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We thought you might like to listen to D’ArkCity Radio, Dom’s show from last night where Kali and Prajna were guests, talking about Camp Autolift, amongst other things. Here’s the podcast:

Love, peace, happiness & grace,
Prajna & Kali

Frackin’ Busses!

Ain’t it always the way… you’ve been waiting what seems like months for a new post and then they all come piling along, one after another.

The urgency of posting, this time, is simply that we have stumbled upon something that appears to be ‘news’ or current affairs, i.e. all this shooting shit. We thought it needed a little context.

Take the following article, for instance:

US Bullet Demand Hits ‘Unprecedented’ Levels

Did you see what they did there? By creating this very dodgy news event the Powers That Create Your Dismal Reality have precipitated a huge demand for weapons. Paradoxical, ain’t it? You’da thunk it would have put people off gunz’n’stuff but actually the opposite appears to have happened. Oooh, blowback? Nope, out and out, designed, ordained, cynically, nefariously-planned scamming of the gullible, X-Factor addicted Umerikan public.

Step 1: encourage them all to buy more gunz’n’ammo.
Step 2: outlaw the aforesaid gunz’n’ammo, thus fleecing your herd.
Step 3: Profit!

For some real context, take a little listen to Jello Biafra on the subject:

Love, peace, happiness & grace,
Prajna & Kali

Happy Frackin’ Holiday Season

Namaste friends and family,

So here we are, ‘celebrating’ the first big lie (or maybe it was the second, the first being ‘You are xxxxx [insert name here]’).

The first (or maybe second) big lie is the father christmas bullshit and getting you to swallow that lie is critical to having you unconsciously accept that you will spend your life surrounded by lies dressed up as theories, beliefs, ‘white’ lies, politeness, diplomacy, etc. etc. etc…

One of our sacred human rights, apparently, is to have the full weight of international law protect our right to hold whatever unexamined, bullshit beliefs we choose and a great deal of effort is expended to ensure we have some such beliefs to protect.

But why do we need to believe at all? Why is belief protected and knowledge denied us? Don’t think it is so? Anything worth knowing is kept from us because it is Top Secret or Not In The Public Interest or Commercial In Confidence (the reason more and more is diverted from Public, FOI vulnerable information, to private companies and NGOs) and patented and copyrighted.

Once you know something there is no need to believe it. Even when you don’t know there is no need for belief; you simply recognize and acknowledge that you don’t know. Yet people are encouraged to form beliefs and opinions on things they haven’t even begun to investigate.

The problem is that when one does begin to investigate anything of import one tends to run into truths that can rock your world, truths that seem to invalidate all of the most strongly held beliefs (usually because they are the most strongly indoctrinated).

What do you do when you discover that a widely-held belief is bullshit? You can’t just confront people with the truth; they have been indoctrinated not only to believe something different but to find the truth utterly incredible.

So 21/12/2012 came and went and Quetzacotal didn’t turn up to save or destroy the planet so now it is time to wake up and do something. The first something you can do is to begin to drop beliefs and replace them with knowledge and uncertainty.

Uncertainty? Well sure: one of our failings is that we are far too certain of things we know nothing about. Kali and I were talking, a while ago, about someone who had done assertiveness training. My observation was, “But she is stupid! All assertiveness training will achieve is to allow her to be stupid with more confidence and conviction!” And that’s a danger for all of us.

So this post we’ll try to show you just how mistaken you have been programmed to be about one particular subject, who did it and how:

The mafia is Italian, right? Everyone knows that. There are books and films about it, articles in newspapers and magazines; in fact we are surrounded with evidence of the fact. Watch the following documentary and then see if you still believe the same:

For a little light relief and positive news after that bulletin we’d like to introduce you to some friends of ours – Theo and Shannon with their band Seize The Day – who have been campaigning for truth for many years. They won the Radio 3 World Music Listener’s Award but were denied it because Radio 3 didn’t want them to express their Anti-War views; Radio 3 claimed their support was political rather than musical. Humph!

We love them because they don’t just ‘write about it’, they, like us, live the truth and then write about it. Here’s a vid they made for their Faslane 365 action:

This year we hope you’ll stop worrying, wake up and do something positive to counter the lawless and corrupt system run by bankers and other criminals, and start to live the lives you want rather than live the lives (or die the deaths) these vampires are intent forcing you into.

Love, peace, happiness & grace,
Prajna & Kali

FOI, Removing Consent to be Governed and Lawful Rebellion

Oh, and one or two small constitutional matters…

Dear me hearties,
What follows is my most recent correspondence with the entirely corrupt house of westminster:

“Dear Cabinet Office,

On 14th November 2012 the Home Office forwarded to you a FOIR sent by myself. To date there has been no response forthcoming from yourselves. I copy the original request here for your convenience:

“During my British Politics 101 class several years ago I was taught that all democratic government is by consent. Naturally, if the UK is indeed a democracy, we too are governed by consent. However, despite much research into the subject I have not yet been able to ascertain exactly how consent is removed or withheld by the people of these islands. I have discovered that the words ‘none of the above’ cannot, by statue, be used on a UK voting ballot. I have gathered also that non-participation in elections is interpreted to give tacit consent to be governed. I also know that during the last nation-wide elections for the EU parliament only 36% of the eligible electorate bothered to participate, suggesting that the other 64% have at lest some reservations about the nature of government in this country. My question, therefore, is a simple one: how in the UK does one remove consent to be governed?”

Your lack of response to date is, although unsurprising, very telling… or maybe my original FOIR was ‘lost in the post’ as they say?

I therefore put you on notice that your continued silence will be interpreted to confirm that ‘democracy’ in this country, as in the European Union (though the sham there is barely even pretended), is nothing better than an illusion of democracy and that in fact we do live in a dictatorship, as we have on these islands for generations.

Notwithstanding, I draw your attention to article 61 of the Magna Carta 1215 (which you can read at the following link – ) This constitutional document requires the people of these islands to rise up in Lawful Rebellion against tyrannical dictators; provided, of course that certain conditions have been met… and indeed those conditions have been long since met. In February 2001 Lord Ashbourne handed HRHQE11 a petition signed by twenty-six Peers of the realm (who were formerly the land barons refereed to in Magna Carta 1215).

This petition calling for HMHQE11 to defend british rights and freedoms can be read in its entirety, along with accompanying notes and interpretations, at the following link –

“And if we, or our chief Justiciar (should we be out of the kingdom) do not redress the grievance within forty days of the time when it was brought to the notice of us or our chief Justiciar (should we be out of the kingdom), the aforesaid four barons shall refer the case to the rest of the twenty-five barons and those twenty-five barons with the whole community of the land shall distrain and distress us in every way they can, namely by taking of castles, estates and possessions, and in such other ways as they can, excepting (attack on) our person and those of our queen and of our children”

Additional to this is the plain fact that the entire constitution of this Nation has been usurped. – There can be no Nation State that is not properly and lawfully constituted and agreed to by the
people, as the whole notion of a ‘Nation State’ is a ‘legal fiction’ which exists only on paper and in the minds of men, i.e. a Nation State NOT a real thing in its own right – The claim of ‘Parliamentary Sovereignty’ as somehow ‘constitutional’ is, frankly, ludicrous. You do hang some pretty spectacular mirrors though, and blow out so much toxic smoke it’s unsurprising that the people of these islands have endured your noxious rule for so long; blinded as we have been by your propaganda dressed up as ‘Public Relations’, some spurious pretence at ‘respectability’, the systemic economic dependence that has been maliciously built into all of our lives (indeed our very culture and customs), the people processing centres known as schools where each of us is sent to be trained for life under the rule of an entirely lawless and entirely corrupt (from its inception) Palace of Westminster, your unending brutality, and the lack of access to any kind of justice for those of us not ‘blue blooded’ (inbred) enough to gain access to the pockets, or to the secrets, of the judiciary of this State.

I could continue to list instances of your lawlessness, corruption and excess – from an entirely illegal secret nuclear arms deal with Armaments Corporation of South Africa SOC Ltd, conducted by your current ‘Prime Minister’, David Cameron, in 1989 (see; to countless of your number being named by victims of prolific and powerful paedophile rings as the perpetrators of the sadistic sexual abuse, which they endured. (Of course you take any and all power you have from those you abuse and control, without whom you would and will be entirely nothing, just as any parasite is nothing without a host.) – I could highlight the ‘Common Purpose’ which your mind control operatives are imposing around this nation I could go on and on, but I would rather give my precious time to something more befitting me.

You may now consider me to be in full Lawful Rebellion as is my duty, not only in accordance with the constitution of this Nation but also in accordance with my own conscience as a peaceful, lore
abiding, living, sentient, female man.

Yours faithfully,
Kali Prajita – formerly K. Lucas”


Hope you enjoyed it…. more ‘n one way to skin a cat ya know. 😉

Love n hugs
Kali & Prajna


Dear, dear Max, thank you for this admission. The paedophile police (sorry about the ambiguity) will be knocking on your door shortly to examine all this evidence.

Love, Prajna and Kazz (bringing attention to corruption wherever they find it)

Saville huh?

When Tony Blair took office following a landslide victory in 1997, few commentators would have suggested that this man would be willing to drag his country into a war of unjustified aggression against a people that have done no harm to the British public. Nor would anyone have surmised that a Labour government would hitch its political fortunes to a shabby cabal of fanatical neoconservative Zionists working to make real their much-touted biblical Armageddon. And no one could have predicted that Blair’s nominally “Christian” administration would transform itself into a licentious club of flamboyant homosexual cruisers and out-of-control paedophiles.

But it is now becoming shockingly clear that the slavish adherence of Tony Blair and Jack Straw to the Bush line on Iraq may have less to do with principled arguments, and much more to do with the fear of CIA and FBI revelations that would make them two of the most hated politicians in modern British political history.

Those are the penultimate and ultimate paragraphs of a mind-blowing article called Blair’s Protection of Elite Paedophile Rings Spells the End For His Career by Mike James on Propaganda Matrix.

Believe it or not, that article was published in 2003. We think it is about time people woke up to the nature of those who are controlling their lives and that anybody who really does wake up to that will find that they can’t bring themselves to have anything to do with a system that puts such people in power rather than in prison.

Prajna and Kazz

It Just Gets Gorier!

So, Prajna and I were preparing to collect our belongings, held in storage by Cheshire West & Chester Council, and to set up camp at a site in Hooton which a friend had offered for our use. Prajna was particularly keen to get there and commence re-building our shelter and I warmed to the idea once I saw the location of our new camp. However….

We called the Gypsy Traveller (sorry, I mean Autolift) Liaison Officer to make arrangements for the collection of our belongings and were informed by her that we were being charged for storage and that our things wouldn’t be released to us until the outstanding amount had been paid. She also informed us that our property would be ‘disposed of’ after the 24th October should we fail to collect it, thus giving us just 8 days to stump up £652!

She said that we had been noticed of their intention to charge us for removal and storage of our belongings in the eviction notice we’d been given. This is untrue… we know because we have every single piece of paper these common purpose drones have given us and there is not one mention in any of those documents about charges for removal and storage of out property! Failure to notify us of their intention to charge us entirely voids their claim.

She quoted the Local Government (miscellaneous provisions) Act 1982 in support of her claim. Obviously the council bods concerned, unlike myself and Prajna, haven’t bothered to read the Act they’re referencing as it is in no way applicable to the circumstances at hand.

Subsequent to that initial conversation we contacted the councils legal services and arranged for them to hold onto our stuff for a further two months, pending our legal action against the council and others.

We asked that all of this be put in writing and sent to us. Two days later the autolift liaison officer called to confirm what we needed from her in writing and for a postal address. During this call it transpired that the council had unilaterally changed the terms of our agreement (read verbal contract) and reduced the time we had to one month. Tut tut! Do these people know nothing of the law which they claim gives them authority over us? It seems not!

Finally, one week later the requested documentation arrived.

This time the council are quoting the Torts (interference with goods) act 1977 in order to justify their extortion. And once again it appears that they haven’t bothered to read the legislation they’re referencing.

The so called ‘itinerary’ of our belongings that they have in storage is a joke, with many items being listed twice or more and many, many items not listed at all(!) including our caravan, timber, tarp’s, salamander space/warehouse heater, stock pots etc, etc. These omission are of particular concern as they wish to also charge us for the hire of two skips – presumably these skips were used to dispose of our building materials (and when I say ‘dispose of’ what I actually mean is take for themselves a significant amount of good quality timber and other building materials and items of value generally).

So, once again, without lawful or legal excuse, the powers that be are holding our existential needs to ransom.

We’ve been hard at work over the last few weeks studying relevant legislation, case law, codes of practice and rules which those claiming authority over us must follow. And we have found our oppressors wanting from the very beginning, when we were initially stopped by a cop with NO authority to stop us, and at every single turn since that initial, unlawful, unauthorised stop.

We have a 17 point complaint written up and quote statute, case law and codes of practice/rules in reams of supporting documentation we’re gathering. It’s only a question now of getting the right advice on the best way to move forward (there are several options open to us, but knowing where to begin and how to proceed is a little daunting). Our friends, Andy and Val, have put us into contact with a friend of theirs who works as a barrister (unlike ‘barrister Jack’ who does not!). We’ve sent her an outline of our complaint and have had one brief chat with her. We’re now waiting to hear back from her, hopefully today.

We also need to pay a visit to our friends John and Tina, who are also in a position to advise and guide.

In the meantime we’re living with friends in Liverpool in a house that is up for sale. We have no idea how long we have here, all we know is that the place must be sold before July.

The fight goes on!

Much love to you all,
Kazz and Prajna. xxx

Stand by, system resetting…

Well… it’s all falling apart for them.

All their evil schemes are crashing down and their corruption, lawlessness and inhumanity is being exposed to the world. The alternative media is bringing the truth errupting to the surface and long-planned, long-prepared schemes are unravelling.

First there was the plot to vaccinate the world with poisons and perhaps worse in 2009; foiled by brave and carefully-researched exposure by Jane Burgermeister. Then the plot to create a false-flag terrorist event at the London Olympics using G4S; exposed by Ben Fellows.

Ben also features today in an expose on UK Column Live about paedophilia in the BBC and entertainment industry generally. He outs Ken Clark from personal experience.

skip to the 45 minute mark for Ben’s interview.

There has been talk on the net for a while that we are in the ‘end game’. That was ment to mean the-powers-that-be are ramping things up towards apocolypse but it is looking more like it will be game over for TPTB instead.

Prajna and Kazz

Jury of our peers

Namaste friends and family,

should we find ourselves, one day, in front of a jury we would hope to find that they really are our peers. Our peers are aware of the state of this planet and the evil scheme by a few banking families to carry out genocide on a worldaround scale. They know about the ‘charity’ Common Purpose. They are familiar with what is happening in Mali and Libya, on the internet, in their pockets, in vaccines, and in the sky.

They will pay attention to news channels like UK Column, have watched films like Thrive and will know that the only thing to fear is fear itself.

Our peers, when they hear something like – “It is a big idea, a New World Order, where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause…When we are successful, and we will be, we have a real chance at this New World Order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peace-keeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN’s founders.” – George H. W. Bush, UN speech Sept. 11, 1991 – will be the first to ask “Who are the founders of the UN and what is their promise and vision?”

We wonder why others don’t ask such questions.

This is just the beginning of how aware our peers must be.

By the way, we hold our critics to the same standard that we hold our peers.

…more news soon on phase 2…

Love, peace, happiness & grace,
Prajna and Kazz

The Gory Detail

Hello dear reader,

It’s been a while since I last wrote anything substantial for this blog, but having somewhat recovered from spending three months on the side of the A41 and from the events surrounding our eviction from Camp Autolift it’s time to get writing.


Following the county court’s arbitrary decision that we should vacate the site ‘forthwith’ and their apparent failure to take further action, we decided that the only prudent thing for us to do was to continue the construction and development of our camp (once we’d recovered from our bouts of flu) so that we might be better prepared for winter if necessary.

This we proceeded to do until, on the morning of 25th September, we were given notice by a court bailiff that the bailiffs would be out at 12.30 the following day to remove us from the site. Prajna quizzed her as to whether violence would be used to remove us and she vehemently denied it, saying “Oh no! We never use violence”. Prajna persisted and asked if they would use ‘reasonable force’. Her response was to ignore the question and to avoid eye contact. In typical disingenuous and cowardly fashion the female bailiff concerned stooped to accusing Prajna of raising his hand to strike her when he gestured that she needed to attach her notice to the nearby lamp-post rather than to our door frame. Thankfully PC Dave was there to witness her dishonesty and promptly ushered her away from our make-shift home.

We spent the rest of the day making preparations for the upcoming eviction, ensuring that our most needed items were moved from the camp in advance.

The following morning we were visited by our friend Angus, who’d come along to see if he could help with the removal of our things before 12.30. And thank goodness he was there! At 9.30 the police turned up to arrest Prajna on the spurious excuse of non-payment of fines, working in collusion with the magistrates court and the local council.

Prajna was violently arrested and taken away in cuffs fastened so tightly behind his back that he was crying out in pain. I also cried out when I saw just how tightly he’d been ‘restrained’. As is our habit when dealing with ‘officials’, particularly those who claim ‘authority’ over us, we recorded the whole event.

Prajna was taken directly to the magistrates court where, upon arrival, he asked to see a doctor. This request was repeated many times in response to the police and court staff going through their admittance procedures, during which they removed his hat and mala, even though he informed them that these form part of his religious beliefs and practices. I’m sure I don’t have to explain that in removing these items they breached their own codes of practice regarding respect for religious and philosophical beliefs.

Each time Prajna declined to respond to their questions an officer standing behind him twisted the handcuffs, imagining that inflicting pain would make him comply. All it served to do was to elicit more cries of pain and further insistence that a doctor attend.

Eventually Prajna was locked in a cell, still restrained by the horrifically tight cuffs – the cause of the pain for which he was insisting on seeing a doctor – and still without his hat.

He remained locked in that cell for several hours, unable to sit, which caused him even more pain, unable to ring the buzzer for attention, unable, even, to take a pee! Needless to say this treatment goes against all of their so called ‘laws’ and codes of practice regarding torture, restraint and the treatment of those in their custody.

Eventually Prajna was asked if he would like to see a solicitor. “I need to see a doctor!” responded Prajna.

After some time Prajna was put back in the cage in the back of a police van and taken to the A & E department of the Countess of Chester hospital, still in cuffs. At this point Prajna was in so much pain that, as the hospital staff asked their standard questions in their busy reception, he had his head on the reception desk as he explained that the cuffs were being used to torture him, that no agency in the UK has authority to torture anyone, and that he needed a doctor to examine his wrists to witness that the cuffs had been applied in such a manner as to inflict pain, suffering and compliance rather than for restraint (even restraint has to be justified in the circumstances; there are no circumstances that authorise the use of torture). Added to this was the offence and affront to his religious and spiritual practices due to being paraded in public without his hat.

The handcuffs were removed just a minute or two before the triage nurse came to examine him, so that she was not able to observe how they had been applied, only that they had caused injury, which she noted for the record.

Following the medical examination the escorting police chose not to reapply the handcuffs. If they were necessary up until that point what had changed at the hospital to mean they were no longer required? One of the escorting officers stopped in front of Prajna as they were leaving the hospital and said, “Listen, you are no longer a ‘freeman’, you are in the custody of the court service and you will do what you are told!” “I am a freeman, in the custody of a lawless and corrupt agency!” replied Prajna, “and I will only comply with you demands because you threaten me with more pain and suffering if I refuse.”

In the police car en route back to the court (they decided that it was not necessary to put Prajna in the cage in the back of the van) Prajna quizzed the officer in the seat next to him about his police oath. “Oh, that was years ago.” replied the officer, “I can’t remember it.” “If you can’t remember it then how can you be sure you are acting in accordance with it?” asked Prajna. “I can’t remember the boy scout promise either,” responded the officer, “but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear a woggle.” I hope that reply shocks you as deeply as it does us!

Prajna was returned to the magistrates court and to his cell. At some point in the afternoon a guard came to take him before the judge, at which point Prajna discovered that they could not force him to do so. So, given that he’d established that they were no longer going to inflict pain on him to gain his co-operation, he chose to remain in his cell.

Some time shortly after 5pm, Prajna’s cell was opened and prisoner escort officers arrived to remove him to the prison transport. He was not told the outcome of the case, what was happening or where he was being taken. It wasn’t until his arrival at Altcourse Prison that he discovered he’d been sentenced to 7 days for non-payment of fine. Our subsequent research leads us to understand that the imposition of a custodial sentence in these circumstances was itself unlawful!

Prajna spent just two nights in prison and was released on the Friday morning.

In the meantime…

I was placed in the position of dealing with the bailiffs and the eviction alone… Well, when I say alone what I actually mean is with the support and encouragement of many friends, all armed with video cameras.

After the collusion between the police, courts and council had resulted in Prajna being removed from the camp myself and Angus set to work calling friends to alert them to the mornings events and removing anything from the camp that might be construed by ‘them’ as unlawful or illegal.

I was, naturally, shaken-up and upset following Prajna’s arrest, but also prepared to deal with the bailiffs in a fitting manner.

By the time the bailiffs arrived (at approximately 12.40) I was sitting as calmly as possible next to the Dhuni fire, whilst most of our friends filmed events from the pavement next to the camp and across the road.

One friend, Andy, stayed in the camp and opened the doors to the bailiffs when they called. I have to say that the court bailiff who spoke to me was as sympathetic and understanding as he could have been. He introduced himself and explained why he was there and then asked if I was ‘Kazz’. I explained, and he listened, that I am the living woman commonly called by the utterance ‘Kazz’, that I did not recognise him, that I did not recognise or accept his jurisdiction and that I granted him no authority over me. I also explained, for the benefit of all the dozen or so ‘officials’ there at the time, that anything they did with regard to the eviction was on their full, personal, liability.

The bailiff then asked if I would leave of my own accord and, upon questioning from me, explained that he would ‘enforce’ the warrant of eviction no matter what. I told him that I would not leave of my own volition but that I would not resist any force he offered.

He then went and spoke with a female colleague and the two of them returned and led me, gently, from the camp onto the pavement.

My assembled friends and I then watched as bailiffs and council staff (including the so called ‘gypsy traveller liaison officer’ who claimed to work for the council, but who we’ve since discovered may well be misrepresenting herself, in breach of the Fraud Act 2006) began packing up our belongings and dismantling the camp.

Satisfied that they were not going in with bulldozers and were going about the operation in a reasonable manner, and keen to discover what had happened to Prajna, I then set off for the magistrates court. There I discovered that Prajna had been sent down for 7 days and that, though he was still in the cells in the basement, I could not see him.

I did manage to get a message to him, thanks to the lady security guard whom I’d sympathised with on the way in (she looked as if she was having as bad a day as I was at the time). Relieved that Prajna knew I was OK and he didn’t have to worry about me, but upset that he’d been given 7 days and generally exhausted and distressed, I went off to spend the night with friends Adam and Jen.

Once again, the support and love of friends flowed. Adam, Jen, mike, Danny, Niall and so many others, thank you!!

Our friend Niall phoned the prison while we were at Jen and Adams, and could hear Prajna’s voice in the background giving the prison staff a taste of what it is to live in truth. 😉

Currently Prajna and I are in Liverpool and are making plans to return to Cheshire, probably next week, where, at least in the short to medium term, we will set-up camp on a friends land. And from there we will begin the process of bring those agents responsible for the…

Seizure of our mobile home;
Destruction of our mobile home;
Destruction of our personal belongings;
Detention of Prajna following the seizure of our home;
Failure to comply with the PACE Codes of Practice;
Fraudulent actions of the council and other operatives (i.e. Misrepresentation)
Arrest of Prajna on the morning of eviction
Torture/inhuman treatment of Prajna
Imprisonment of Prajna
and very possibly, collusion between agencies in breach of the Data Protection Act and acts ultra vires (beyond their authority).

… to book for their actions.

Our research is going very well atm, and we’ll very soon be taking action on all of these counts and any others which are revealed as our research continues. This blog will continue for as long as it takes to do that.

Taking a look around at the state of the world, at the extent of corruption within the system and at the massive abuses being perpetrated on ordinary people from so many agencies of The State, and the extent to which anyone who challenges their authority is ignored and rail-roaded, we have come to the conclusion that we, and others from within this ‘freedom/truth movement’, need to go on the offensive. And that we will certainly do!

We have been peaceful in all that we have done; we have been insistent and consistent in claiming our rights and despite all of that we have been made to suffer many torts and injuries. But remedy comes after the fact and remedy we shall now seek.

Finally, we’d both like to say a massive thank you to all of those who visited and supported us at Camp Autolift and to all of those friends whose friendship, love and support continues to flow. We really have made some remarkable friends over the last three months or so, to add to those magnificent souls we already counted as friends.

Your support, intelligence and kindness has been a tower of strength to us (especially me! – Not sure I could have taken another week at the camp to be honest, but it was your help and kindness that got me through three months there). Thank you!

In peace and with much love,
Kazz and Prajna. xxxx