911 was an outside job!

Hi family, friends and fans, here we are blogging again, for your edification and delight, practically within seconds of the previous post. The reason for this uncharacteristic flurry of verbiage is that yesterday was 11 Sept – otherwise egregiously celebrated as ‘911’, the american emergency phone number, and also commemorating the notorious neoconservative and zionist false-flag operation that killed 3,000 non-jewish New Yorkers and turned the cold war fiction into the terrorist war fiction, up-shifting the New World Order agenda – and coincidentally (?) coinciding with another escalation by Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council and Autolift 24hr Recovery Ltd’s battle against the harmless hippies who are peacefully and productively possessing the verge on Liverpool Road.

Yesterday we received a visit from Dave Walton, our laconic liaison officer, accompanied by a colleague (always a sign of trouble ahead), claiming he had just dropped in for a social visit, that he had received a call from Autolift and was on his way over to see what was irking them (it has got to be something to do with those damned hippies, don’t you think?) Anyway, it turns out (and you would have thought someone would have briefed him on this) that Autolift and the Council haven’t spent enough on defending this little patch of grass against the hideous hippies and are jointly and severally ‘starting proceedings’!

They – that is Kyler Ashcroft, the cuddly council Gypsy and Traveller Liaison Officer, and Heather Lewis, one of Autolift’s long-suffering directors (looking like she had a hard night on the pop) – turned up with Dear Dave and his colleague and Carl Harrison (an Autolift employee otherwise known here as ‘Shades’) to serve N5 claim forms and their accompanying documents; to begin the process of a claim for possession of property in the county court.

This despite our courteous caution against further escalation and harassment.

Perhaps our caution was too late because they have obviously been cooking this up for weeks or someone has very fraternal friends at court who can ensure prompt action. They have certainly been a little hurried on the paperwork, indicated by the careless errors and omissions contained therein, for instance: Apparently there is no issue of human rights involved in the claim; at least according to Simon Goacher, Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council’s Head of Legal and Democratic Services and (one assumes) a fully qualified solicitor, who should know better (and who is soooo important he even has a stamp for his signature).

There are two maps accompanying the council’s claim – Kyler’s, attached to her witness statement, and Area Highways Engineer, Ian McNiell’s, ‘exhibit ML.1′ – that both purport to ‘possess’ different strips of the verge (i.e. they are outlined and shaded in different places). Can you say ‘arbitrary’? I wonder if Kyler and Ian are on speaking terms. Maybe they were deprived of practise at colouring-in as children.

In the particulars of claim they have been very laconic with the details: “The occupants moved onto the land several weeks ago without licence or consent and despite requests have refused to move.” That rather omits to mention that our home was taken and destroyed, necessitating our establishment of another. Also, calling threats ‘requests’ is stretching it a bit, don’t you think?

Most offensively of all, Simon’s paperwork asserts we are ‘defendants’! Defendants defend in criminal cases and last time we checked the County Court entertains civil claims. Actually, that is not necessarily the most offensive thing: Kazz was disturbed to see herself identified as ‘Kazz Pranab’. Where do they get off with all their presumptions and assumptions?; ‘Up the Rebellion’, eh Rusty?

What are they after with all this?

(a) give the claimant possession of the land;

(b) pay the claimant’s costs of making this claim.

Haha, they’ll be lucky! How are they going to get any costs from us, given that we don’t do anything for money? Payment in kind? A pound of flesh (actually, I wouldn’t put it past these vampires), hard labour down at the mayor’s office?

For all those programmed peons who pay their council tax: this is what it is spent on. They know we have nothing and therefore would receive 100% non-repayable legal aid and no court would be able to issue fines against us because we have no means. So this is what your council tax really funds: lost causes. Well, actually, I tell a lie: at least 25% of your council tax goes on pensions for council staff. Reassuring, isn’t it, that even though the banks have been placing bets (and losing) with your pension funds, the council staff have a ready income stream to top theirs up.

There is a heap more to say about all this paperwork they kindly and enthusiastically (excuse the irony) delivered yesterday, their hopes and dreams that we might be scared of any of it, pack up and go somewhere else, etc. but Mally and Mike turned up earlier with some lovely double-glazed window units (including one with a gorgeous stained-glass, bevelled flower on it), half a shed and heaps of building materials, including more 1 by 1 hardwood sticks than you could shake a stick at, so to speak, and I’m itching to get doing some more building. Happy days!

Meanwhile, if anyone would be interested in haunting the public gallery of Chester County Court, Chester Civil (if only they were!) Justice (if only it was!) Centre, Trident House, Little St. John Street, Chester CH1 1SN at 10am on Friday the 14th, to witness and document ‘justice being done’ (if only!) we would be pleased of any reports. We would go ourselves, just for the sheer entertainment value, but we’re not the types to get caught up in fantasy and legal fictions; besides which, we’re likely to be busy building on Friday.

Hopefully Kazz will get the chance to blog some more later, so long as the batteries hold out or we get some fuel for the genny.

Love, peace, happiness and grace,
Prajna n Kazz