Wet, wet, wet

Dear friends,

today has been largely quiet, due, in large part, to the rain. That has actually been a blessing for me because my voice has been fading after yesterday’s, seemingly non-stop, conversations (indeed, some may accuse that they were predominantly monologues).

We are still receiving wonderful support and have enjoyed a couple of the most blissful days, despite the intrusions of authority and the more welcome intrusions of the press. Blissful because of the wonderful encounters with old friends and many new friends.

We have been overwhelmed to have visits from Tilly, Greg and Emma, with their baby daughter, Maya, my newest niece. Marcel returned with his wife, Nell and tiny baby, Babette; Rusty The Man aka Rusty The Sheriff, Karen, Big Mike, John and Tina; Dom, wonderful Commonly Known As Dom, who stayed a couple of nights with us; Dearest Rob, who has loaned us his precious generator and two huge tarps, which we just need to find some rope and perhaps some scaffolding to rig; Nial, who lives locally and has paid us many visits, bringing the most excellent gifts that have helped so much with our comfort here; Allan, almost every day, to bring us news and love and making sure we are not suffering for lack of anything. Alan also has been on top of updating Facebook and various Freeman forums; Angus, who has been running errands, picking people up, turning up with the most incredibly useful things, like an inverter, grills for over the dunhi fire, a superb camping stove and cans of gas, …; Marty, who gets a lift from time to time and brings us goodies, makes sure Camp Autolift is seen in all the skype groups.

Then there are all the people who have dropped by to hear why we are here and the most generous people who have passed by, seen us, and returned with milk, cakes, bread, tea, fruit, sandwiches, … We are so grateful to all of them.

Is it any wonder we feel bliss?

Someone came to visit a few days ago, bringing her daughter who shyly put a 20p piece in a little pot by the fire. That’s a pot for anyone who needs to take a little in order to get something for our camp and for anyone who would like to help and can’t think of anything more direct to do. Her mum then mentioned a camping toilet and Kazzie’s eyes lit up. “Kazz would love you forever if you can find her a toilet.” I said. True to her word, she delivered a camping toilet the next morning. Kazz’s bliss was complete. Poor Kazz has had to bear so much in support of my crazy spiritual fanaticism (if you view it as such).

The tooting and waving we receive throughout the day lifts our spirits and delights our visitors. I even received a wave from a director of Autolift today, can you imagine? Perhaps it was a reflex, you know the kind of thing, where you find yourself returning a wave without thinking and then suddenly realise what you are doing. But the truth is I received two waves from him today and I doubt that kind of reflex happens twice in a row. Who knows, we may even be on speaking terms before long!

Wouldn’t that be something? Today, for instance, it was pissing with rain and the run-off from this end of the yard, several artic trailers, was flowing down to our camp and soaking the ashes of the dunhi fire. I scraped a small channel in the ground to divert the water, with some success. Before long PCs Dave and Matt turned up ‘to make sure we were ok’, oh, and someone at Autolift had called them to say we were digging culverts and carrying out major earthworks that threatened to undermine their entire establishment (or such appeared to be the sentiment of the complaint). Dave and Matt inspected my puny engineering feat and said, “I guess you can kick that flat before you leave, can’t you?”
I can’t believe that it was only a week or so ago that I was arrested for wasting police time (because I reported what appeared to be a genuine terrorist threat to the Olympics; I say ‘genuine terrorist threat’ when I should more accurately have said, ‘genuine false-flag genocide dressed up to look like a terrorist incident’.) and here is Autolift calling out two bobbies to investigate a scrape on the ground.

Anyway, I managed to have a very nice chat with Matt, in particular, about our situation; pointing out that everything I do for others I do for the community, not in order to get things for myself. If I give to the community without taxing those for whom I perform a service or give something that is needed then how can anyone tax me? Sure I use the roads, but they are community roads; in the same way I give to the community in the way I do best, others give to the community by building and maintaining roads. The only difference at present is that the one who builds roads is being paid to do it and HAS to be paid to do it because he has to work to live.

How insane is that? Work for whatever reason you like – because you love to do a particular thing, like carpentry, as our friend Rob does; or because there is something magnificent you would like to create or achieve; or, best of all, because you can do something or make something that will make someone happy – but why would anyone work to live?

You were born to live and whatever you need to live is yours by right: water, food, shelter, clothing, healing. Beyond that you also have a right to live with dignity. Whoever charges you anything for any of these existential needs is entering you into slavery because you will have to work for them. This is the ultimate in mistrust; mistrust of self, mistrust of others and mistrust in the universe itself. Somehow we have to learn to trust again.

Our trust has been destroyed by the same people who have taught us to fear everything. Our fear has allowed us to be controlled, our communities to be destroyed, families made dysfunctional and has robbed us of our playfulness, creativity and imagination.

And so I could go on; and you can be sure that I will if they insist on providing me with an even bigger forum, like, say, a Jury and press box. But enough for now.

Kazz’s mum came today. I greeted her with “See what I get your daughter into?” She brought lots of good things with her, including lots of girlie things for Kazz. Mums know about such things. Gladys has been very supportive of us and is contemplating joining a peace camp in Palestine to oversee the olive harvest there.

I’m sure there’s a ton I’ve left out and there are still people to thank but it is 2 am. Pray for some sun for us tomorrow.

Love, peace, happiness and grace,
Prajna and Kazz

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