Summary, we won.

Thanks to all our dear friends who supported us and sent good vibes. This is what your vibes achieved:

1. The prosecution caved in at the 1st opportunity.
2. The judge gave the police a good ticking off.
3. Prajna was exonerated.
4. Case dismissed.

The court was very careful to avoid the matter of false arrest, which in itself would have won the case for us had it been addressed, and found a technical error in the PACE procedure, where the police had been informed that I wished to see the duty solicitor but pressed ahead with the procedure for obtaining a drugs sample despite not having obtained legal advice for me. Despite protestations from the prosecutor that in drink driving offences there is a ton of case law to suggest that police are entitled to overlook such considerations, time being of the essence because alcohol is metabolized quickly, and, he insisted, such cases were indistinguishable from this, the judge judged that on the contrary such cases were distinguishable in that class A drugs persisted in the system for considerably longer than alcohol and any delay caused by obtaining legal advice – a matter of perhaps a few minutes while they contacted the duty solicitor on the phone – was unlikely to prejudice the test. She said that she also judged that denying me the right to legal advice had prejudiced my rights and that police must behave rather more diligently in the future.

There’s plenty more to tell and we will blog it with full orchestration and 4 part harmony when we have time.

We had three wonderful friends who turned up at the court and we were very grateful to be able to share the experience with them. The after-party was most excellent too, thanks in part to the victory but in greatest part to Mally for giving us a little something to celebrate with, 1000 blessings upon him.

Great love to you all. Now it’s our turn and we already have legal aid in place with which to begin addressing the assaults, false arrest, unlawful imprisonment, over-holding, breaches of PACE and to recover our expenses, not to mention the marathon series of cases related to Camp Autolift last year.

Watch this space…

Love, peace, harmony & grace,
Prajna & Kali

Prajna in court

This Wednesday the 17th April Prajna is on trial for refusing to take a drug test, having been unlawfully arrested and detained for a ‘trigger offence’ (shoplifting, for which all charges were dropped as no evidence – unsurprising given that he’d not been shoplifting). Prajna and Kali were both violently kidnapped by an excessively violent police officer and will be presenting audio and video evidence that their ‘arrest’ was unlawful, and that this current prosecution is malicious and instigated only to justify an unlawful, excessively violent arrest.

Kali has been warned that to use the audio evidence may result in her being arrested for a ‘public order offence’ because she swears on the audio, even though the incident happened over 6 months ago and took place in private, and despite the fact that she was held for 23 hours before being released without charge
This threat is obviously intended to deter the couple from using evidence which categorically demonstrates the original arrest to have been unlawful – Kali can be heard in the audio questioning the police, (who at the time were beating and assaulting Prajna) regarding the necessity for arrest and asking at what point the arrest became necessary… questions which were met with dumb silence from the police officers.

Prajna and Kali feel that it would be wise to have as many witnesses as possible at the proceedings this Wednesday afternoon given the warnings/threats already made by their solicitor.

Regardless of the need for witnesses this should prove an interesting and informative day out for any who care to attend. 😉

Jail for justice

So my solicitor says you me, “But you wouldn’t want a criminal record would you?”, “Sure I would!”, says I, “I would consider it a badge of honour if injustice is done. All I am concerned with is that the truth should be heard in court. What the court does with that tells us the truth about the court.”

Here’s Anne Feeny backing me up:

Love, peace, happiness & grace,
Prajna & Kazz

Prajna in court

Hi folks. I find myself listed for court tomorrow charged with refuse/fail to give drugs test. You are required to give a sample for testing for crack, coke and heroin if you are arrested in certain police areas for certain ‘trigger’ offences. The key word here is ‘arrested’; I wasn’t. Police dropped the charges for the ‘trigger offence’ for lack of evidence but they continue to prosecute for refusing to undergo a drugs test. It should be a fun case because we have full CCTV showing the assault/alleged arrest that is completely consistent with our version of events and quite at variance with that of the officers involved.

So if you’re looking for entertainment tomorrow at about 1:45 and find yourself near the Community Justice Centre on Boundary St Liverpool then come along.

This is not with reference to Camp Autolift in particular, more cases to come regarding that, but should prove interesting.

Love, peace, happiness & grace.
Prajna & Kali

Listen up…

We thought you might like to listen to D’ArkCity Radio, Dom’s show from last night where Kali and Prajna were guests, talking about Camp Autolift, amongst other things. Here’s the podcast:

Love, peace, happiness & grace,
Prajna & Kali

Frackin’ Busses!

Ain’t it always the way… you’ve been waiting what seems like months for a new post and then they all come piling along, one after another.

The urgency of posting, this time, is simply that we have stumbled upon something that appears to be ‘news’ or current affairs, i.e. all this shooting shit. We thought it needed a little context.

Take the following article, for instance:

US Bullet Demand Hits ‘Unprecedented’ Levels

Did you see what they did there? By creating this very dodgy news event the Powers That Create Your Dismal Reality have precipitated a huge demand for weapons. Paradoxical, ain’t it? You’da thunk it would have put people off gunz’n’stuff but actually the opposite appears to have happened. Oooh, blowback? Nope, out and out, designed, ordained, cynically, nefariously-planned scamming of the gullible, X-Factor addicted Umerikan public.

Step 1: encourage them all to buy more gunz’n’ammo.
Step 2: outlaw the aforesaid gunz’n’ammo, thus fleecing your herd.
Step 3: Profit!

For some real context, take a little listen to Jello Biafra on the subject:

Love, peace, happiness & grace,
Prajna & Kali

Happy Frackin’ Holiday Season

Namaste friends and family,

So here we are, ‘celebrating’ the first big lie (or maybe it was the second, the first being ‘You are xxxxx [insert name here]’).

The first (or maybe second) big lie is the father christmas bullshit and getting you to swallow that lie is critical to having you unconsciously accept that you will spend your life surrounded by lies dressed up as theories, beliefs, ‘white’ lies, politeness, diplomacy, etc. etc. etc…

One of our sacred human rights, apparently, is to have the full weight of international law protect our right to hold whatever unexamined, bullshit beliefs we choose and a great deal of effort is expended to ensure we have some such beliefs to protect.

But why do we need to believe at all? Why is belief protected and knowledge denied us? Don’t think it is so? Anything worth knowing is kept from us because it is Top Secret or Not In The Public Interest or Commercial In Confidence (the reason more and more is diverted from Public, FOI vulnerable information, to private companies and NGOs) and patented and copyrighted.

Once you know something there is no need to believe it. Even when you don’t know there is no need for belief; you simply recognize and acknowledge that you don’t know. Yet people are encouraged to form beliefs and opinions on things they haven’t even begun to investigate.

The problem is that when one does begin to investigate anything of import one tends to run into truths that can rock your world, truths that seem to invalidate all of the most strongly held beliefs (usually because they are the most strongly indoctrinated).

What do you do when you discover that a widely-held belief is bullshit? You can’t just confront people with the truth; they have been indoctrinated not only to believe something different but to find the truth utterly incredible.

So 21/12/2012 came and went and Quetzacotal didn’t turn up to save or destroy the planet so now it is time to wake up and do something. The first something you can do is to begin to drop beliefs and replace them with knowledge and uncertainty.

Uncertainty? Well sure: one of our failings is that we are far too certain of things we know nothing about. Kali and I were talking, a while ago, about someone who had done assertiveness training. My observation was, “But she is stupid! All assertiveness training will achieve is to allow her to be stupid with more confidence and conviction!” And that’s a danger for all of us.

So this post we’ll try to show you just how mistaken you have been programmed to be about one particular subject, who did it and how:

The mafia is Italian, right? Everyone knows that. There are books and films about it, articles in newspapers and magazines; in fact we are surrounded with evidence of the fact. Watch the following documentary and then see if you still believe the same:

For a little light relief and positive news after that bulletin we’d like to introduce you to some friends of ours – Theo and Shannon with their band Seize The Day – who have been campaigning for truth for many years. They won the Radio 3 World Music Listener’s Award but were denied it because Radio 3 didn’t want them to express their Anti-War views; Radio 3 claimed their support was political rather than musical. Humph!

We love them because they don’t just ‘write about it’, they, like us, live the truth and then write about it. Here’s a vid they made for their Faslane 365 action:

This year we hope you’ll stop worrying, wake up and do something positive to counter the lawless and corrupt system run by bankers and other criminals, and start to live the lives you want rather than live the lives (or die the deaths) these vampires are intent forcing you into.

Love, peace, happiness & grace,
Prajna & Kali

You have Henrietta’s Cancer

Hi friends, family and interested onlookers.

Sorry this is not an update on Prajna and Kazz’s most recent adventures; most of what we would like to write about just now is sub judice.

Instead, let me tell you about a black woman called Henrietta Lacks, who died of an extremely agressive cancer of the cervix in 1951.

A biopsy of her tumour was given to a scientist called Dr George O. Gey at the Tissue Culture Laboratory in the Department of Surgery at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland for research purposes. For 20 years Dr Gey had been studying “the isolation and maintenance of normal and malignant or otherwise diseased tissues as temporary or stable organoids or as derived cell strains.”

WTF does that mean?

Well, it means he was trying to create an immortalised cell line, a collection of cells that could reproduce in vitro (in a test tube) without dying out. You see, normally cells can only reproduce a limited number of times, a concept called cellular senescence.

Dr Gey discovered that Henrietta’s malignant cancer cells didn’t stop reproducing. In fact they reproduced prolifically in a mixture of chicken plasma (chicken blood), bovine embryo extract (ground-up baby calves) and human placental cord serum.

Up until this point scientists had struggled to test or develop anything using human cells because much of their effort was engaged in simply keeping the cells alive. This breakthrough led very quickly to the development of a polio vaccine by the famous Jonas Salk, using Henrietta’s cells (which Dr Gey dubbed HeLa cells) to test the vaccine. The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis created a cell production scheme using HeLa cells for the mass production of Salk’s vaccine.

Hela cells have been used to research into cancer, AIDS, the effects of radiation and toxic substances, gene mapping, and many other scientific pursuits. In fact, nearly all tests on so-called ‘human cells’ have actually been tested on Henrietta’s aggressively malignant cancer cells. Even most research that claims to have been tested on other cell lines turns out to have been carried out on Hela cells instead, because HeLa has been found to have contaminated laboratories worldwide; many biologists call HeLa a ‘weed’.

Who hasn’t been vaccinated against polio? Those who haven’t may be lucky enough not to have any of Henrietta’s cancer cells in them. But most likely even those fortunate few are contaminated because most cellular biology research and vaccine production has been based on HeLa; on cancer cells rather than healthy human cells (because healthy human cells aren’t immortal in vitro).

Genetic Engineering also owes an incalculable debt to Henrietta Lacks’ cancer cells. Perhaps nearly every frankensteinian branch of science with even the most tenuous link to biology has only become possible and pervasive thanks to the discovery of HeLa cells and their offspring.

This is only the most brief introduction to the subject. The rabbit-hole goes deep and gets scarier the deeper you go. I haven’t even mentioned the really scary shit: do an internet search for Hela lateral gene transfer if you can stomach it (and if you have enough grounding in biology to understand what all the resulting scientific articles are actually saying).

We’ll leave you with the video.

Love, peace, happiness & grace,
Prajna & Kazz

Dirty little (nuclear) arms dealer

Namaste friends and family,

All through our ordeals we have referred to Gandhi’s statement “Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state is lawless and corrupt.”

We think it is about time people realised quite how lawless and corrupt ‘our’ state is.

Everyone knows that David Cameron is a dirtly little arms dealer but few are talking about the following:

In the summer of 1989 David Cameron was sent to South Africa, accompanied by Sir Kenneth Warren and Dr David Kelly, to purchase three 20Kt ready-for-use transportable battlefield nuclear weapons, because Maggie Thatcher intended to use them against Sadam Hussein if he were to use chemical or biological weapons against our troops.

In the event the weapons were not used and it appears they just disappeared. No great loss for the tory party, who received a £17.8million ‘cashback’ on the purchase.

Here are some leads for more info and to help you to reassure yourselves that we are not making this up:

Martin Summers speaking about it on youtube:

The main story:
David Cameron & the history leading up to him

David Kelly was later killed to stop him telling the story. That is something you can research for yourself.

Another event that appears to be connected was the death of Tory MP Christopher Shale and perhaps even that of Robin Cook MP:
Murder, Glastonbury and the Nuclear Nightmare
and this
Christopher Shale murder linked to that of Dr. David Kelly

A post by Tony Gosling on the forum sheds more light:
911forum thread

As does the following Palestine Telegraph article:
The US and UK lost three nuclear weapons each

These may not be main-stream media outlets but at least the Independent reported the bare fact of Cameron’s visit to SA:
Cameron’s freebie to apartheid South Africa

If you find out more please let us know. You could let the police know too, but when did they ever investigate anything of major significance? They seem to be very hesitent to address the paedophilia cases that have been put in front of them.

Addendum, Dec 2013: Here are some more links regarding this story:

(YouTube) David Cameron secret 1989 S. Africa nuclear arms deal

Wayne Maddison Report

Love, peace, harmony and grace,
Prajna & Kazz


Dear, dear Max, thank you for this admission. The paedophile police (sorry about the ambiguity) will be knocking on your door shortly to examine all this evidence.

Love, Prajna and Kazz (bringing attention to corruption wherever they find it)