Namaste dear friends and family, I’m out! (this is Prajna posting on Kazz’s login).

A bit tired, as you can imagine but I left prison unscathed except for abuses against my health curtesy of the prison diet, which is certainly not satvic, and disrespect for my spiritual position. I still have wealts, grazing and bruising as a result of the torture that was inflicted on me during my arrest and during my detention by the magistrates court staff but am otherwise ok.

I will write up the full story of my experiences once I have had a little R&R and meanwhile I only have time and energy to send out the most heartfelt thanks to all those who took care of my darling Kazz while the heartless and corrupt bastards destroyed our home for the second time in three months.

Love, peace, happiness and grace,
Prajna & Kazz

8 thoughts on “Phew!

    • Hi Martin, thanks and love to you. Yes, we expected the results to be very much as they panned out, we were prepared for it to be so and the system showed themselves to be true to the character we anticipated. They’re now exposed and we are now happily setting about phase 2: bring ’em to book or show that cannot be done.

      Big hugs from Kazz and we look forward to catching up soon.

  1. Hello to you both. Great to hear you have been released from prison…not a good place to be when you are not a threat or danger to anyone. Hope you are ok, it will take a while for you to feel your self again.With luck you are happy in your new camp…going for our daily walk will not be the same! Best wishes Geoff and Harriet xx woof woof!

    • Hi both. It was a breeze really and little recovery needed. I do feel a whole lot more free than I have for a while now, not because I was released from Altcorse so much, rather it is a relief to be free to travel beyond the boundaries of our camp and to visit friends. I hope we will bump into you two again too.


  2. Hi Praj … Glad you’re now rested and, hopefully, regenerated after your impromptu unlawful stay with “Herr Maj” ;-P Just checking in and registering my e-mail with you subsequent to our phone convo :-)

    Hope you’re both enjoying your anniversary … speak to you / see you soon hopefully

    Love and light