, if you are up to it, I am happy to sit mute in the corner while you debate your programmed, unexamined soundbites with Dom.

    Prajna & Kazz

  6. hello chris , i hope you and your fammily are well , im comming over to autolift soon for the night and ide love to be there if you can possibly find an hour to come round tonight for a chat , dom is an extrodanary person and ive had the pleasure of meeting him twice now , i hope one day you will come to realise we are not here to slag eachothers belifes or way of life , we are what we where programed or told by our parents and grandparents , i have learned for myself that im no longer happy with society and the way things are going , i do what i can to change the future for our children and our grand children after all we have evolved millions of years without there vaccines and poisons if we change direction now we can evolve even further , with love and compassion we might live one day to know our children atleast have hope , hope to live without rfid chips controlled by a corrupt state and without being dummed down and even murdered with there poisons , tc alan.