Summary, we won.

Thanks to all our dear friends who supported us and sent good vibes. This is what your vibes achieved:

1. The prosecution caved in at the 1st opportunity.
2. The judge gave the police a good ticking off.
3. Prajna was exonerated.
4. Case dismissed.

The court was very careful to avoid the matter of false arrest, which in itself would have won the case for us had it been addressed, and found a technical error in the PACE procedure, where the police had been informed that I wished to see the duty solicitor but pressed ahead with the procedure for obtaining a drugs sample despite not having obtained legal advice for me. Despite protestations from the prosecutor that in drink driving offences there is a ton of case law to suggest that police are entitled to overlook such considerations, time being of the essence because alcohol is metabolized quickly, and, he insisted, such cases were indistinguishable from this, the judge judged that on the contrary such cases were distinguishable in that class A drugs persisted in the system for considerably longer than alcohol and any delay caused by obtaining legal advice – a matter of perhaps a few minutes while they contacted the duty solicitor on the phone – was unlikely to prejudice the test. She said that she also judged that denying me the right to legal advice had prejudiced my rights and that police must behave rather more diligently in the future.

There’s plenty more to tell and we will blog it with full orchestration and 4 part harmony when we have time.

We had three wonderful friends who turned up at the court and we were very grateful to be able to share the experience with them. The after-party was most excellent too, thanks in part to the victory but in greatest part to Mally for giving us a little something to celebrate with, 1000 blessings upon him.

Great love to you all. Now it’s our turn and we already have legal aid in place with which to begin addressing the assaults, false arrest, unlawful imprisonment, over-holding, breaches of PACE and to recover our expenses, not to mention the marathon series of cases related to Camp Autolift last year.

Watch this space…

Love, peace, harmony & grace,
Prajna & Kali