Namaste to all our friends and family.

It seems tomorrow is D-Day again. Today we were visited by a court bailiff who served more worthless, fraudulent and powerless pieces of paper on us again, this time they are headed “NOTICE OF EVICTION”. Worthless, fraudulent and powerless those pieces of paper may be but they cast spells over brainless idiots who are being forced to act unlawfully and against their nature under threat of the loss of their jobs and we realise that people will do anything (short of be true to their own nature) in order to get not only their existential needs but also the wants and greedy gratifications they have been programmed to think are their just compensation for suffering under such oppression.

So, what’s the plan?

As ever there is no plan because we do not know what it is we face. Will they send human beings here who are susceptible to reason or ugly, ignorant thugs? We really don’t know but all of our experience here suggests the latter and we should be prepared to face that.

Actually, our experience is not entirely defined by those utterly devoid of reason: PC Dave (who still receives a ribbing at work whenever we give him any credit for being human rather than officious and unreasonable) is the one official who has paid attention to our stated position here. He bade us farewell today, saying that whatever happens tomorrow that he will not take part because he does not agree with what is being proposed. Poor Dave has suffered the brunt of our passion about the way we have been treated and the hypocrisy and downright dishonesty that we are confronted with. We hope to meet Dave socially one of these days when all of this is over.

Meanwhile, on with the preparations:

We ask all our friends who have examined themselves deeply enough to recognise themselves as completely peaceful, compassionate people, if they have the time and means to get here (sharing lifts if necessary), to be here tomorrow as observers and documenters so that we can record the truth of those in authority – whether they will respond to rhyme and reason or whether they will resort to the only real authority they have: force.

The eviction notice, a diktat by any real definition, states we must be gone by 12:30 PM on the 26th of September 2012, which is tomorrow from where we are sitting.

The court bailiff refused to commit herself as to whether force would be used to move us. Instead she insisted that 12:30 would move us. Doesn’t that just show how much fluoride such people must consume: I pointed out to her that 12:30 is a time and such things have no muscles with which to act but still she would not admit to whether force would be employed. Again, if they were proud of, or even at ease with, what they are doing there would be no difficulty in them being honest about it. Nothing in what they have done or are doing is honest. Let’s see if they have a change of heart, or, indeed, any kind of heart or conscience, tomorrow.

If you are in any doubt whether you can trust yourself to remain cool, calm and collected then we will be happy to make do with your best wishes rather than your presence. Otherwise please come if you can and bring video cameras and any other means of recording; the more the merrier. For those who can’t make it, watch this space, we’ll blog more as soon as we can.

The rest of today will be spent moving the most critical things off site (though we find it galling to respond to their tyranny even to that extent). We hope to have the means to move the caravan tomorrow in the event they do not see reason, even though we anticipate the risk that they may be entirely thuggish and prevent us from doing so; that would just go even further to show the kind of despicable beings they are.

We would also be pleased if some who come tomorrow come a little earlier than the designated 12:30 PM in order to video the camp, as a record in case these idiots fail in their duty of care to anything they might seize.

Again, Namaste, peace, love, happiness and grace,

Prajna & Kazz

One thought on “D-Day

  1. good morning everyone , well this could very well be the last day of phase 1 camp autolift , regardless of what today brings it has been an absoloute pleasure to meet everyone who has been a part of this even those driving past beeping there horns .

    the best part of this that stands out so far for me was the day the bust stoped alongside the caravan and driver jumped off with couple of bags of shopping saying 2 elderly ladies insisted he give the shopping to camp as we where standing up for our rights and against this corrupt society .

    anyway for everyone today is going to be an extremly long day and again please please please ” to all supporters comming today ” we are non violent peace group and we will not tolerate any form of violence regardless of circumstances , please remember even if the bullly baliffs get handy with there fists there are a number of video cameras and photographers attending to document everything .

    heres to a good day and the start of phase 2 , please keep following blog as there will be hours and hours of video from all angles and thousands of photos , its been a pleasure and stay safe all namaste alan .